Legends of Tomorrow – S5 Ep15 – Swan Thong Review

So we have reached the season finale. The team split up to search for the loom and for the Waverider before the fates learn of their escape. Sara, Astra and Constantine find the loom and work on detroying it.Constantine tries to use Astra’s mothers powers to destroy the loom but Lachesis influence takes hold. Ava, Zari, Nate and Mick have found the Waverider. Mick goes in search of Lita. Meanwhile the Fates have discoverered that the team have escaped and Atropos goes in search to kill the team.

Atropos find Sara and they face their ultimate showdown. It looks like Sara is going to die (again) when the team intervene. Sara uses her powers to trap Atropos in the loom. Atropos dies and the loom is destroyed. The team escape and use the Waverider to time jump. The team reappear in four months time and go looking to check that all is well. All appears normal until they realise the Fates are still in play – with Fate Watch. Fate Watch is controlling people’s lives and has removed free will. The team end up in The History Museum to discover what has happened.They find a host of bad ideas which includes Sisqo’s Thong Song and a top twenty of villains which has the Legends as number 2 with Clotho as number 1. The team get Clotho/ Charlie back to the ship and they work on changing her mind about free will as they need her help.The team fail.

Zari 1.0 has been working with Behrad to try and fix Gideon. Behrad starts to have visions and pain but ignores it. Astra feels guilty that to survive hell that she replaced her mother with Lachesis.

Zari 1.0 and Behrad and Zari 2.0 and Constantine go in search of the loom and discover that the loom is gone but the Fate Watch is merely Gideon running a programe. They work on stopping the programme.

The final show down is about to happen. The team minus Charlie confront Lachesis and Lachesis brings the villains to life who then attack the team. Nate activates Sisqo and only the Legends can do a fight scene with Thong Song as a theme tune.   It looks like the villains are about to escape. Charlie is convinced to help by Lita. Lita shows Charlie that 49% of life is crappy while 51% isn’t and its the 2% that is worth fighting for. Lita convinces Charlie that life is messy but it makes life beautiful. It’s this mess which gave Lita the dad that she loves.Charlie and Lita rush to the aid of the team and arrive just in time. The villains are thwarted and its time for Charlie to face her sister. Charlie forgives Lachesis and as they are now human to go and find a life and make it worthwhile. Charlie is finally free of his sisters control.

Back on the Waverider the team are celebrating until both Zaris see Behrad bleeding. Zari 1.0 realises that her presence is causing a temporal disturbance and she must return to the totem. Zari 1.0 and the team say their goodbyes. More sadness for Nate who only just got her back. The team return to Charlie’s roots and a gig with The Smell to celebrate the end of the mission. At the end of the gig the team are about to go home when Charlie announces that it’s time for her to leave the team. The team say their goodbyes and as they leave Sara gets abducted by aliens. The team are oblivious but what now for Sara?

This episode was action packed. The episode was typical legends. Although this was filmed months ago before the pandemic took hold it shows the impottance of making the most of things. At the moment with the pandemic and other events we are in the 49% but the episode showed in only the way the legends can that we now need to fight for the 51%. The epsiode also showed how friends can be family and sometimes you need to face the toughest of challenges as running won’t do. Lita’s admission that she loves her dad was what I had been waiting for all season. Charlie feels liberated and Constantine and Astra are moving on from their difficult past. It looks as though Constantine will be having a house guest for the foreseeable with the rent being paid with his soul coin. Constantine may not have been able to save Astra before but they have certainly made their peace now. However losing two team members in a matter of hours will be hard to take and with Sara going missing it will fall to Ava to hold the team together in the next season. Why have they taken Sara and will the team be able to get their Captain back? Its going to be a considerable time before we get another new episode and I miss them already – go Team Legends. Hopefully by the time they return we will be back to enjoying the 51%.

Legends of Tomorrow – S5 Ep14 – The One Where We’re Trapped on TV Review

So Charlie’s attempts to outrun her sisters was over at the end of the last episode. In a deal to save the team Charlie resumed her weaving fate role as Clotho. Clotho created an alogarithm that trapped the team in numerous TV shows that sought to indoctrinate the population. As long as the team were in the shows Atropos and Lachesis would let them live. Meanwhile the Fate (all Praise the Fates) have taken over the world and removed free will that is reinforced through the use of the TV shows. Mona’s new role is to re-write history while Gary is the crazy guy saying the world is not right.

Mona finishes work and decides to watch her favourite sit-com – Ultimate Buds. The sit-com has Zari, Nate and Behrad as the main players. All are alive but have no memory of their Team Legend status. That is until Zari 1.0 exits the totem and takes over Zari 2.0’s body. Nate and Behrad think she has lost her mind until she finds a door that they have never spotted before. They all go through the door and are transformed to North Castle Abbey.

North Castle Abbey is the home of Lady Astra and Natalie as well as the butler Mr Constantine. Zari and Behrad are welcomed as aristocrats and Behrad is due to be the future husband of Lady Astra. Zari makes her excuses in order to confront Mr Constantine. Nate is about to touch the food when Mr Constantine casts a spell. Constantine may not be able to remember but he still has skills when it comes to the dark arts. With some persuasion Zari gets Constantine to help and they leave the Abbey in search of Sara. Sara is now Captain Lance on the tv series Star Trip with her co-Captain Ava. They are about to attack the klingon ship but these klingons are no ordinary klingons – they are the team. With a lot of Zari 1.0 persuasion the team are all together again but they still have no memory of Team Legends or their fight with the Fates.

Meanwhile Mona has realised that Gary is right and the world is all wrong. They break into Clotho Productions to find out what is going on. The team realise they need to get out of the tv show. Sara’s ship had been tracking a radio wave which leads the team to Mr Parker’s Cul de Sac. The team now have various community roles and Mona realises that they need to remember so she writes into the script that the legends remember everything (including Zari 1.0 and 2.0). Clotho appears and is furious and sends them back to their respective shows. The casts talents are put to use in this episode as they each sing which signals their return to their shows. Zari, Behrad and Nate go off script which allows them to exit their show. Astra and Constantine resolve to stay so Astra can have her mother but Natalie wants Astra to be happy and it isn’t long until Constanine’s butler days are over. Sara lets the ship get attacked by Mick who is an evil criminal in order to force Clotho to cancel the show. Clotho is furious as she tells the team that she made this deal to keep them alive. If they leave the shows she can’t protect them. Clotho separates Zari’s thread so Zari 1.0 and 2.0 are both present. They are reunited with Behrad and Nate. The team refuse Clotho’s help and a showdown with the Fates is imminent.

What an action packed episode. Every little detail was covered – from the opening credits to the title Clotho Productions. The team with Clotho’s help have made it but for how long – Atropos and Lachesis will certainly seek to destroy them. However you cannot outrun your fate and its time in the next episode for the team to face theirs. I really loved the role Mona and Gary played in this episode and the cast must have had great fun with the TV show scenes. I just hope Astra’s wish for her mother comes true. Onwards to the last episode of the season. Sad to see it arrive so quickly but what a ride! I just hope the Fates will not be praised at the end and the team get to live long and prosper.

Legends of Tomorrow – S5 Ep13 – I am Legends Review

At the end of the last episode Lachesis called in Astra’s debt. The team think they have just found a way to get the loom working by becoming immortal but because of Atropos they end up in Zombie Apocalypse England (they just don’t realise it) while Astra, Lachesis and Atropos steal the Waverider and the Loom.

The team lose all comms with Gideon so their only hope is to get to London and to a Time Bureau safe house so they can get a time courier to open a portal to the Waverider. Problem one – although Constantine has a good wardrobe for the team Constantine doesnt have a car so the team have to rely on public transport. It isn’t long before Mick steals the bus as the team have decided to act like royalty and do not have any cash for the bus fare. Constantine is read the riot act by Zari about his attempt to light up. Everything appears to be going to plan to get to London until a woman walks out in front of the bus. Mick slams on the breaks but its too late. But this is no ordinary woman. The team see her starting to move and her full on zomiesque quality is soon seen as she lunges towards them (gore and all). Mick deals with her but the team suddenly realise that they are surrounded. Charlie confirms this is the work of Atropos. The team are in full zombie fight mode when Constantine realises that they aren’t after his damned soul.

Back on the Waverider, Lachesis showed Astra that if she brought back her mother she  would only lose her again. Lachesis shows Astra her mother’s death and it appears in her immortal for a day status she has joined Team Fate. All that stands between the Fates and the end of the world is Gary. The world is in serious trouble as Gary does not have Gideon as she has been shut down. However Gary’s mind soon creates Gideon in human form and they hatch a plan to steal the loom rings. Gary manages to hide the rings but is now facing torture and certain death.

Back at the bus the team are stranded and Zari is losing hope of saving Behrad as the immortality of her team mates is ticking away. Zari leaves and Constantine follows in search of new transportation. Constantine and Zari end up at a junk yard and spot their way out but it isn’t long before a swarm of zombies are in pursuit and they have to take shelter. Zari ends up killing one of the Zombies which Zari 2.0 never saw herself doing but her mental note for therapy was a moment of light relief. The zombies are circling.How will they escape?

The rest of the team have started the long walk to London but a squadron of soldiers stop them and mistake them for zombies. Ava gets shot but luckily she is still immortal. They are rounded up and taken prisoner by the soldiers. But they escape by jumping from the vehicle (good job they are immortal).

Back at the junk yard Constantine has a plan. The zombies don’t want the dead so his plan is to use a spell to stop Zari’s heart and then carry her to safety through the swarm of zombies. Constantine gets Zari to the truck. All that remains is to restore life but will it work? Its looking unlikely until Zari suddenly gasps for breathe. They don’t have time to have a moment because the zombies are coming. They drive off and are able to pick up the rest of the team. They get to the Time Bureau safe house which is a pub successfully but the time courier isn’t charged. Zari is infuriated and storms off. Constantine follows and they have a row but it isn’t long before the chemistry that has been building overtakes them. This is definitely a case of extreme opposites attract. Everyone else is oblivious on their return except for Charlie who realises that sparks have flown. The team reminise about getting away and Sara admits to Ava that she has seen her death by zombies in that pub.

Back on the Waverider Gary is working on convincing Astra that there wouldn’t just be pain if Astra’s mother came back.There would be good times and memories like when Astra was a child. Gary for all of his apparent foolishness wins Astra over but it’s too late as Atropos kills her before they can get to the rest of the team. Back at the pub the time courier is still charging and time is almost up on their immortality. As the clock reaches zero and signals the end of immortality the zombies storm the pub. The team take on the fight for their lives. Ava sees Sara die and the rest of the team are over run. There is no way out. Ava gives Charlie the time courier and tells her to get to the Waverider and sort this with her sisters. Charlie escapes just as the team appear to die.

Charlie frees Gary and Gary hands over the loom. Gary explains Astra’s death and is about to warn Charlie when Atropos strikes again and Gary is dead. The time has come and fate has arrived – no more running for Charlie. It’s time for her to restore the loom with her sister’s help but can she save the team?

What a zombie filled cliff hanger? Can the team be saved to fight another day? Sara died…. again. Surely that can’t be permanent? If they make it can Zari and Constantine have something meaningful? If Charlie can save the team what price will she have to pay? Can they really get Behrad and Astra’s mother back? So much team work and sacrifice. The episode was so cleverly done that I was on the edge of my seat.With two episodes remaining there is everything to play for? Fate is calling so lets hope Charlie is up to spinning this challenge in her and the team’s favour.

Supergirl – S5 Ep19 – Immortal Kombat Review

It’s Team Supergirl vs Lex & Leviathan in the Season Finale!

For what was not originally intended to be a finale, this episode of Supergirl sure felt like one! It had the intensity and stakes of a season ender and even left us wanting more. While this season has had its ups and downs, it ended strong in my opinion. Let’s recap!

The fittingly titled “Immortal Kombat” opens with a gleeful Lex being welcomed by Gemma (guest Cara Buono) onto Leviathan’s ship. His glee turns to pain as he is greeted by an angry Rama Khan (guest star Mitch Pileggi) and a nasty radiation wave. Gemma then gifts him with a pin that quells the pain of the security system and accepts him as one of their own. Khan then prepares the Kryptonite he gathered from the DEO to slaughter Supergirl and any who stand in their way.

Meanwhile, Kara tells Lena not to bring up the past. They must move on if they hope to stop the coming threat. Despite her reservations, Kara agrees to let Lena help her stop Leviathan. The rest of Team Supergirl show up and are filled in on the latest Leviathan developments. Realizing Kara is in danger, Lena offers to build a Kryptonite resistant exo-suit as she did on their previous Earth while the Martians act as decoys to draw Leviathan out. In some welcomed humorous moments, J’onn as Kara complains about the suit chafing him while Nia makes a hilarious Harry Potter reference.

In addition, Alex reveals her new super/vigilante suit to Kara promoting the latter to scream with excitement. J’onn and crew rush to Kara’s aid only to find that: “It was a scream of delight.” With that settled, they put their plan in motion.

Elsewhere, Lex meets with a nervous Brainy, who is ready to upload the code and wipe out Leviathan. Luthor being Luthor refuses to hand over the pin and tells him that they must let Rama Khan kill Supergirl and friends first.

The Superfriends’ decoy plan turns out to be successful despite J’onn being injured (in battle against Khan and his backup including Tezumak). During the battle, Nia has a dream vision of Brainy which gives her pause.

Speaking of Brainy, he refuses to sit back and allow his friends to die. He communes with his female counterpart (guest star Meghan Rath) and asks her to be with him as he attempts to right his wrongs. He plans to sneak aboard the Leviathan ship and upload the code and bottle the villains instead of destroying them. Knowing he will surely die in the process, he asks female Brainy to be with him as he does not want to die alone.

Lena and Kara make it safely to her lab. As they wait for the suit to be built (which will take hours), Kara becomes anxious and wants to join the fight. The others arrive and inform them of J’onn’s injury. In addition, Kelly calls Alex and reveals that William is missing. Alex benches Kara and teams up with Kelly to track down Eve, as William was investigating her connection to Lex. The duo break into Obsidian to sort this out. location. Lena and Kara are able to pinpoint Eve’s location. But when Lena jokes about the Kasnia adventure, Kara unloads all of her hurt that she’s bottled up. She tells Lena that she worries about endangering her loved ones’ lives who know her secret. This is why she kept her identity from her. “I made one mistake, one mistake, that was only ever meant to protect you, and in return, all you did was hurt me in every way imaginable,” Kara exclaims. Following this, they then find William handcuffed in a warehouse being held at gunpoint by Eve. They both are able to stop Eve, not before she shoots him in the shoulder though. Supergirl is able to cauterize his wound and get him to safety.

Suddenly, a barrage of colorful lightning swirls as Rama Khan and crew arrive. Kara is affected by their Kryptonite weapons until Lena’s completed exo-suit arrives as does backup in the form of Dreamer and M’Gann (guest star Sharon Leal). Supergirl levels the threats with a superclap, but they just regenerate! With this knowledge, Supergirl questions a captured Eve, who reveals everything in exchange for her mother’s protection. She tells her that Gemma aka Gamemnae is planning to use the VR Obsidian’s Unity Festival as a means to kill everyone. Kara decides to go into VR and try to save everyone. Speaking of “Gemma,” she grows impatient as Supergirl has yet to be vanquished. She suggests they kill everyone in the VR now. However, Lex urges her to wait until more people join. He then suggests that she use another assassin to kill Supergirl while she is vulnerable in VR. This leads Gemma to activate Andrea Rojas, who was saved by Leviathan when she retrieved the Acrata medallion in the cave (same as Pre-Crisis). She reluctantly agrees to kill Supergirl in order to protect her father and her company.

While Supergirl attempts to free the blissful VR users, J’onn draws out Leviathan by telepathically taunting Rama Khan. The Leviathan trio battles Team Supergirl and looks to gain the upper hand. This also gives time for Brainy to sneak into the ship and begin his bottling plans. As soon as he steps into the control room, he reverts to his green skinned form and begins to succumb to the radiation. With female Brainy’s help, he is able to upload the code and successfully bottles Khan and his backup.

As Supergirl gives an incredible speech to the users about hope and forgiveness, Andrea arrives, but is intercepted by Lena. Lena urges Andrea to not give into her fear and reminds her of their friendship. She is ultimately successful as is Kara in emptying the festival.

Meanwhile, a dying Brainy is greeted by an angry Lex, who gloats that he knew this would happen and in fact planned for it. He didn’t think he would kill himself though, but no matter. He takes the bottle and bids Brainiac-5 adieu promising his death will be in vain. Elsewhere, Nia has another dream of Brainy, and taking M’Gann’s earlier advice, goes deeper and realizes Brainy is in trouble.

Lena, realizes her errors, and sincerely apologizes to Kara for reacting the way she did. Kara accepts and the two vow to take down Lex together.

In the final moments of the season, Gamemnae, who was previously glitching, turns into a monstrous robot-like being and Lex hands the bottle to his mother for nefarious purposes.

This finale was truly enjoyable! Well directed (kudos David Harewood), well written, and well produced all things considered. Great action, humor, and visuals as well. Everyone involved in this episode and the season overall has done a stellar job. The Lena and Kara storyline was handled quite well in this episode as they finally let Kara unburden herself of her own hurt. Now that they are on the same side again, it will be exciting to see them take on Lex next season. Speaking of Lex, Jon Cryer continues to be brilliant in this role. He plays the manipulative genius masterfully. Jesse Rath also shines in this episode as Brainy is left in dire straits as he sacrifices himself for his friends. I sincerely hope that the team is able to save him as he is a wonderful part of this cast of characters.

Given that this was not the original finale, I still really enjoyed the way the story of this season wrapped up (for now).

Thanks for following me on this journey for this season! Be sure to join me again in 2021 for recaps & reviews of Season 6 of Supergirl right here on Earth-9!

Legends of Tomorrow – S5 Ep12 – Freaks and Greeks Review

This week the team’s mission is to obtain the chalice of Dionysus so they can become immortal for the day so they can help Charlie to work the loom. The chalice is currently being used as the Chug cup at Hudson University. Dion the party god tells them they will have to win the cup.

The team fail to join a sorority when Astra and Charlie nearly come to blows. So in true Legends fashion they decide to form their own and with three student recruits the challenge is on. Meanwhile Lita and Mick are viewing the college as a potential option for Lita. Mick soon realises he doesn’t fit with these people so pretends that Nate is Lita’s dad to impress the others on the open day. It becomes clear though that Lita doesn’t care and shows some Rory spirit and just wants her dad by her side.

The chalice however is firmly with Dion so in order to win the cup they need to steal DIon’s followers. Astra is struggling on her first team mission but sabotage is right up her alley. With some underhand tricks they manage to steal the party. However Nate ends up under Dion’s spell and lets slip that they want the chalice so they can work the loom. Concerned the party will end Dion disqualifies the team’s sorority. Sara is quick on the draw and challenges Dion to beer pong to win the chalice. It isn’t long before Sara is triumphant. However the sorority isn’t over as the team have shown the three recruits that you can be different and still belong.

The team meet DIon and all but Zari drink from the cup. They are now in a position to help Charlie and to save Behrad and Astra’s mum. Astra shows a softer side and takes one of the students home. As she is leaving Lachesis shows up and states its time for Astra to repay the debt she owes to Lachesis.

So we are approaching the final part of the season. Will Astra double cross the team? Will they be able to beat Astropos and Lachesis and save those that have been lost? Will the team pay the ultimate price? Sara still has her powers which can only help. I really enjoyed how teams can be formed from many parts and you don’t always have to change to fit in. We are all unique and have a lot to offer so this is a great message from this episode.