IZombie – S5 Ep13 – All’s Well That Ends Well Review

So this is it, the last ever episode of iZombie and I’m not going to be able to talk about it without spoilers, so here is your only warning *SPOILERS AHEAD*

The title of this episode actually gives away the ending, there are a ton of twists and turns in this episode with people dying all over the place, Peyton is shot and ‘killed’ but then brought back, Major takes the cure on live tv and asks Lambert to kill him to prove the cure exists only for Ravi to switch it up and give the cure to Lambert who is then shot and killed, Blaine and Don E and pushed down the well that Blaine’s father is still at the bottom of, Liv is blown up but not really.

We do get a birth with Clive’s son finally being born, but am I the only person who thought the whole dual pregnancy with Michelle storyline was just thrown away with one line earlier in the series?? I thought that might continue but alas no.

Ok so my honest opinion of the finale and indeed the final season is this, I love this show i have done from the very beginning but this season has been the weakest by far from a story arc perspective, we have had some amazing individual episodes and as always the characters have been awesome, but this series felt like it dragged a lot only for the last episode to have so much in it it felt super rushed and i struggled to really feel connected to it. I think it would’ve been better had they split the episode in two and have the last two episodes be the finale, to really build the tension, for instance, Peyton was shot and killed! that would’ve been a great cliffhanger before the final episode but instead 5 mins later shes alive and a zombie, that doesn’t create a feeling of despair its just a plot device that’s thrown away.

That’s also kinda my feeling on this whole season, plot devices that are thrown away, the dual pregnancy, Livs father who had a metal plate in his head to protect his zombie brain but then shot in the soft part of his head 2 seconds later, the evil Dolly Durkins who seems to have just been let go and nothing bad happens to her, Blaine and Don E just being pushed down a well. This season deserved to go out on a high and while it was still great it felt like it went out with a whimper which is a real shame.

But I will not end this review on a down note, this show has given us some amazing characters, introduced us to some awesome actors and has always been fun and enjoyable and the finale did give us what we wanted in the end, Liv and Major together again looking after zombie kids on Zombie Island, Ravi and Peyton together succesfull and Clive happy with a family so it was really alls well that ends well………well….Blaines down the well, I get it!!!! 😉

I wouldn’t mind if they did a special one off one day, all the elements are still there but that’s just wishful thinking i guess, so all that’s left to say is thank you iZombie you were awesome and I may just start watching it all again from season 1!

IZombie – S5 Ep12 – Bye, Zombies Review

Radical humans want zombies dead, radical zombies want humans dead.

One of Liv’s first lines in this weeks Ep and this was very much the feeling of this whole episode. With the zombie cure being held hostage as it were by the CDC, Liv and Ravi decide they’re going to go all Oceans 11 and leave Seattle and steal the cure back but not without her and Ravi scarfing down some specific brains to help them with their heist!

We have some really nice moments with Liv, Ravi and Clive, who is clearly worried about them returning from the mission. Then between Liv and Major, could we see them getting back together for the end of the series? I hope so!

Things seem to be going well, Clive joins the Oceans team and they are amazing together undercover super funny and we get to see Clive cut loose on the dance floor! But back in Seattle things are going from bad to worse, the Dead Enders get their ‘support’ from General Mills and Enzo Lambert is getting more and more support from the zombies so things are turning into all out war!! Then we have Blaine and the Freylich kids who Peyton is looking after……..things arent great!

One episode left and I genuinely don’t know whats going to happen, will Liv, Ravi and Clive get back with the cure in time to save the city? Or Will there even be a city left to save??

Last ever episode next!!!!

IZombie – S5 Ep11 – Killer Queen Review

Life’s a drag but this episode of iZombie is full of glitz and glamour!! The murder of a drag queen makes Liv fabulous in this weeks ep, we have Cher’s galore and the best drag queen name ever in Bitchcraft!

Elsewhere Ravi and Major team up to try and help find the Freylich kids, they possibly have the best bromance ever and I wish i was part of it! Also lets talk about Don E, I love Don E, he used to be a bit of a moron but he’s become not only a shrewd business man but also with his current love interest he’s really beginning to find who he is rather than just being Blaine’s lackey, so this episode hurts….

Liv finds out that the renegade operation has been infiltrated and what Martin really has planned, I’m slightly confused with what happens this week, Martin is an important character for the show, not just being the head of the Zombie freedom hoard but also being Liv’s dad means what happens with them has a huge impact on a lot of things, so things come out of left field in this ep for me.

So what do we have for our last two eps ever? It looks like there is a cure on the horizon, but also the zombies have a different plan and its in full effect! But what about the Dead Enders and General Mills, whats their plan? Lots to fit in in two eps!!

Also I cant be the only person that noticed the murder weapon in this episode was a pearl necklace…..

IZombie – S5 Ep10 – Night and the Zombie City Review

Ok so this episode was an odd one, Liv eats the brains of a private eye who’s been murdered by a prostitute from Don E Be Goods, pretty standard stuff but then the episode plays out as if he was some kind of 1930s gumshoe, with muted colour tones and monologues as if from a trashy detective novel, I dunno it didn’t really work for me just felt a bit weird, however the one thing I did enjoy was everyone’s reactions to Liv’s constant brooding monologues, those were the best!! Oh also theres a fist fight in this episode between Liv and Blaine that comes out of nowhere that feels really forced too!

I feel like there’s been a lot of building this season, but we’re getting very close to the end now and there needs to be some payoffs, we now know Beanpole Bob is Livs dad and he has a plan to get zombies out of Seattle and into the outside world, with the help of some inside people in Livs Renegade operation, but that he is also the creator of the original strain of tainted Utopium, which could mean that the cure could soon be available, that is if Ravi can get his hands on some of that original batch. The government finally makes their decision on what to do with Seattle, but what does it entail? And the Dead Enders have their own plan on wiping out zombie kind, but what is it?? So much happening, so little time to wrap things up!!

One things for sure, the last three episodes are going to have a lot going on!

IZombie – S5 Ep9 – The Fresh Princess Review

Ok so, this weeks episode started kinda pedestrian, your standard death of a pageant winner who’s been in a coma for 20 years so Liv gets to go all 90’s, use terrible 90s slang and constantly talk like shes giving a winning speech, but underneath there’s so much more going on….

Lots of things come to light in this episode, the Dead Enders ultimate plan, who Beanpole Bob is, the chance that the cure might still be possible without young girls brains, but also lots of questions are asked like if it comes down to it who’s side is Liv on? What will happen to Seattle if the generals daughter isn’t found and ultimately is it possible for humans and zombies to truly live side by side.

This episode was a real ensemble, not focusing on any one character but also showing how great the group is as a whole and how much they’re there for each other, Peyton and Ravi havent had a lot of screen time together this series so it was nice to see them go all Scooby Doo trying to track down the tainted Utopium, Liv and Majors relationship has truly evolved into something more than what its been before, both doing everything they can to help each other not through some kind of duty they feel they have to each other but because they genuinely care for each other, we’re very close to the end of their story and its great to see everyone at their best, I’m gonna miss this bunch of people.

4 eps remain, am I a fool to hope for a happy ever after? i guess we’ll find out really soon!