Legends of Tomorrow – S5 Ep12 – Freaks and Greeks Review

This week the team’s mission is to obtain the chalice of Dionysus so they can become immortal for the day so they can help Charlie to work the loom. The chalice is currently being used as the Chug cup at Hudson University. Dion the party god tells them they will have to win the cup.

The team fail to join a sorority when Astra and Charlie nearly come to blows. So in true Legends fashion they decide to form their own and with three student recruits the challenge is on. Meanwhile Lita and Mick are viewing the college as a potential option for Lita. Mick soon realises he doesn’t fit with these people so pretends that Nate is Lita’s dad to impress the others on the open day. It becomes clear though that Lita doesn’t care and shows some Rory spirit and just wants her dad by her side.

The chalice however is firmly with Dion so in order to win the cup they need to steal DIon’s followers. Astra is struggling on her first team mission but sabotage is right up her alley. With some underhand tricks they manage to steal the party. However Nate ends up under Dion’s spell and lets slip that they want the chalice so they can work the loom. Concerned the party will end Dion disqualifies the team’s sorority. Sara is quick on the draw and challenges Dion to beer pong to win the chalice. It isn’t long before Sara is triumphant. However the sorority isn’t over as the team have shown the three recruits that you can be different and still belong.

The team meet DIon and all but Zari drink from the cup. They are now in a position to help Charlie and to save Behrad and Astra’s mum. Astra shows a softer side and takes one of the students home. As she is leaving Lachesis shows up and states its time for Astra to repay the debt she owes to Lachesis.

So we are approaching the final part of the season. Will Astra double cross the team? Will they be able to beat Astropos and Lachesis and save those that have been lost? Will the team pay the ultimate price? Sara still has her powers which can only help. I really enjoyed how teams can be formed from many parts and you don’t always have to change to fit in. We are all unique and have a lot to offer so this is a great message from this episode.