Krypton – S2 Ep10 – The Alpha and the Omega Review

After last week’s excellence of an episode things pick up pretty much straight after where we left off. With some quality moments, the season finale gave us a satisfying end to what has panned out to be an incredible season. We expected a face off between Seg and his son, Dru Zod. Throughout the episode Zod’s empire slowly comes crashing down around him and his final few supporters soon realign their allegiance to Seg and Lyta after she makes her first public appearance since the people of Kandor watched her die.
The fight between Seg and Zod was a great pay off, and with Cameron Cuffe raising our excitement levels after announcing he pays tribute to Christopher Reeve in this episode, we were not left disappointed. After ripping off his shirt to reveal a very familiar logo, Seg utters the words “General, would you care to step outside?” Being goaded by Zod and told he will never compare to the man of steal, Seg comes through and proves himself to be a hero in his own right. Cameron Cuffe … I salute you. What an amazing leading man. This guy and this entire show deserves a whole lot more credit and recognition than it currently receives. I liked how Seg and Lyta end up using Zod’s handy work against him, but it will be interesting to see how long it lasts for.
Adam shares a personal moment with Val and its a lovely insight into a great character. He never felt part of his family at home and tells Val that he feels like his found the place he belongs. His bravery, dedication and loyalty is rewarded by being given leg braces and a jet pack. Only the laughter of watching him trying to fly whilst drunk breaks the squeals of excitement to see Shaun Sipos in Adam Strange’s costume from the comics. A very nice touch! Our Kryptonian crusaders pay a heartfelt tribute to Kem, who will be remembered as Seg-El’s brother and a part of House El forever. They all toast to his bravery and the episode benefitted from this whole scene where Kem’s sacrifice is honoured. Kem – you will be missed! I must also praise Ann Ogbomo as Jayna during the battle scenes of this episode – damn, she showed some skills!
Now with all that going on it’s difficult to pick a highlight and predictable as it may be, I can’t help but chose Lobo’s return as my favourite part. Spotted by Seg whilst pissing against a wall (and then having his penis complimented), Lobo is only in this episode for a matter of minutes but manages to steal the whole episode. He makes Seg promise to help him find Brainiac (the green gooch as he’s now affectionately known) and with it all bring down to how Emmett Scanlan portrays him, I just can’t stop laughing even when he’s bring violently threatening.
The final scene shows Brainiac heading to Earth, telling baby Jor-El how he will be a God there. Shits about to go down in season 3……….or it would’ve done had it not been cancelled!!!!!

Krypton – S2 Ep9 – Blood Moon Review

This was one hell of an episode!!! A true artistic triumph.
Dru Zod addresses his people and confirms his plan to take over the cosmos. First stop – Wegthor. Seg and Nyssa arrive join Val and the others just in time to help – and boy do they need all the help they can get. When Doomsday steps off the ship upon his arrival on Wegthor he instantly exuberates an impending doom. This battle was visually stunning. A proper battle of Game of Thrones proportions. Doomsday was truly portrayed as an unbeatable force who takes no prisoners and quite literally tramples on anything in his way. The main cast all have a moment of glory – even Adam whose first thought is to run like they’ve stolen something!
Asides from huge threats, this episode was full of emotion. Seg is reunited with Adam and Kem and their group hug had me smiling from ear to ear. In recovery, Lyta makes the time to apologise to her mother and Dev. I think they’re just so happy to see her again they manage to put the past in the past. Nyssa shows her more vulnerable side during a confession to Seg and also completely steps up to the mark, showing so much bravery and strength.
The stand out person for me this week though is undoubtedly, Kem. This guy makes the ultimate sacrifice, knowing how important Seg is to the future of Krypton. In a scene which rips your heart in two he manages to save the day.
This episode once again proves how mightily it stands against the other DC tv shows. I cannot wait for the season finale!!!

Krypton – S2 Ep8 – Mercy Review

There’s a huge reveal this week which is the major story running through the episode. As much as I like to keep some things as a surprise in my reviews there’s no avoiding this … LYTA IS ALIVE!!!

In his plight to take control over Doomsday, Dru Zod decides to force him into an alternate reality using a little something called black mercy. There’s only one problem … it’s currently stuck down the throat of its current host, Lyta. That’s right people! Dru had cloned Lyta and reconditioned her mind so he could control her. That was the Lyta we saw killed. The real Lyta has been living in another reality, in a picturesque part of Krypton where she’s married (or bound) to Seg. Everything is perfect there until, in the real world, Dru begins picking away at the black mercy to implant in Doomsday.

Lyta regains consciousness and breaks free. Her reunion with Jayna and Dev are lovely to watch but it’s when she is back in the arms of Seg that you get goosebumps. They kiss. A lot. And I couldn’t help thinking that maybe she should have taken the courtesy to brush her teeth first after having that nasty black stuff hanging out her mouth for months.

When Dru realised what has happened he shows some anger for the first time – and coming from a man who has been controlled and in control all this time, it was very telling.

There was a lot of action this week which plays out fab. In particular the scene between Lyta and her son battling as he tries to take her mind was brilliant. In this episode we see a union between different houses really cementing. All families who previously were at loggerheads are coming together to fight the common cause – Dru Zod. Everything has gone his way so far but it looks like that’s about to change.

Krypton – S2 Ep7 – Zods and Monsters Review

I think this was my favourite episode so far.

We got some Kryptonian history as we travel back 1000 cycles to a time where the Els and Zods are working together to protect and preserve Krypton. Zod’s new pal – the beast from the outlands – memories show how as a mere human, his advanced genetic make up resulted in him being tested on and ending up taking on the extreme form we see him in now. I think that was 455 rounds of tests at my last count. I like that the show did this for the viewers. Some context behind the monster is great, not just for us, but for Dru Zod too as he eventually figures out it’s trigger.

Kem leads a new mission and Adam’s nose is put a little out of joint as he doesn’t understand why Val wouldn’t have chosen him as leader. Adam makes things quite difficult for Kem until he realises that he really was the man for the job. Who knew the barman would be such a great freedom fighter!

The most exciting part of this episode happens when Nyssa helps Seg get back to the fortress of solitude in the hope that they can eradicate Brainiac from his mind. With the holographic version of Val, their mission is a success and as Seg holds his son for the first time as his own true self a huge moment in Kryptonian history takes place. Kor-Vex is renamed Jor-El with an echo of some very familiar music playing out in celebration. There’s an extra little moment of excitement from Seg too.

Brainiac isn’t named Brainiac for no reason. He ain’t stupid!!! While Seg and co celebrate they quickly learn that they’ve fallen into a trap, worse than if Seg had just done what Brainiac had asked!

Krypton – S2 Ep6 – In Zod We Trust Review

There’s a lot going on this week and it’s all in reaction to Lyta’s death at the hands of Jax. I kind of expected to watch this episode to find out Lyta was still alive really. But no. She’s very much dead. Whilst everyone is deeply upset about her death the show must go on and there’s plenty of scheming, plotting and planning throughout the episode.

Nyssa is on her way back to Kandor and is in position of the codex which Dru sent her to get. They tango throughout their interactions passing the upper hand to each other from one minute to the next. Regaining custody of her son is at the forefront of Nyssa’s mind and once she has Cor there’s no stopping her. Dru is becoming even more ruthless and he confirms this when he congratulates Jax for killing the only person who could appeal to his better nature. He demands that Val hands Jax over to him or destruction will be forced upon Wegthor. His discovery of Doomsday’s whereabouts is also a bad sign for everyone. Jax faces a rebellion of her own as the people of the resistance turn their backs on her, lead by Val. In front of them she shows no remorse but when captured and alone in the company of only Araame she admits that she wishes she didn’t have to do what she did.

The most interesting thing for me over the past few episodes has been watching Seg gradually lowering his shield against Brainiac. Events really have placed Seg in the palm of Brainiac’s hand and Seg is talked into taking him back to his ship. Brainiac promises to help him in return and to leave Krypton without destroying it. Can he be trusted? Doubtful!

This really was a great episode and I must applaud the cast on some great performances. Jayna’s reaction to her daughter’s death was wholly realistic as she spent most of the episode in silence, almost unable to react up until a bug outburst at the end. Nyssa seemed to have lost her way at the start of the season but we are beginning to see the true side to her which we saw last season. Whilst extremely sad, Lyta’s death appears to be the catalyst things needed and we are working up to a huge face off between Seg and Dru.