Legends of Tomorrow – S4 Ep16 – Hey, World! Review

Neron’s hellish plan to bring hell to earth is gaining a scary momentum. The world goes into meltdown when Neron and Tabitha use Charlie to become a monster to scare the senate and people into turning on all those who are different. The Eyes App is doing its work and it isn’t long before the dragon is in Tabitha’s charge.

Meanwhile Nora has arrived in hell and uses her powers to find Constantine. Nora rescues Constantine in the nick of time as he is being tortured. However finding Ray won’t be as straight forward. They will need to go to the Vaults of Hell and the Soul Exchange to retrieve Ray’s coin. The only way in is to use Astra who is to quick to point out that John abandoned her.

Back in 2019 the team realise the only way to stop Neron is to use Heyworld to show people that different is ok and nothing to be afraid of. They have a magical plethora of talent to sell Heyworld to the masses. Except Gary is no one’s idea of a showmaster. Gideon informs Zari that if Heyworld is successful then Zari’s future will be altered. Zari’s family survive and it means that she will never have joined the legends or met Nate. Zari must stay on the Waverider or risk her memories being lost forever.

Back in hell, Nora, Constantine and Astra have found Ray’s token and Astra help Constantine and Nora find Ray. This isn’t before Astra has helped herself to the souls of some serious sinners. They expect to find Ray being tortured but instead they find Ray playing jenga with Savage. Hell really can take all forms. Nora and Constantine discover that Ray gave his soul to save Nate. As Nora has accomplished her mission Nora, Constantine and Ray are back on the Waverider except Ray has returned to being currency as Neron is using his body. Constantine soon learns of the team’s plan and thinks they haven’t got a cat in hells chance of Heyworld working. Neron is using fear to open the gates of hell but there is another way. Neron would have to relinquish Ray’s body if he went back on his word and killed Nate. Sara is having none of it as she can’t bear the idea of losing a team member.

On with the show………….

All is going to plan until Tabitha arrives and uses the dragon to instill terror and has the masses run for their lives. Luckily for the team a 9 year old Zari stops the dragon who quickly gets rid of Tabitha. Neron’s fury is to use Tabitha’s staff to open the portal to hell. All looks lost when Constantine challenges Neron. Neron kills Constantine except all isn’t as it appears. Nate has taken on Constantine’s guise and Nate’s death drives Neron from Ray’s body. Constantine quickly kills Neron and the portal closes. Zari against Gideon’s advice leaves the Waverider. Up in the rafters Nate’s spirit has connected with his dad and it is heartwarming to see Nate have the last conversation that he had hoped for. Hank states that music is missing and Mick spontaneously begins to sing James Taylor. The whole team break into song and Tabitha’s staff starts to glow. This act of singing shows that just as fear can be energy so can love and it isn’t long before Nate is resurrected. Nate is devastated to see that Zari has left the Waverider and they hug and in a second Zari is gone and has been replaced by her brother. The whole team have no memory of Zari which is a sad end for the team who have lost and have no memory of doing so.

Back in hell, Astra is coining in and it looks as though Astra will be the new force to be reckoned with. Only time will tell but with S5 not returning until 2020 anything can happen especially as the Monitor was in the audience and with the crisis looming.

So this episode dealt with difference and tolerance. It emphasised that it is ok to be different and it is our differences that make us special and worthwhile. These are the things that should be valued. The episode also showed what love over fear can achieve. I really liked the Field of Dreams reference in the middle of the episode. Poor Nate – everytime he finds happiness it disappears into time literally. Will they ever see Zari again and what will she be like? What about Astra? Will Constantine remain on the team or travel alone as sin has become her currency. I’ve had so much fun reviewing this season and I’m so interested to see what the writers and cast come up with. Whatever it is our screens are poorer and will miss this band of misfits.

Legends of Tomorrow – S4 Ep15 – Terms of Service Review

We are down to the penultimate episode and there is everything to play for. The team are desperate to re-take the Time Bureau and save Mona (who is being tortured) from Neron’s clutches. However as they are about to storm the Bureau Gary who now has Tabitha as his fairy god mother makes a wish and Nora, Ava and Sara are held against their will for a Gary inspired book club.

Meanwhile Neron is using Ray’s smarts to launch PalmerX 2019. The team infiltrate to try and find out what Neron is actually up to. The new Eyes app willl help users to locate and report magical creatures. The audience are sceptical until Neron uses woolfie to convince them. The team are about to grab Mona when Gary makes a very ill timed wish and Nate and Mick are taken to join book club. Zari and Charlie are forced to make a hasty retreat when the crowd turn into a mob. Neron’s demonstration instilled fear that got the crowd to do his bidding. Zari and Charlie take refuge in Zari’s childhood home while they decide what to do. It is at this point that Zari discovers hidden within the terms of the app that by using the app users agree to give their souls to Neron. I mean people have sold their souls for a lot less, right?

In hell, Constantine has gone in search of Ray. However hell knows he has arrived and the hunter becomes the hunted. Constantine tracks down Masher who is a soul trader who has heard that Neron is going to be increasing his soul stock dramatically. Constantine now realises that Neron is making a play for the Throne of Hell. By some stroke of fate Constantine survives and is taken to the Triumverate. Constantine tries to strike a deal to stop Neron in exchange for Ray’s soul. However this is hell and they are not adverse to changing the rules or the game. It comes down to choice Astra or Ray. All the years of guilt and failure to save Astra come to the fore and the pain in Constantine’s face is clear to see. But what will he do?

Back in 2019 Neron has ordered Nora to be taken to the Containment unit. Tabitha who is playing her own game takes her to Mona’s sell. Mona is weak and Tabitha suggests to Nora that she could help and vanishes back to continue Gary’s wishing streak. Out of all the things Gary could wish for, he wishes to hang out with the Legends and make them suffer in the process. Gary said his wishes protected them and did not hurt them. The Legends soon realise that they had mistreated Gary and that they are sorry and that coolness is not the criteria for joining the team. Nora’s concern for Mona’s weakened state leads her to agree to take Tabitha’s powers thus setting her free from the curse. Tabitha’s ability to read Nora has paid dividends as Nora is now trapped to undertake the will of her charge – Gary. Before Nora can speak to Gary he sends her to hell to save Constantine and Ray.

In hell, Constantine has made his choice and its Astra. However Astra is not the little girl he remembers as hell has weaved its spell on her heart and soul and sets Constantine up to be tortured. Can Nora arrive in time? Meanwhile Zari and Charlie are attempting a jail break and manage to get all of the magical creatures out and at the very last minute Mona. However Charlie is left behind and Tabitha notes that they now have every monster they could ever wish for to hand. The team are back on the Waverider and now need to plan their next move. It is at this point that Zari realises that she left the dragon’s egg at her childhood home. It is too late because a young Zari has found the egg and it is about to hatch.

So Neron is shopping for souls and has used fear of difference and the unknown to get people to hand them over willingly. Can the team stop the app? Neron struck gold by taking over Ray as he has used his outstanding skills in the deadliest of ways. Poor Constantine. Still not able to save Astra and has now sacrificed Ray to put right a previous failing. How will Constantine escape the torture? I mean Nora is going to be their fairy god mother. I wonder what hell will think of Nora and can they all escape in one piece? How will they separate Neron and Ray? Gary is back in the team and although the team have forgiven him it is clear he was hurt and highly suggestable to any idea where he would get a place at the table.Working with Neron is still the ultimate betrayal.

Afterall Neron tortured Mona who was one of the few who was actually kind to Gary. Lets hope Gary can redeem himself in the final episode. Can they save Charlie who is going to become Neron’s monster of choice to help with his plan? What about the young Zari and her family? I mean could the dragon’s egg save them in the future or make them a target now? We all know where meddling with time can get you. I’ve been looking forward and dreading the last episode as I have loved this season. I just hope the team manage to finish together.We can’t leave them in hell. Can we?

Legends of Tomorrow – S4 Ep14 – Nip/Stuck Review

I normally don’t give my view on the episode until the end of my review but bloody hell this was an amazing episode. Neron has taken Constantine to the Ice Age.We soon learn that this is a lure to trap the Legends so they cannot intervene or prevent Neron from using Constantine to open up a portal to bring back Tabitha. It isn’t long before the Team are buried by an avalanche after Mick fires on Neron and Constantine who quickly disappear. This causes a division within the team as they face certain death if they cannot escape their snowy prison.

Meanwhile back at the Time Bureau, Gary has reappeared and is in Ava’s office. Following their conversation Ava starts to act oddly by enlisting Gary to undertake performance reviews on all the agents. It isn’t long before the agents are under Gary’s spell. It is up to Mona and Nora to try to find out what is happening as surely Gary Green cannot be all the man you need.

In order to force Constantine’s compliance Neron has taken Constantine to a Celtic Village 55 B.C.E for Constantine to see an ancestor unfairly send a magical creature to hell. Neron believes that Constantine’s fear and will to save everyone will force him to use his powers to stabilise a portal which Neron can use to bring back Tabitha. Constantine tries in vein to reason with his relative but to no avail and it isn’t long before Constantine is also facing the same fate. Constantine tells Neron he will not be submitting to his will as he is not afraid of going to hell. In reality though Constantine is terrified of watching those he cares for be tortured.This is his true fear and in doing so we see that although his soul may be damned his heart and caring attitude may be the things that will be his salvation.

The rest of the legends finally make their peace and are playing Ray’s card game. The heat from the ship has actually melted the ice and they are able to escape their would be snowy fate and go in search of Constantine. Back at the Time Bureau Mona’s performance appraisal is due and Mona knows she will need wolfie in order to protect her from Gary. Gary goes through the review and it turns out that the nipple is warping Gary’s mind and is nipotising people in order for them to submit to Gary and Neron’s will. Wolfie comes to the rescue and helps to snap Ava and Nora out of their trance. They soon realise that Gary has betrayed them and is working with Neron.

At the Celtic Village, Constantine’s ancestor opens a portal to send them to hell. Just as they are about to be drawn in Constantine casts a spell to stabilise the vortex. The locals all run and Constantine and his ancestor fight and luckily for time Constantine wins. Neron’s understanding of Constantine’s character has paid dividends. However Constantine aims to end Neron once and for all as he believes Ray is gone following the deal that Ray made. Constantine is about to kill Neron when the team arrive. Constantine is relieved to see that they have made it and then decides to make the ultimate sacrifice for Ray. Constantine jumps into the portal and goes to hell in search of Ray’s soul. An unbelievable twist which leaves Neron to use the portal to bring back Tabitha who is Neron’s love interest and appears to be the evil fairy god mother that Constantine had sent to hell previously. Neron returns to the Time Bureau with Tabitha in time to see Gary being attacked by Wolfie. Tabitha stops Wolfie by returning Wolfie to her original form. Neron then leaves taking Gary and Mona with them. Nora promises to follow and look for Mona while Ava goes to brief the Legends.

So the team have temporarily lost their magical force in Constantine who promises he will see them at the end. How will the team defeat Neron now that he has Tabitha by his side? Is Gary really lost for good and will Mona be able to escape? How will Constantine find Ray’s soul and can the team get them both out of hell? This may be Constantine’s fate but it hurt my soul to see Constantine land in hell. They need to get him out and despite all of his protests Constantine has become in my view a Legend and sees them as friends. This is in-spite of Constantine’s insistence that he travels alone. The episode showed that they need to work as a team to survive and I hope that this team working will help them beat Neron. We have two episodes remaining and limited time to save the world and time. Lets hope they can do it without permanently losing team members.

Legends of Tomorrow – S4 Ep13 – Egg MacGuffin Review

So the team are in a state of calm after the alleged defeat of Neron. And while Neron’s away Sara believes that the team should play and sort out their personal lives.

Step 1 has Sara playing matchmaker by sending Nate and Zari to New York 1933 and the Adventurers Society where a magical blip has been recorded. The blip is in fact a golden egg that Nate and Zari must recover. Sara gives them a cover story whereby Nate is Indiana Jones and Zari is Marian. Sara as always not subtle and the plan nearly backfires when Nate and Zari think their capture by Nazis is part of the setup.

Meanwhile Constantine is out looking for a cure for Nora. Ray goes to visit Nora and for the first time the demon within manifests and shows itself by trying to force Ray to smother Nora. Ray manages to stop himself just in time but it’s a battle of wills and how long can Ray hold on? Ray retreats to what he knows – science, in the hope of an answer. Neron tells Ray that he will force him to kill a loved one so he can have his soul. Ray looks for Constantine and finds Gary. Ray finally manages to tell Gary he is possessed but as Ray doesn’t love Gary then it wouldn’t be the case that Neron would get his soul if Gary died. It is at this point that Gary’s apprarent carefree exterior melts away and you see that Gary feels like the outsider, the doormat, the bait, the bottom of the pecking order and the person that people care the least about.

Back in 1933, Sara and Ava rush from book club to find Nate and Zari. They regroup and Nate returns to the Waverider to see Ray who is acting oddly while Ava, Sara and Zari go in search of the egg. With some quick moves the Nazis are defeated and the egg retrieved. Mission accomplished.

Meanwhile Mick and Charlie have gone to Romanticon to pick up $20k if they reveal the identity of author Rebecca. Mona eventually forces the truth and Mick is outed once and for all.

Nate arrives on the Waverider and is attacked by Ray. Nate is unconscious and it looks as though he is about to cash in his chips when Ray makes a deal with Neron to give his soul willingly if Neron spares Nate. And in a moment the demon is in control. Back at the Time Bureau Constantine has found the pheonix feather for Nora’s cure and is able to awaken her from her magical coma. Nora is able to tell Constantine that Neron is in control of Ray and Constantine who is as fearless as ever goes in search of Neron.

They find each other and it isn’t long before Constantine has Neron in a magical restraint. However Constantine needs Gary to help him so the demon can be exorcised to save Ray. Except Gary’s mind is in turmoil and Neron knows his weakness. The feelings of being everyone’s doormat take over and Neron works on tempting Gary to his side. Neron does this by offering Gary the opportunity to be reunited with his nipple.

Constantine pleads with Gary that the nipple is cursed and has been to hell but Gary doesn’t listen and they are reunited. Neron breaks free and throws Constantine across the room and Gary joins Neron as they leave the Waverider together.

Ava, Sara and Zari return to the waverider to find a battered and bruised Nate who reveals Ray’s fate. The team are devestated and Sara has to break the news to Mick, Mona and Charlie. Meanwhile Ava has recruited Nora to join the Time Bureau to go in pursuit of Neron. Her redemption is complete. Nate and Zari finally share a moment which is interupted by the golden egg which turns out to be a dragon’s egg.

So in review the episode paves the way for the final straight of the season. Poor Ray how will they save him now that he has given himself willingly to Neron? This sacrifice was the ultimate act of friendship. What about Gary? Although he has now sided with Neron it is clear that he carried a lot of pain and this pain was easy to exploit to let the darkness enter. I never ever saw Gary betraying the team but he clearly has his own demons. It’s good to see Nora go full circle from fugitive to time bureau agent. It’s almost a role reversal whereby Nora now has to save Ray. However will she end up like Constantine having to send Neron and Ray to hell? What about Constantine is he ok after the altercation with Neron? The team face a significant challenge. They have already proved that they couldn’t send Charlie to hell when she shifted her shape to mirror Amaya, Will they do any better when the danger is Neron and there is a lot more to lose? Whatever happens Constantine, Nora and the rest of the legends are a formidable team. However I wouldn’t count my dragon eggs before they are hatched as it is now open season and anything can happen going forward.

Legends of Tomorrow – S4 Ep12 – The Eggplant, The Witch and The Wardrobe Review

Present day Washington DC and Sara is still trying to make amends with Ava. However Ava is missing and the apartment has been ransacked. The team soon learn with Nora’s assistance that Neron is trying to take over Ava’s body and has sent Ava’s soul to pergatory. Ava’s version of pergatory is a swedish megastore with one way in and one way out. Except the way out will mean certain death for Ava. Ava’s physical form is taken to the Waverider and Sara is determined to enter pergatory and save her.

Constantine puts her under a spell and Sara is up to her eyes in the maze of the megastore and arrives just in time to stop Ava from checking out. Constantine, Nora and Charlie aim to raise some hell and go in search of Neron.

Meanwhile Ray and Nate are going through Hank’s papers and are trying to destroy any evidence of the park when Nate gets a phone call from the building site. Immediately they go to investigate and Nate tells them to down tools. Nate is hurt but it is clear that Hank was trying to do something really special and unique for Nate.

Back at the store Ava and Sara have to find the entrance but to do so they have to complete some puzzles. The first resembles flat pack hell. They have to put the wardrobe together in order to access a portal whch they eventually manage. The doors only open when Ava accepts that life doesn’t have to be perfect. Doors open and in true Narnian fashion (minus the coats) they leave the wardrobe section of the store. Cue the next challenge – picking out a matress which in Ava’s mind is linked to their future.

Constantine, Nora and Charlie find Neron and through some clever shape shifting and spells have Neron contained at the Time Bureau. Constantine wants to send Neron straight to hell but Nora wants to control the darkness and find another way. Nate discovers that Neron has been caught and confronts him. Neron’s darkness and ability to manipulate almost gets Nate to free him from his magical cell. He is stopped in the nick of time by Ray. The team leave the cell and ponder what to do with this dangerous demon. Back on the Waverider Zari is contemplating asking Nate on a date but Nate following a change in heart is too busy trying to stop the site from being shut down.

Sara and Ava are really going to the mattresses and it becomes clear that the different mattresses represent Ava’s worries about their future. Suddenly Ava realises that no one needs anyone but Ava want’s Sara. They pass this test and are diverted to the kitchen section to deal with dishes and bills. They argue and Ava vanishes. Sara is running out of time as the store is going to close, The store staff keep mentioning that they need to get out before Tabitha arrrives.

At the Time Bureau Neron is using his magical connection to Nora to persuade Nora to work with him. Nora goes to the cell and it looks like all hope is lost as Nora attacks Constantine and agrees to become Neron’s new vessel. Neron leaves Desmond’s body and is about to take over Nora when Nora and Constantine quickly turn and cast a spell to defeat Neron for good. They are about to succeed when Ray intervenes and Neron appears to be gone. Nora is hurt in the exchange.

Sara is in search of Ava and is faced with many Ava’s to choose from and when she doesn’t choose them Sara is reunited with Ava and they both escape pergatory and awake on the Waverider. Nate hasn’t read the text much to Zari’s relief. Des has been released from the demon’s hold and sad to say is angry with Constantine for sending him to hell. Ray as ever is by Nora’s side waiting for her to wake. Ray leaves and suddenly darkness desends with the realisation that in the chaos Ray has become Neron’s latest vessel. Poor Ray. All the atoms in the world won’t save Ray from his demon. The team are in terrible danger as Neron has infiltrated their ranks and they have no idea.

This season is certainly hotting up. Ava’s version of pergatory is the store you cannot escape which is understandable. However whatever form your demons take it does show that life isn’t always beautiful. Sometimes this beauty is in putting together a wardrobe, sharing bills and doing dishes. Constantine frees Des from Neron’s grasp only to lose him for a second time. Constantine wanted Des back so badly but I wonder whether losing him for a second time in order to free him was what he had in mind? Thanks goodness that the team’s faith in Nora wasn’t misplaced. Nora needs to wake from her magical slumber as she is the only one who will be able to sense Neron’s presence. What about Ray? Can they save him? How will they save him? Who is Tabitha? Lots of soul searching ahead but lets just hope that they can save Ray (and themselves) in time!