Supergirl – S5 Ep19 – Immortal Kombat Review

It’s Team Supergirl vs Lex & Leviathan in the Season Finale!

For what was not originally intended to be a finale, this episode of Supergirl sure felt like one! It had the intensity and stakes of a season ender and even left us wanting more. While this season has had its ups and downs, it ended strong in my opinion. Let’s recap!

The fittingly titled “Immortal Kombat” opens with a gleeful Lex being welcomed by Gemma (guest Cara Buono) onto Leviathan’s ship. His glee turns to pain as he is greeted by an angry Rama Khan (guest star Mitch Pileggi) and a nasty radiation wave. Gemma then gifts him with a pin that quells the pain of the security system and accepts him as one of their own. Khan then prepares the Kryptonite he gathered from the DEO to slaughter Supergirl and any who stand in their way.

Meanwhile, Kara tells Lena not to bring up the past. They must move on if they hope to stop the coming threat. Despite her reservations, Kara agrees to let Lena help her stop Leviathan. The rest of Team Supergirl show up and are filled in on the latest Leviathan developments. Realizing Kara is in danger, Lena offers to build a Kryptonite resistant exo-suit as she did on their previous Earth while the Martians act as decoys to draw Leviathan out. In some welcomed humorous moments, J’onn as Kara complains about the suit chafing him while Nia makes a hilarious Harry Potter reference.

In addition, Alex reveals her new super/vigilante suit to Kara promoting the latter to scream with excitement. J’onn and crew rush to Kara’s aid only to find that: “It was a scream of delight.” With that settled, they put their plan in motion.

Elsewhere, Lex meets with a nervous Brainy, who is ready to upload the code and wipe out Leviathan. Luthor being Luthor refuses to hand over the pin and tells him that they must let Rama Khan kill Supergirl and friends first.

The Superfriends’ decoy plan turns out to be successful despite J’onn being injured (in battle against Khan and his backup including Tezumak). During the battle, Nia has a dream vision of Brainy which gives her pause.

Speaking of Brainy, he refuses to sit back and allow his friends to die. He communes with his female counterpart (guest star Meghan Rath) and asks her to be with him as he attempts to right his wrongs. He plans to sneak aboard the Leviathan ship and upload the code and bottle the villains instead of destroying them. Knowing he will surely die in the process, he asks female Brainy to be with him as he does not want to die alone.

Lena and Kara make it safely to her lab. As they wait for the suit to be built (which will take hours), Kara becomes anxious and wants to join the fight. The others arrive and inform them of J’onn’s injury. In addition, Kelly calls Alex and reveals that William is missing. Alex benches Kara and teams up with Kelly to track down Eve, as William was investigating her connection to Lex. The duo break into Obsidian to sort this out. location. Lena and Kara are able to pinpoint Eve’s location. But when Lena jokes about the Kasnia adventure, Kara unloads all of her hurt that she’s bottled up. She tells Lena that she worries about endangering her loved ones’ lives who know her secret. This is why she kept her identity from her. “I made one mistake, one mistake, that was only ever meant to protect you, and in return, all you did was hurt me in every way imaginable,” Kara exclaims. Following this, they then find William handcuffed in a warehouse being held at gunpoint by Eve. They both are able to stop Eve, not before she shoots him in the shoulder though. Supergirl is able to cauterize his wound and get him to safety.

Suddenly, a barrage of colorful lightning swirls as Rama Khan and crew arrive. Kara is affected by their Kryptonite weapons until Lena’s completed exo-suit arrives as does backup in the form of Dreamer and M’Gann (guest star Sharon Leal). Supergirl levels the threats with a superclap, but they just regenerate! With this knowledge, Supergirl questions a captured Eve, who reveals everything in exchange for her mother’s protection. She tells her that Gemma aka Gamemnae is planning to use the VR Obsidian’s Unity Festival as a means to kill everyone. Kara decides to go into VR and try to save everyone. Speaking of “Gemma,” she grows impatient as Supergirl has yet to be vanquished. She suggests they kill everyone in the VR now. However, Lex urges her to wait until more people join. He then suggests that she use another assassin to kill Supergirl while she is vulnerable in VR. This leads Gemma to activate Andrea Rojas, who was saved by Leviathan when she retrieved the Acrata medallion in the cave (same as Pre-Crisis). She reluctantly agrees to kill Supergirl in order to protect her father and her company.

While Supergirl attempts to free the blissful VR users, J’onn draws out Leviathan by telepathically taunting Rama Khan. The Leviathan trio battles Team Supergirl and looks to gain the upper hand. This also gives time for Brainy to sneak into the ship and begin his bottling plans. As soon as he steps into the control room, he reverts to his green skinned form and begins to succumb to the radiation. With female Brainy’s help, he is able to upload the code and successfully bottles Khan and his backup.

As Supergirl gives an incredible speech to the users about hope and forgiveness, Andrea arrives, but is intercepted by Lena. Lena urges Andrea to not give into her fear and reminds her of their friendship. She is ultimately successful as is Kara in emptying the festival.

Meanwhile, a dying Brainy is greeted by an angry Lex, who gloats that he knew this would happen and in fact planned for it. He didn’t think he would kill himself though, but no matter. He takes the bottle and bids Brainiac-5 adieu promising his death will be in vain. Elsewhere, Nia has another dream of Brainy, and taking M’Gann’s earlier advice, goes deeper and realizes Brainy is in trouble.

Lena, realizes her errors, and sincerely apologizes to Kara for reacting the way she did. Kara accepts and the two vow to take down Lex together.

In the final moments of the season, Gamemnae, who was previously glitching, turns into a monstrous robot-like being and Lex hands the bottle to his mother for nefarious purposes.

This finale was truly enjoyable! Well directed (kudos David Harewood), well written, and well produced all things considered. Great action, humor, and visuals as well. Everyone involved in this episode and the season overall has done a stellar job. The Lena and Kara storyline was handled quite well in this episode as they finally let Kara unburden herself of her own hurt. Now that they are on the same side again, it will be exciting to see them take on Lex next season. Speaking of Lex, Jon Cryer continues to be brilliant in this role. He plays the manipulative genius masterfully. Jesse Rath also shines in this episode as Brainy is left in dire straits as he sacrifices himself for his friends. I sincerely hope that the team is able to save him as he is a wonderful part of this cast of characters.

Given that this was not the original finale, I still really enjoyed the way the story of this season wrapped up (for now).

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