Lego 1989 Batwing #76161 Review

So I’m a huge Lego fan, I have probably too many sets mostly Star Wars however I do collect some of the sets inspired by movies too, I have the Ghostbusters Fire House, the Jurassic Park T-rex/gate and of course the 1989 Batmobile from Tim Burtons Batman. So when I heard Lego were releasing the Batwing from the same movie I knew I had to pick it up and I’m super glad I did!

This set is amazing, the recreation of this iconic design is practically flawless, to make all the curves in this plane with Lego is incredible and the build techniques are ingenious. The build took me probably around 6 hours and it was so much fun the base is super solid and it’s a build where most of the early stages are straight onto the base which is essentially the Bat logo and then later you build the elements separately and add them to it, it takes shape pretty quickly but the details are where this build come alive, so many small intricate parts that add to the overall aesthetic.

The mini figure selection is pretty good, the first set the Batmobile we got a new Keaton based Batman, Nicholson Joker and Kim Basinger’s Vicky Vale. In this set we get the same Batman, Tuxedo Joker and Joker Goon Lawrence, I like the Joker variation, I’m not sure what else the could’ve done with Batman but the goon I think is slightly disappointing, I think Commissioner Gordon or Alfred would’ve been a better choice or if you really want a goon in there it should’ve been Bob!

This set is huge so bear that in mind if you are thinking of picking it up however they have made this set wall mountable which is definitely the best place for it in my opinion. Overall this set is awesome, it looks great and is the perfect accompaniment to the 1989 Batmobile, if you can pick it up you should!!  

Check out the gallery below (click the picks to enlarge!)

DC panels at Virtual Comicons

If you like us have been missing going to all the various conventions to meet your favourite DC characters,  well GalaxyCon and Wizard World have come to our rescue offering amazing online experiences, with the ability to watch the panels online and submit questions for free! and then having the chance to get one on one video chats with the stars and while still being able to get autographs! They are really keeping the con experience alive during this difficult time. You should definitely head over to and to check out all their upcoming panels and events!

Here are the DC panels that they have already have and there’s still more to come! We will keep updating them so you can see everything DC here at Earth9!

Smallville 2 – Wizard World

Smallville – GalaxyCon

Batwoman – Galaxycon

Arrow – Wizard World

Legends Of Tomorrow – Wizard World

Supergirl – Wizard World

Smallville 1 – Wizard World

Lucifer – Wizard World


Superman Comic Strip Messenger Bag Review

So I received this awesome Superman Messenger bag from to check out and give you my thoughts!

The bag is made by Uwear and is an officially licenced DC product, it measures 36cm (W ) x 29cm (H) x 9cm (D), has an adjustable strap a outer zipped compartment and also a inner zipped pocket

So first off it looks amazing, I love stuff that looks like they’re wrapped in comics, without actually being wrapped in comics because that would be bad!, its some great comic panels repeated all over with the classic Superman title logo all over, the print also continues on the shoulder strap which is a cool touch. I like the fact that it has a couple of zipped pockets, one on the outside and one inside, keeps things nice and secure. Size wise its pretty good, it has a good depth to it you can fit quite a bit of stuff inside, width wise you can fit a small laptop easily inside, the strap extends pretty far so you can have it hanging nice and low and the padded strap cover is comfy, it also has rubber feet that will protect the bottom of the bag while you put it down.

Overall I really like this bag, its the perfect comicon bag, its well made, a decent size and comfy to wear, the bag isnt super wide so it might not fit like a bigger laptop in it but this is the perfect size for a tablet, some comics and maybe a pop vinyl or two! I go to a lot of comicons so this bag will be getting plenty of use!

Thanks to the guys at and don’t forget you can get 10% off you purchases by entering the code EARTH-9-10 at checkout, so head over and check out more of their stuff!

Justice League Loungefly Purse Review

The Loungefly Justice League purse is made from blue Faux leather with an all over Justice League chibi print. The print has Batman, Superman,  Wonder Woman, Green Lantern,  The Flash, Cyborg and Martian Manhunter with white stars in-between each character and is repeated all over.  The purse has 8 card slots one of which has a clear window for a photograph , although I use it for my seizure card , 2 pockets and 1 middle compartment with zipper and there is an extra pocket behind the zipper compartment. The purse has a zip-around closure with silver-tone hardware which has the Loungefly logo embossed. The Measurements for the purse are : 8 x 4 x 1 inches.

This is one of the largest purses that I have ever owned and it has so many compartments its perfect if you have a lot of cards/ cash that you need to carry. The zipper compartment is quite large as well , I tried putting as many pound coins in as I could and it easily held 33. I absolutely love the print , I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a cute Justice League, I  do however wish that there some more characters on there rather than the same ones repeated all over.

Overall I absolutely love this purse its practical and extremely cute and well made and I would recommend it to anyone. I love it so much that I have actually just purchased the matching bag. This would be the perfect gift for anyone who loves DC comics and Loungefly.


Funko DC Bombshells Collectors Box Review

Inspired by Diesel Punk and the glamour of the 40’s comes this amazing Funko DC Bombshell Limited Edition Collector’s Box. Based on the comic series of the name contains (Click on Images for larger pics!)

1 x Batman DC Bombshells POP! Vinyl Figure

1 x Wonder Woman Notebook

1 x Black Canary Rock Candy Figure

1 x Pack of 5 Collectors Cards

1 x ‘Gotham or Bust’ Enamel Pin

As a collector of Funko pops I really only bought this box for the Batman pop to go with the rest of my Bombshells pop collection, everything else is just a bonus.  The Batman pop has a 40s style detective look which I absolutely love, it’s so different from any of the other Batman pops that you can buy.

I only have one other Rock candy figure a Supergirl from a Legion of collectors box and the Black Canary Rock Candy in this box is actually much smaller,  I don’t know if funko have changed the size of these figures or if its just the ones in these boxes. It is a nice figure and well detailed and I like the little details such as the tattoo on her arm,  which you have to look quite hard to see if you don’t remove the figure from the box. For some reason this figure reminds me of the Bratz dolls and I think it would be better as a Funko pop vinyl , but that’s just my opinion others may feel a lot differently about it.

The box also includes a Wonder Woman note book,  5 trading cards and a Gotham Or Bust pin badge. Some sites are saying that there are 12 trading cards in the box but there are only five .

The note book has Wonder Woman on the cover and the pages of the book are lined. Its quite small so would be the perfect size for a handbag . It a nice note book but it does feel very cheap , every time you turn a page it feels like it’s going to fall apart.

The five trading cards have pictures of Wonder Woman, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Batgirl and Batwoman on the front DC comics Bombshells printed on the back. The front of the cards have a plastic feel to them. I like the pictures on the cards and I think they would look nice framed but to be perfectly honest I don’t really see the point in them. As far as I can tell every box has the same cards.

The last thing in the box is an enamel pin badge. The badge is shaped like a missile and has the words “ Gotham or Bust “ written on it. It also has bats with one bat crossed out. The badge is a nice size and has a great vintage look to it and I think it would look really nice on a jacket. I also like the fact that the stopper on the back is rubber instead of metal as I’ve found that they stay on better so there is less chance of losing it.

Overall I think this is a great box for collectors / DC comics fans. My favourite part of the box is the Batman pop and the enamel pin and I do think that the rock candy is a nice collectors piece . The only things I was disappointed with was the trading cards, ( as I said I don’t really see the point in them) and I think that the note book could have been better. I also wish that there was another funko pop rather than a rock candy figure but that’s just my personal opinion.