Legends of Tomorrow – S5 Ep13 – I am Legends Review

At the end of the last episode Lachesis called in Astra’s debt. The team think they have just found a way to get the loom working by becoming immortal but because of Atropos they end up in Zombie Apocalypse England (they just don’t realise it) while Astra, Lachesis and Atropos steal the Waverider and the Loom.

The team lose all comms with Gideon so their only hope is to get to London and to a Time Bureau safe house so they can get a time courier to open a portal to the Waverider. Problem one – although Constantine has a good wardrobe for the team Constantine doesnt have a car so the team have to rely on public transport. It isn’t long before Mick steals the bus as the team have decided to act like royalty and do not have any cash for the bus fare. Constantine is read the riot act by Zari about his attempt to light up. Everything appears to be going to plan to get to London until a woman walks out in front of the bus. Mick slams on the breaks but its too late. But this is no ordinary woman. The team see her starting to move and her full on zomiesque quality is soon seen as she lunges towards them (gore and all). Mick deals with her but the team suddenly realise that they are surrounded. Charlie confirms this is the work of Atropos. The team are in full zombie fight mode when Constantine realises that they aren’t after his damned soul.

Back on the Waverider, Lachesis showed Astra that if she brought back her mother she  would only lose her again. Lachesis shows Astra her mother’s death and it appears in her immortal for a day status she has joined Team Fate. All that stands between the Fates and the end of the world is Gary. The world is in serious trouble as Gary does not have Gideon as she has been shut down. However Gary’s mind soon creates Gideon in human form and they hatch a plan to steal the loom rings. Gary manages to hide the rings but is now facing torture and certain death.

Back at the bus the team are stranded and Zari is losing hope of saving Behrad as the immortality of her team mates is ticking away. Zari leaves and Constantine follows in search of new transportation. Constantine and Zari end up at a junk yard and spot their way out but it isn’t long before a swarm of zombies are in pursuit and they have to take shelter. Zari ends up killing one of the Zombies which Zari 2.0 never saw herself doing but her mental note for therapy was a moment of light relief. The zombies are circling.How will they escape?

The rest of the team have started the long walk to London but a squadron of soldiers stop them and mistake them for zombies. Ava gets shot but luckily she is still immortal. They are rounded up and taken prisoner by the soldiers. But they escape by jumping from the vehicle (good job they are immortal).

Back at the junk yard Constantine has a plan. The zombies don’t want the dead so his plan is to use a spell to stop Zari’s heart and then carry her to safety through the swarm of zombies. Constantine gets Zari to the truck. All that remains is to restore life but will it work? Its looking unlikely until Zari suddenly gasps for breathe. They don’t have time to have a moment because the zombies are coming. They drive off and are able to pick up the rest of the team. They get to the Time Bureau safe house which is a pub successfully but the time courier isn’t charged. Zari is infuriated and storms off. Constantine follows and they have a row but it isn’t long before the chemistry that has been building overtakes them. This is definitely a case of extreme opposites attract. Everyone else is oblivious on their return except for Charlie who realises that sparks have flown. The team reminise about getting away and Sara admits to Ava that she has seen her death by zombies in that pub.

Back on the Waverider Gary is working on convincing Astra that there wouldn’t just be pain if Astra’s mother came back.There would be good times and memories like when Astra was a child. Gary for all of his apparent foolishness wins Astra over but it’s too late as Atropos kills her before they can get to the rest of the team. Back at the pub the time courier is still charging and time is almost up on their immortality. As the clock reaches zero and signals the end of immortality the zombies storm the pub. The team take on the fight for their lives. Ava sees Sara die and the rest of the team are over run. There is no way out. Ava gives Charlie the time courier and tells her to get to the Waverider and sort this with her sisters. Charlie escapes just as the team appear to die.

Charlie frees Gary and Gary hands over the loom. Gary explains Astra’s death and is about to warn Charlie when Atropos strikes again and Gary is dead. The time has come and fate has arrived – no more running for Charlie. It’s time for her to restore the loom with her sister’s help but can she save the team?

What a zombie filled cliff hanger? Can the team be saved to fight another day? Sara died…. again. Surely that can’t be permanent? If they make it can Zari and Constantine have something meaningful? If Charlie can save the team what price will she have to pay? Can they really get Behrad and Astra’s mother back? So much team work and sacrifice. The episode was so cleverly done that I was on the edge of my seat.With two episodes remaining there is everything to play for? Fate is calling so lets hope Charlie is up to spinning this challenge in her and the team’s favour.