Black Lightning – S3 Ep15 – The Book Of War Chapter 3 – Liberation Review

It’s Black Lightning vs Gravedigger in the epic season three finale!!

Freeland has finally been liberated! In an epic final showdown, Black Lightning and his allies successfully defeated the Markovians while also taking down the ASA in the process. This finale did a stellar job of wrapping up the major storylines of the season while also setting up potential threads for the future. Let’s recap!

The final chapter of the “Book Of War” aptly titled “Liberation” picks where the previous one left off. Black Lightning angrily attacks Gravedigger (guest star Wayne Brady), who displays some of his various new abilities including microwave manipulation. Jefferson attempts to reason with the OG Meta by revealing their familial ties, but it falls on deaf ears. As they fight, Gravedigger has his forces capture a KO’ed Jen and take her to a secure location. Gravedigger ultimately bests Black Lightning and makes a beeline for The Pit to gather the ASA’s metahumans.

Meanwhile, the Resistance attempts to fight off the invading Markovian forces. Jamillah Olsen (guest star Adetinpo Jones) is gunned down while broadcasting another message of hope. Out in the streets of Freeland, Henderson leads the police force along with Two-Bits and other Resistance members in a battle with the Markovians. When it looks like hope is lost, Lala (William Catlett) (who receives a tip from a double-crossed Lady Eve) arrives with his gang and provides assistance.

Elsewhere, Odel (guest star Bill Duke) orders Major Grey (guest star Katy O’Brien) and Commander Williams (guest star Christopher B. Duncan) to “clean up” their presence in Freeland. In addition, he has Major Grey retrieve the briefcase.

Speaking of Odell, back at Gambi’s, TC uses his abilities to search for the ASA leader while Gambi aids Jefferson in locating Jen. TC collapses due to the ASA’s tech. Brandon arrives and decides to help Jefferson rescue Jen.

Gravedigger and Jen clash over their views of the world as the villain claims the USA will never change as far as its treatment of African Americans. Jen pushes back saying that there has been change, not enough, but some nevertheless. The two also exchange threats.

As Commander Williams eliminates Dr. Jace, Major Grey meets with Lady Eve (guest star Jill Scott) for information concerning the briefcase. Lady Eve demands her place on the Shadow Board and then reveals the briefcase’s location. Grey responds saying that the crime boss will be set up nicely in Gotham. Lady Eve realizes that ASA has betrayed and plans to destroy Freeland. A shootout ensues with both women leaving injured. Lady Eve calls Destiny to relay a message to Lala.

Gravedigger arrives at the Pit as Grace and Anissa lead the metas into the hyper-secure safe room. The villain neutralizes the Resistance forces guarding the complex which included Grayle (guest star Boone Platt) and Erica (guest star Gabrielle Garcia). Henderson watches from the woods nearby as Black Lightning arrives outside with Jen, whom he successfully saved. Gravedigger’s forces decide to fire on the vigilantes while they check on the sleeping Resistance forces. Henderson takes out several Markovians, but is fatally shot in the process. Jefferson rushes to his aid and is by his side as his friend passes on.

Meanwhile, inside the Pit, Gravedigger faces off briefly against Thunder and Grace (guest star Chantal Thuy). He “pushes” Grace to kill Thunder. The two brutally battle each other until Anissa is able to knock her out. We later find out that Grace is now in a coma and must be transported to a place to monitored.

Also inside the Pit, Lynn is able to create an anti-booster which should neutralize Gravedidgggers multiple abilities. She is confronted by Commander Williams, who continues his clean sweep of Freeland. He informs her that he has already taken care of Jace and she is next. He opens fire, but Lynn uses powers to deflect them back into the meta.

On his way to the safe room, Gravedigger runs into Jen and Brandon, who use their abilities together to form volcanic lightning in an attempt to hold him back. He easily defeats them, but once again finds himself up against Black Lightning. After another intense fight, Gravedigger once again bests him, but Lynn comes in with the assist. The anti-booster is successful allowing Black Lightning to knock him out.

Elsewhere, Odell remotely issues a self destruct order for all remaining ASA complexes including the Pit. This leaves the Pierce family one minute to escape the Pit. They do, but are forced to leave Gravedigger behind despite Jefferson’s desire to “save” him.

Odell strolls out of his safehouse and into his car. However, he is confronted by Khalil, who was able to take back control from Painkiller (in an impressive sword fight inside his mind). He introduces himself and puts a bullet in him (it only damages his spleen) despite Jefferson’s attempt to stop him.

The remaining ASA agents led by Grey storm Gambi’s shop in an attempt to retrieve the briefcase. However, they are met with a barrage of gunfire from a sneaky Gambi and TC. Gambi is forced to eliminate them all in order to protect the Pierce family secrets and the briefcase.

The season ends with Tobias in Markovia planning to return to Freeland to regain his rightful crown. In addition, we see the senate hearing in Gotham in which Lynn’s (who is still secretly taking Green Light) metahuman boarding school plan is ratified as well as Black Lightning and crew testifying against the ASA etc. He details the longtime terrible treatment of African Americans in US History and that this incident in Freeland was part of a larger plan by the ASA. The judges rule in favor of Freeland and the heroes stating that the ASA will be disbanded and Odell will be tried to the fullest extent of the law. As they leave, we see a mysterious man who transforms to reveal his true identity: a very much alive and powered Gravedigger!

This finale was simply brilliant! Season 3 came to an end in truly epic fashion. The fight scenes were electric (pun intended) and some of the best of the series so far. The cast brought their “A” game once again. Wayne Brady’s Gravedigger proved to be a fantastic villain for this show. His unique power set provided a great foil for Jefferson and his allies. The fact that he survived the finale makes me quite excited for Season 4! This episode saw its fair share of deaths including Freeland’s stalwart protector Henderson. I knew Damon Gupton had been let go from the series, but the character’s death was still emotional and moving. Gupton has been a fantastic part of this show and will be deeply missed.

As I have said in several reviews, Season 3 is, in my opinion, the best of the series. I found the overall story extremely compelling. It was a definite improvement over the previous season. Hopefully, Season 4 can continue to this upward trend!

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Black Lightning – S3 Ep14 – The Book Of War Chapter 2 – Freedom Ain’t Free Review

War officially comes to Freeland! Black Lightning and his team must prepare themselves for the fight of their lives as Gravedigger arrives!

The fight for Freeland has officially begun! With this being the penultimate episode of the season, “The Book Of War Chapter 2” sets the stage for an explosive finale. This episode did a fantastic job of creating a sense of coming dread. In addition, it featured a great balance of heart, humor, and action. Let’s recap!

This electrically charged episode opens with scenes of Gravedigger mercilessly killing people in World War II. The original meta records a video diary in which he explains his plans and the reason behind them. He reveals that he was experimented on eighty years ago and is therefore officially yet unofficially the first metahuman. He also reveals the reasoning behind his name. In the war, he served as a gravedigger for fallen soldiers. Sikes takes it upon himself to give every one of his opponents a proper burial no matter what the circumstances. He feels that is the honorable thing to do. Furthermore, he feels that his plan to liberate the Freeland metas by force is also right.

Meanwhile, Jace and Lynn discover that the effects of the meta boost serum will essentially give Gravedigger access to whatever powers he wants without overload indefinitely.
Gambi and Jefferson begin planning for the Markovian’s arrival. The ex-ASA agent deduces the villain’s plan which is two fold: forcefully liberate the metas of Freeland and take back Lynn and Jace to aid the sick metas in Markovia. Gambi also reveals that the government will bomb Freeland in the event they are unable to stop Gravedigger. Elsewhere, Khalil is attacked by a truck load of Markovians and is only able to escape due the Painkiller program taking control.

Jefferson gathers the team and begins to formulate a plan to protect Freeland. The ASA and the government are unable and unwilling to help so they must do it alone. Brandon expresses his objections to the mission. He doesn’t care about protecting the city and would rather shake down Dr. Jace for information about his father (which he does).
Black Lightning and Thunder set out to recruit people to help them defend the city. First stop: Lala. The duo attempt to recruit the criminal, however, it does not go well. Lala and Devonte refuse and disregard the threat.

Meanwhile, Odell and Lady Eve, while driving around, strike a deal concerning the briefcase. Lady Eve demands her seat back on the Shadow Board and the reinstatement of her carte in exchange for the location of the briefcase. Odell agrees. Later, Lala meets with Lady Eve in order to get information about the whereabouts of Tobias leading to him torturing Dr. Blair.
Elsewhere, Lynn makes a startling discovery in her lab while testing the DNA of Gravedigger. At home, she reveals to Jefferson that he is in fact related to the villain. A shocked Jefferson realizes that Gravedigger is his great uncle, who “never came home” from the war all those years ago. Meanwhile, at Anissa’s apartment, Grace and Anissa share a heartfelt moment which ends up in a proposal!

Speaking of love, at Gambi’s, TC and Eric contemplate the coming war. Erica laments that she hasn’t had a chance to really live yet since being released from her pod. TC reveals that he hasn’t really lived either. He tells her that he hasn’t even kissed a girl before. The banter back and forth with Erica eventually kissing him out of pity (not really). Jen enters the room and asks TC for her help. She wants him to alert her when Gravedigger arrives near Freeland. TC reluctantly agrees to help. Elsewhere, Khalil and Painkiller battle inside his mind once again. However, this fight ends with Painkiller winning and Khalil trapped behind the firewall. Painkiller announces his intentions to kill the Pierce family much to Khalil’s horror. At the Pierce home, Lynn pleads with a stunned Jefferson to be prepared to do anything to protect their family from Gravedigger.

The couple then join the rest of the team and family at Anissa’s for a nice home cooked meal. Once there, Anissa and Grace announce their engagement as well as their intention to get married right away. With the family’s blessing, the wedding is set to begin. However, as they start, they all receive alerts that Gravedigger and his army have arrived! Thanks to TC, Jen is already en route.
Team Black Lightning suit up and realize that Jen is gone. Jen engages in a duel with Gravedigger, who resists her attacks and sends her flying into the perimeter which shorts her out almost killing her. Black Lightning arrives just in time and is able to save his daughter. He then turns his rage to Gravedigger and launches at him.

The stakes have never been higher for Black Lightning and crew! This episode has set the stage for a sure to be epic finale! Once again, Wayne Brady delivers an incredible performance as Gravedigger. He brings so much depth and charisma to the role. I also particularly enjoyed the tender moments between Chantal Thuy’s Grace and Nafessa Williams’ Anissa. It is great to see that relationship continue to evolve. However, I fear that Grace may not make it out of the coming battle. In addition, I once again loved Jill Scott’s scenes as Lady Eve. Her interactions with both Bill Duke’s Odell and William Catlett’s Lala were fantastic!

I am excited to see how the season concludes next week! I strongly believe that it will stick the landing!

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Black Lightning – S3 Ep14 – The Book Of War Chapter 1 – Homecoming Review

The truth about Markovia and Metahumans has been revealed!

The final episodes of Season 3 are upon us! This final arc is shaping up to be one of the best of the series in my opinion. Episode 14 aka the first chapter in the “Book of War” brought to light several major secrets including the truth behind the metahuman arms race between the ASA and Markovia. Team Black Lightning also deals with the fallout of their not so secret rescue mission in this crazy episode! Let’s recap!

This exciting hour begins with an angry Gambi threatening Dr. Jace. He claims that he should have killed her forty years ago. She assures him that they are now on the same side as the Markovians are the true threats. Jace also reveals to him that Gravedigger is now in charge in Markovia and is after stable metas.

Meanwhile, Jefferson checks in with Odell and updates him on the success of their mission. While Odell is calm, Major Grey on the other hand is furious due to the fact that Tobias is on the loose and now the Markovians have the city surrounded. Jefferson also tells Odell about Gravedigger, of whom the ASA leader seems to have no knowledge. Odell grants immunity to every member of Jefferson’s team. He then asks if he can’t count on him in the coming war. Jefferson responds with: “No, but Freeland can.” Back at home, Jen and Anissa argue once again over Khalil. Anissa again expresses her concerns over Painkiller returning.

Elsewhere, Devonte meets with Lady Eve and collects her payment to Lala. She also convinces him to experience the pleasures of her establishment. He agrees, but is drugged in the process.
Back at Gambi’s, TC check in on Khalil’s firewall which is holding nicely (so they think). Gambi attempts to aid in the young man’s transition by giving him art as an outlet for his PTSD. He also suggests therapy with Perenna as a future option as well, when Khalil initially rejects the offer.

At the Pierce home, Lynn collapses while she prepares family dinner with Jefferson. This leads to a beautiful and powerful sequence in which Lynn admits she is an addict. She apologizes for her treatment of him in the past and now understands him (in terms of his “addiction” to heroism). Lynn also shares a tender moment with Anissa in which the latter encourages her that they will get through this together. The family then gathers together for dinner during which they all air out their secrets proclaiming a fresh start.

Meanwhile, Lady Eve discovers the briefcase situation due to Devonte’s ramblings. She calls a meeting with Lala in which she humiliates the criminal. She reveals that she was behind the technology that Tobias employed in his control over him. He is left shocked and dismayed.

Elsewhere, Anissa vents to Grace about Jen’s stubbornness concerning Khalil. Grace suggests that she chill out and let things play out. However, they get a distress call from the Perdi, who have been attacked by the Markovians. The duo rush into action and call Black Lightning and the ASA for back up. While saving those that remain, they discover that Anaya and her father have been captured by the enemy.

Meanwhile, Brandon and Jen go to speak with Dr. Jace, but things get ugly quickly. Bradon attacks her with crystallized shards made from his mother’s ashes. However, before he can kill, she teases the identity and survival of his father which leaves him intrigued.

Back at Gambi’s, Jen and Brandon return and the latter asks TC for help tracking down information on his father. Jen sees Khalil’s sketch of her and the two share a sweet moment. Unfortunately, this does not last long as he zones out and Painkiller is able to break free of the firewall. While Khalil and Painkiller fight inside his head, Painkiller knocks out Brandon and TC and strangles Jen. Khalil is able to regain control just in time. Scared of what he had done, he leaves. Gambi, meanwhile, tortures one of Lady eve’s twin guards by cutting his eye out. He sends the man back to her with a message: an eye for an eye.

Khalil visits Jen on the roof and confesses that he no longer knows who he is anymore. He apologizes, but Jen rejects him saying she can’t love a weapon aimed at her family. Lady Eve receives Gambi’s message and comes to confront him at his shop. After a tense yet fun exchange of one liners and history, both former ASA agents end the quarrel with each other. She gives him the briefcase and tells him to use it to burn down the ASA for what they did to her city.

After TC unlocks the briefcase, Gambi meets with Jefferson and Lynn. He reveals its content which includes the meta genome of every meta the ASA has encountered. In addition, it is revealed that the US Government caused the current Markovian situation. The USA’s involvement in the meta experiments links all the way back to Gravedigger aka Tyson Sykes, a member of the US military during World War II who was tormented by the white soldiers in his squad. Sykes was experimented on and received metahuman abilities thus becoming a killer and the first metahuman in recorded history aka Meta Prime. He is also the only one from the program to survive. The USA has since been trying to replicate the program funding the Markovians and so on.

With this knowledge, the team prepares for war, However, there is a slight complication: Lynn admits that she left the meta boost serum behind which is now seen in the hands of Gravedigger, who uses it to give himself unlimited powers. With his upgraded abilities, he kills Mosin and takes full control. Ultimate powers and ultimate vengeance he proclaims as he prepares to invade the USA.

This was yet another exciting, action packed episode of Black Lightning! The various threads of the season have come together and the stakes have risen even higher. The cast and crew have really upped their game this season in every aspect. This episode once again continues this trend. I found the scenes with the Pierce Family dealing with Lynn’s addiction to be extremely powerful. Christine Adams has done an incredible job portraying this vulnerable aspect of Lynn this season. In addition, I thoroughly enjoyed every scene with Jill Scott’s Lady Eve. I’m glad they brought the character back and found an interesting way to tie her into the current situation. Speaking of which, the Gravedigger origin was truly fascinating. Wayne Brady is simply incredible in this role. It will be interesting to see what happens now that he seems to be the ultimate villain of the season!

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Black Lightning – S3 Ep13 – The Book Of Markovia Chapter 4 – Grab The Strap Review

Team Black Lightning mounts a daring mission to rescue Lynn from her Markovian captors in this intense episode of Black Lightning!

Once again Black Lightning delivers! This episode lit up the screens with an action packed team-up that feels very much in line with the other Arrowverse shows. This episode does an incredible job giving each character a chance to shine including the newest meta-human threat: Gravedigger (guest star Wayne Brady). Let’s recap!

This electrifying episode opens on a bit of a sombre note with a stressed Jefferson video chatting with Gambi. The “hero” reflects on his years as “Black Lightning” and how it has ultimately driven a wedge between him and Lynn. He also adds that he never truly liked the name. He has tried to balance everything, but claims that nothing mixes well with Black Lightning. However, he knows he can’t sit back and watch while injustice happens. In addition, he tells Gambi that he will do whatever is necessary to bring Lynn home even if he has to kill.

Later, as the team trains, Major Grey criticises Jefferson’s team and offers her highly trained commandos as replacements. Pierce refuses saying: my mission, my team. Grey also comes through on their deal which grants each member of the team immunity even Khalil, who is still struggling with the knowledge of his past deeds.

Meanwhile, in Markovia, Mosin checks in on Lynn and Dr. Jace and once again threatens them to produce the stabilization serum. As Lynn resists, Mosin is ordered to stop by another Markovian operative. Gravedigger, as he is referred to by Mosin, announces his control over the operation and relieves him. He then uses his metahuman abilities to force Lynn to work on the serum.
Back in Freeland, Jennifer tries to recruit Khalil to the rescue mission, but he ultimately refuses. He fears that his Painkiller side will emerge. He no longer trusts himself and believes that he would endanger the mission.

Meanwhile, in Markovia, it is revealed, via Dr. Jace, that Gravedigger’s powers include: enhanced strength, speed, and the ability to “push” or compel someone with his voice. Lynn almost overdoses on Green Light, but the drug allows her to resist Gravedigger’s mind control. Gravedigger returns to check their progress. Lynn tells him that they have only completed two serums which angers the meta. He then “compels” her to move faster. She feigns compliance. Lynn claims that his blood will help the process go more quickly. Gravedigger, though wary at first, complies.
In Freeland, as the team prepares to leave for Markovia, Jefferson finds Khalil packing his things. Khalil tells him that he plans to leave Freeland as he is ashamed of what he has done. Jefferson understands the young man’s pain and offers some comforting advice. He reminds him that we cannot undo past mistakes. We must move forward. He also apologises for not doing more to save him from Tobias and the ASA. Pierce also lets him know that Khalil is free of the ASA as well. Khalil thanks him. Despite Jefferson’s attempt to recruit him, Khalil refuses once again.

As the team gets ready to depart, Khalil joins them having had a change of heart. With the team complete, they journey to Markovia. On the way, Jefferson learns that they also have to extract Tobias as well which irritates him greatly. Grayle also tells Jefferson that Grey programmed Erica with a kill order in case Lynn is unable to be saved. He reveals that he was also ordered to do so as well, but will not comply. However, thanks to TC, Erica’s chip has been deactivated as well! As they near Markovia, Gambi comforts a stressed Jefferson. He tells him that he is proud of the man he has become. He tells him that he is a true hero.

Now the mission begins! With Gambi and TC running comms, Black Lightning, Thunder, Lightning, Khalil, Grayle, Brandon aka Geo, Ercia, and Grace infiltrate Mosin’s base. Black Lightning, Thunder and Erica set out to save Tobias, while Lightning and Khalil set out to rescue Lynn. Meanwhile, Grace shapeshifts into Mosin in order to gain access to a secure room to monitor everything from the inside. Brandon goes rogue in order to find and kill Dr. Jace. Grayle follows the young meta in order to prevent him from causing any problems.

After Erica and Thunder successfully break down an impenetrable door, Black Lightning is able to retrieve Tobias, who immediately taunts the hero by calling him “Jefferson.” Meanwhile, as Jennifer finds her mother, Khalil finds himself up against Gravedigger. The two engage in one of the show’s most impressive fights with Khalil barely making it out alive.
Elsewhere, Brandon finds Jace and begins to bring the whole building down on her. Grayle is able to stop him by knocking him out.

While the team fights their way to save her, Lynn, having co-opted Gravedigger’s powers for a short while using his blood, is able to “compel” Mosin to lead her out of the complex. Jennifer meets her and they escape. As everyone returns to the plane, they realise that Black Lightning is missing! Gravedigger intercepted the hero before he could get out and blasted him with a meta-dampening gun.

Gravedigger appears and tries to force them to hand over Lynn in exchange for their lives. Lynn ultimately decides to go with him. However, Black Lightning suddenly appears and blasts Gravedigger allowing everyone to safely escape. With everyone safely on the plane, the team returns to Freeland.

Once again, this episode is a perfect example of Black Lightning at its best! Incredible action, compelling characters, and well written story arcs. Each character was well used and got a chance to shine in what felt like a crossover episode. A major highlight of the episode was Gravedigger as played by Wayne Brady. I was thoroughly impressed by his truly menacing performance here. I have been a fan of Brady’s work for some time, especially his comedic genius on Whose Line Is It Anyway?. This performance solidifies for me, that not only is he a comedic talent, he is also an incredible actor. I look forward to seeing more of the character and Brady’s portrayal in the rest of the season! Also, I really enjoyed the Jefferson and Gambi heart to heart in which the latter expressed how proud he was of him. I thought for a moment that Gambi might not make it out of the mission with the way he was talking. While he survived, it still helped elevate the tension and raise the stakes.

All in all, this was another exciting, well crafted episode that is, in my opinion, among the show’s best.

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Black Lightning – S3 Ep12 – The Book Of Markovia Chapter 3 Review

Team Black Lightning forms an uneasy alliance with the ASA in hopes it will help them save Lynn in this latest chapter of Black Lightning!

“The Book Of Markovia Chapter Two” was largely a setup episode as the Pierce Family works to save Lynn from the Markovians. Unlike some setup episodes, this hour, while not necessarily action packed and exciting, succeeded in being an emotional and interesting story by itself. This episode does a great job of balancing two very key storylines in Lynn’s addiction and saving Khalil from himself. Both allowed for some moving performances from Christine Adams, China Anne McClain, and Jordan Calloway. Let’s recap!

The episode opens with Dr. Jace outlining her plan to befriend Lynn so that she can avoid becoming expendable to her captors in Markovia. The show then, in a bit of comedy, cuts to Lynn and Jace duking it out. Mosin arrives and breaks it up. He reveals that he knows of Lynn’s addiction and that Odell is behind it (via a mole: Nurse Allen). Lynn is stunned. As reality sets in, Lynn also learns that she is there to help weaponize the metas with the stabilization serum. Lynn would rather die than help Jace and the Markovians, however, she is convinced to take the Green Light pill left by Mosin and starts working. Elsewhere in the compound, the Markovian nurse extracts bone marrow from a captive Tobias, who is just as mouthy as ever. Later, Jace visits him and teases his future lobotomization. Tobias reminds her that she is expendable now that Lynn is here.

Meanwhile, at Gambi’s, Jen quickly realizes that everyone knew that Khalil was alive before she did. She lashes out at TC after he informs her of Khalil’s love for her. Once Jen learns of the programmed chip, she is quick to find a way to remove it. Gambi urges caution as removing it would kill him. Gambi suggests that TC use his abilities to determine a safe way to neutralize the “Painkiller” operating system and thus bring Khalil back.

Jefferson and Anissa receive a message from “Lynn” telling them to come to the house. Once there, they are met by Sgt. Grayle who informs them of Lynn’s capture. Grayle offers to aid them in bringing her home as he wants to make things right. They are initially wary of him, but believe he is truthful. They then set up a meeting with Major Grey via Grayle to gain ASA assistance to rescue her.
The news of her situation puts Jefferson on edge. Jefferson breaks down and tells Anissa about Lynn’s addiction. She is initially angry that Jefferson knew about this and yet still helped the Resistance. However, in a beautiful father-daughter moment, they agree to help Lynn as a family.

Meanwhile, TC uses his abilities to journey into Khalil’s mind where he discovers that “Painkiller” is preventing “Khalil” from taking back control over his mind. With help from Jen and Gambi, TC is able to trap “Painkiller” behind a “firewall.”

Jefferson and Anissa, meet with Grey and Grayle about building a team to rescue Lynn. Jefferson demands that everyone he brings on this mission be granted full immunity and be off limits from the ASA. They then set out to gather the team which comes to include: Grace, TC, Brandon, Jen, and Gambi. In addition, Major Grey herself recruits Grayle and young ASA meta Erica Moran, who unbeknownst to Jefferson, has been programmed to kill Lynn should she be beyond saving.

Before they set out to save Lynn, they work to save another: Khalil. TC and Jen once again venture into Khalil’s mind, as he did not wake up after their first visit. This time the duo is able to find the real Khaili, who has sealed himself inside a safe haven. Jennifer, turning herself into pure energy, is able to convince him to retake control over himself though he sees the horrors that he has committed as Painkiller including killing his own mother. Once he wakes up, Khalil is visibly shaken. He cannot even embrace Jen due to the poison in his skin. In a heartbreaking scene, he breaks up with Jen claiming he is literally poison.

The stage is now set for what is sure to be an epic rescue! Though this episode was a setup, I found myself enjoying it more than other setups. I particularly enjoyed the Khalil storyline as it showcased Jordan Calloway’s range and talent. It was painful to see Khalil relive the memories of the terrible things he’s done and realize what he has become. It will be interesting to see where his story goes from here. This storyline also showcased the great addition that is TC. His dynamic with the team, especially Gambi is so pure and genuinely fun to watch. Speaking of the team, I loved the formation of the rescue team. It was great to see each member have a purpose and motivation to join the mission as opposed to just plot.

Overall, this was yet another enjoyable episode that showcases the emotion and heart of the show. I am really looking forward to next week’s rescue episode.

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