Legends of Tomorrow – S5 Ep15 – Swan Thong Review

So we have reached the season finale. The team split up to search for the loom and for the Waverider before the fates learn of their escape. Sara, Astra and Constantine find the loom and work on detroying it.Constantine tries to use Astra’s mothers powers to destroy the loom but Lachesis influence takes hold. Ava, Zari, Nate and Mick have found the Waverider. Mick goes in search of Lita. Meanwhile the Fates have discoverered that the team have escaped and Atropos goes in search to kill the team.

Atropos find Sara and they face their ultimate showdown. It looks like Sara is going to die (again) when the team intervene. Sara uses her powers to trap Atropos in the loom. Atropos dies and the loom is destroyed. The team escape and use the Waverider to time jump. The team reappear in four months time and go looking to check that all is well. All appears normal until they realise the Fates are still in play – with Fate Watch. Fate Watch is controlling people’s lives and has removed free will. The team end up in The History Museum to discover what has happened.They find a host of bad ideas which includes Sisqo’s Thong Song and a top twenty of villains which has the Legends as number 2 with Clotho as number 1. The team get Clotho/ Charlie back to the ship and they work on changing her mind about free will as they need her help.The team fail.

Zari 1.0 has been working with Behrad to try and fix Gideon. Behrad starts to have visions and pain but ignores it. Astra feels guilty that to survive hell that she replaced her mother with Lachesis.

Zari 1.0 and Behrad and Zari 2.0 and Constantine go in search of the loom and discover that the loom is gone but the Fate Watch is merely Gideon running a programe. They work on stopping the programme.

The final show down is about to happen. The team minus Charlie confront Lachesis and Lachesis brings the villains to life who then attack the team. Nate activates Sisqo and only the Legends can do a fight scene with Thong Song as a theme tune.   It looks like the villains are about to escape. Charlie is convinced to help by Lita. Lita shows Charlie that 49% of life is crappy while 51% isn’t and its the 2% that is worth fighting for. Lita convinces Charlie that life is messy but it makes life beautiful. It’s this mess which gave Lita the dad that she loves.Charlie and Lita rush to the aid of the team and arrive just in time. The villains are thwarted and its time for Charlie to face her sister. Charlie forgives Lachesis and as they are now human to go and find a life and make it worthwhile. Charlie is finally free of his sisters control.

Back on the Waverider the team are celebrating until both Zaris see Behrad bleeding. Zari 1.0 realises that her presence is causing a temporal disturbance and she must return to the totem. Zari 1.0 and the team say their goodbyes. More sadness for Nate who only just got her back. The team return to Charlie’s roots and a gig with The Smell to celebrate the end of the mission. At the end of the gig the team are about to go home when Charlie announces that it’s time for her to leave the team. The team say their goodbyes and as they leave Sara gets abducted by aliens. The team are oblivious but what now for Sara?

This episode was action packed. The episode was typical legends. Although this was filmed months ago before the pandemic took hold it shows the impottance of making the most of things. At the moment with the pandemic and other events we are in the 49% but the episode showed in only the way the legends can that we now need to fight for the 51%. The epsiode also showed how friends can be family and sometimes you need to face the toughest of challenges as running won’t do. Lita’s admission that she loves her dad was what I had been waiting for all season. Charlie feels liberated and Constantine and Astra are moving on from their difficult past. It looks as though Constantine will be having a house guest for the foreseeable with the rent being paid with his soul coin. Constantine may not have been able to save Astra before but they have certainly made their peace now. However losing two team members in a matter of hours will be hard to take and with Sara going missing it will fall to Ava to hold the team together in the next season. Why have they taken Sara and will the team be able to get their Captain back? Its going to be a considerable time before we get another new episode and I miss them already – go Team Legends. Hopefully by the time they return we will be back to enjoying the 51%.