Titans – S2 Ep5 – Deathstroke Review

Boy F**cking Wonder strikes again

So first off, you cannot end an episode like that, I’m all for cliffhangers but come on!!!!

There was so much to enjoy about this weeks episode, Esai Morales as Deathstroke is awesome! sure Manu Bennett did a top notch job in Arrow but this Deathstroke is different, older, more seasoned maybe but has a lot more gravitas to him already and we have barely seen him!! But he goes full Deathstroke in this episode threatening Jason Todd’s life if he doesn’t get Rose back and having a badass fight with Dick and Kory. Talking of Kory, it’s so good to see her back with the Titans and kicking ass like only she can, Anna Diop is amazing and for shame all those people that had a go at her casting back before season 1, she brings the heart and soul to this show.

I’ll be honest I did think we might get the debut of Nightwing this episode but clearly they’re saving that, I know loads of spoilers and pictures are going around about Nightwing but so far I’ve done my best to avoid them, I want to enjoy that moment and truly geek out when I see one of my favourite characters brought to life!

I genuinely wonder where the end of this episode goes, cos I’ll be honest at this point it could go a number of ways but seeing the title of the next episode ‘Conner’ I have my theories, but i guess I’ll have to wait a week to find out!

There’s more episodes this season than last so we’re not quite halfway through yet so still so much to come! We live in a time where there is so much quality DC tv content but I think this show out of them all is my favourite and just gets better and better!

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