Supergirl – S5 Ep1 – Event Horizon Review

Season Five kicks off with a bang! Long lost siblings, friendships strained, and a new boss bring new challenges for our heroes in this exciting season opener!

Following the revelation that Kara is in fact Supergirl, Lena Luthor (Katie McGrath) has grown cold and wants to inflict the same pain that she feels on Kara. She is deeply hurt by Kara’s deception. Lena takes out her aggression in a new virtual reality simulator in which she confronts Kara and punches her. Her new A, Hope, offers to help Lena kill the Girl of Steel, but Lena refuses saying that she is not a villain.

Kara, J’onn, Kelly and Alex meet up for a brief breakfast before heading off to work. They all are excited that Kara will receive a Pulitzer for her work on exposing the President and Lex Luthor. Kara begins to notice that everyone around them seems to be more into their devices than real life. She worries that people aren’t paying attention to the serious issues. The new craze appears to be contact lenses that allow the wearer to enter into a virtual reality and escape their troubles. Kelly reveals that this new tech is the latest invention from Obsidian North, where she will serve in their medical department. After Kelly and J’onn leave, Alex asks Kara if she has told Lena her secret yet. Kara makes excuses as to why she hasn’t yet, but Alex assures her that telling her is the best thing to do. The pair run into Nia and Brainy (who have been dating for a month) who just as awkward and wonderful as ever.

Nia and Kara join James at CatCo and they discover that Obsidian North’s Andrea Rojas (Julie Gonzalo) has purchased the company. Rojas is quick to lay down her new rules and plan for the magazine: It’s all about clicks. The magazine needs to change from the dull content it currently produces and step into the future. Rojas tells them that if they do not wish to conform to the new way, that they are welcome to leave.

Kara immediately visits Lena to inform her about Rojas. Luthor is surprised that Rojas revealed this news ahead of schedule. She assures Kara that everything will be fine as Rojas is an old friend. The two then talk about secrets which prompts Kara to start to tell Lena about her Supergirl secret, but she is once again called away. A kid at the Superman & Supergirl Museum causes havoc trying to steal Superman’s pod. When the tour guide (guest star Kate Micucci) tries to stop her, she turns into a T-Rex and attacks her. Kara and J’onn rush in and try to stop it, but J’onn is psychically attack almost rendering him paralyzed.

Back at the DEO, Brainy informs the team that it appears that the alien creature might be attempting to use Superman’s pod as a bomb.

Meanwhile, the child opens a portal with the Phantom Zone projector, the actual stolen object, and a woman appears (Jennifer Cheon Garcia). The woman, revealed to be Midnight, later attacks Team Supergirl with the intent on eliminating J’onn. They are able to stop her and she retreats. Kara’s cape is damaged in the attack prompting Brainy to begin repairs to her suit. J’onn reveals that he was the one who locked her up and sent her to the Phantom Zone. Midnight served with the White Martians during their quest to eliminate the Green Martians. Kara assures the team that they will stop this new threat together.

Meanwhile, Kelly checks in with her brother about the recent troubles at CatCo. She sympathizes with him and is on his side, but also must support her new boss. James understands, but tells her that he is uneasy about the new arrangement. She encourages him to do what he feels is right.

At CatCo, Kara is introduced to London writer, William Dey (Staz Nair), another new addition to the magazine. Dey has been brought in to help steer the magazine in the new clickbait direction. Kara is disheartened to hear this as she believed Dey to be similar to her in terms of printing the truth. Frustrated, Kara stands up to Rojas and demands that her voice not be silenced. Rojas seems pleased and assures her that she will not do so.

At the Pulitzer Prize event, Brainy gives Kara a small device which he excitedly reveals is her new suit. After he leaves, Kara runs into Lena, who surprised her with the news that she is presenting her with the award. Feeling guilty, Kara finally confesses to Lena that she is in fact Supergirl. With tears streaming down her face, she apologizes for keeping it from her. She only wanted to keep her safe. Lena doesn’t respond.

Following this emotional moment, Lena proceeds to introduce Kara with great words on the former’s commendable pursuit of the truth. However, Midnight crashes the party and Team Supergirl engage her in another duel. Kara’s new suit materializes and now has pants, much to her delight. In the fight, Mdnigh opens up a black hole which the team are able to close just in the nick of time to save J’onn. Alex then uses the projector to neutralize her which sends her back to the Phantom Zone. During the madness, the small child watches and smiles.

Following the attack, James decides to quit CatCo believing that he must follow his own heart. Meanwhile, Brainy and Nia finally share a kiss after Brainy tells her his fears of treating her the way he did when he was rebooted.

J’onn returns home, but is met with a surprise visitor: the young child, who reveals himself to be J’onn’s brother. He threatens him saying that he will suffer as he has suffered. The two psychically clash leaving J’onn injured.

Supergirl visits Lena,who seems to be understanding and trusting of her. However, once she leaves, the AI asks why she didn’t send the file to Rojas, which would have exposed Kara’s secret to the world. Lena tells it that Luthors are like scorpions, they sting when you least expect it.

Elsewhere, Eve Teschmacher is attacked by an unknown assailant!

The Girl of Steel is back!! This was a fantastic season premiere in my humble opinion. It was great catching up with the characters and meeting the newest additions. Speaking of which, Julie Gonzalo’s performance as Andrea Rojas was definitely a highlight of the episode for me. She does a great job of playing a tough business woman with a hidden agenda. However, the best scene of the episode was hands down was Kara telling Lena her secret. Melissa Benoist and Katie McGrath were nothing but superb.I felt the pain and the emotional toll the two were feeling. Also, the action was great as usual. Midnight was an interesting villain of the week in terms of her power set and connection to J’onn. Hopefully, this is not the last we see of her. I also am really intrigued by J’onn’s brother and how this will affect him going forward. All in all, this was a great start to what is sure to be another incredible season of Supergirl!

Come back next week for another recap and review of Supergirl here at Earth-9!



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