Earth-9 Podcast – Ep46 – Titans Go!

The whole team is together to chat Titans, Supergirl, Superman & Lois and the future of all things DCTV, also Mike has nicely surprised us with a new quiz that you can play along with at home! So what are you waiting for have a listen now!!

Earth-9 Podcast – Ep31 – Dark Multiverse

This week is another Jim and Mike comic focused episode, we discuss our newest purchases Jim’s being the first part of his Doom Patrol puzzle. Then we take a nice deep dive in the the Tales of the Dark Multiverse and the first 5 issues – Batman: Knightfall, The Death of Superman, Blackest Night, Infinite Crisis and Judas Contract!


Titans – S2 Ep13 – Nightwing Review

First off let me get this out of the way NIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHTTTTTTWIIIIIIIIIIINNGGGGGGGG GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Ok needless to say I was slightly excited for this episode and it did not disappoint! The opening ten minutes of the show was everything I’ve ever wanted in a live action TV show, Dick Grayson fighting Deathstroke in that suit gave me chills, I could watch an hour of it!

But there was more to this episode than just that, this episode was about the team as a whole, not the individual parts but what they can do together and what the will do for each other, how well they work when they’re all on the same page and they needed to be in the finale.

Gar and Conner are being controlled by Mercy Graves and Cadmus, Mercy is trying to sell off Conner as a super soldier programmed to do whatever she wants and using Gar as a threat to show off Conner’s skills to the highest bidder, but the problem with that is we have a newly reformed Titans with a very strong leader and they’ll stop at nothing to get their friends back!

While all these great moments are going on really solidifying the team, the unthinkable happens and we lose a member of the team, now I’ll be honest this moment felt a little bit out of nowhere but not in a shocking way, more in a ‘huh so that just happened’ way which felt a bit odd but it did add to the rest of the episode as this moment could’ve easily split the Titans again, but instead drew them together once again.

Lots happened in this Finale, it wasnt a massive big bad fight like a lot of shows tend to be in the last episode of the season, it was more a coming together story and I really enjoyed it, the team feels complete and ready for the next challenge.

We had a brief moment at the end pointing to the direction of the next season as it appears Blackfire is now on Earth looking for her sister!

I want more Titans and I want it now, this show is so good and so well done that I’m already hyped for Season 3, just a year to wait I guess……booooooo


Titans – S2 Ep12 – Faux-Hawk Review

We’re here, the penultimate episode of the season and we are so close to the debut of Nightwing! We get a hint at the suit but it stops before actually showing us, instead it was revealed in a unveiling event on social media, which if I’m honest is a little disappointing, I would’ve much rather seen the suit first time in the finale episode but with that being said the suit looks amazing!!! But that’s next week, what else is going on with the fractured team this week?

Well Hank is struggling, being on his own doesn’t fit him well and he’s cage fighting for money and once again has fallen off the wagon, which leads to no end of problems, he needs Dawn and he needs the Titans to keep him on the straight and narrow and keep him as his best self.

Meanwhile Rose reveals the true plan that her father had put in place to Jason, this is where we get pretty much the whole of Rose’s backstory and its awesome! But it doesn’t go down well with Jason, I’m intrigued to what they’re doing with Jason, obviously in the comics he gets killed by the Joker and returns later as Red Hood, you do get to see a lot of that attitude in the show but I wonder how far they’ll go with him?

Dawn and Donna are hot on the heels of Cadmus and very close to rescuing him, or is it too late as Cadmus operates phase one of their plan and where the hell is Conner in all this?

Then there’s Jericho, with the realisation that Jericho is alive we find out exactly how and its pretty amazing, Jericho used his powers and jumped into his fathers consciousness and is being held there by Slade so if Dick is going to save him its going to take a lot of ingenuity because what about his body? Can he even be separated from Slade again? And exactly how much Nightwing are we getting in the Finale??

This was a great episode, it does feel odd how we’re not necessarily building to a big bad showdown for the end of the season but more of a rescue mission, but I like that, it gives this season a different spin than the last.

It all ends next week and boy am I looking forward to it!