Titans – S2 Ep3 – Ghosts Review

So here we are with episode 3 of Titans, this episode feels more of a set up for the season as opposed to an all out action ep, not saying there isn’t action in it, there’s tons!!

The original Titans return to the tower and clearly things didn’t go well the last time there were all together, it would seem like Deathstroke handed the asses to them and Hank, Dawn and Donna don’t seem to be in a rush for it to happen again and the news of his daughter being in the tower has not gone down well at all!

Things aren’t all hunk dory with the rest of the team either, Rachel is clearly going through some stuff and calls on Kory to help, who has her own issues with the royal guard that’s come to take her back to Tamaran. Then there’s Jason, we’ve seem his hot temper in the past and it comes to the forefront again in this episode getting himself and Gar into a lot of trouble.

Can the team all come together to defeat the new team of Deathstroke and Dr Light and where exactly does Rose stand in all of this, is she really trying to kill her dad or is that just a red herring designed to break down the Titans from the inside? I guess time will tell!

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