Teen Titans Go Vs Teen Titans Review

Is it ok that a man in his mid 30’s thoroughly enjoyed an animated movie aimed at kids? I don’t even care … this movie was a whole heap of fun.

Bringing back Teen Titans and mixing them up with the Teen Titans Go probably shouldn’t have worked as well as it did. Their animation styles are both very different as are their attitudes but as the movie went on I found myself dreaming of seeing them all thrown together again. It’s also cast superbly with some great vocal talent from Khary Peyton, Tara Strong, Hynden Walch, Greg Cipes and Scott Menville as the Titans, Kevin Michael Richardson as Trigon and Rhys Darby, Grey Griffin, Sean Maher, Robert Morse and Weird Al Yankovic all giving superb performances no matter how big or small their role.

The story kicks off with the Titans Go fumbling around trying to stop The Gentleman Ghost from robbing a bank. After some back and forth, the greedy ghoul’s ability to transport into other people’s body’s has a huge impact on Raven. Her jewel is cracked, meaning her inner demon is about to be unleashed. Well it will be if Trigon has anything to do with it. He orchestrates events to have them kidnapped and taken to an arena hosted by The Master of Games where they are pitted against another version of themselves, the Teen Titans to see who is the best version of each Titan in the universe.

This movie is full of well placed, well timed comedy. As the two versions of the team are brought together in combat we see them impress each other with their skills, square up to each other or in the case of the Starfires, utterly adore each other. From thumb wars to outbeasting each other, this was probably the best part of the movie. Robin from Titans Go has to have the funniest reaction as he tries puffing out his chest to impress the other version and suffers from an ego bashing as the other members of the team bask in the glory of his counterpart. There are two musical numbers which will have you tapping your foot along and are used to show the two teams bonding and eventually agreeing to work together, even if they do themselves confess that the whirligig song is performed to add extra run time.

The team up of Titans fly through the multiverse using the whirligig and have encounters with several other versions of themselves. This was so much fun and would have any DC fan squealing with joy. Even more so when they all fight together to stop an evolved Hexagon from causing utter devastation.

This is a real family movie. The kind you watch on a Sunday afternoon with blankets and popcorn. The kind where you’d happily put it on again right after it’s finished. We need a sequel!

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