Arrow – S6 Ep3 – Next of Kin Review

Oliver didn’t hang around. The intro to Arrow has changed and presents Diggle as The Green Arrow. Diggle seems to be doing pretty good to start with, although even the rest of the team are struggling to get used to Oliver’s absence and having Diggle as their leader. They worry that people will start to notice that The Green Arrow isn’t actually using arrows anymore and it hasn’t escaped the attention of Agent Watson who is still lingering around.
Oliver is putting all this extra free time to good use by doing things like making William breakfast and taking lunch round to Felicity. It’s quite funny really because while he’s never confirmed to William that he is The Green Arrow, he’s never once denied it either. Oliver just brushes over each comment William makes with an awkward raised eyebrow and a quick change of subject. He tries to help William who is stressing out over a Maths test and in the end asks Felicity to tutor him. Seriously, does this woman sleep?
There’s a new villain in town, Onyx, who is leading a group of people on a gas heist in the name of revenge. Diggle goes to pieces on their first encounter with her leaving Rene to take charge and results in an explosion. They give him a hard time when they get back to the Arrow cave and it’s clear that they are all worried about the future of the team. Rene goes running to Daddy (Oliver) to tell him that Diggle isn’t up to scratch, and is going to end up putting everyone in danger. He pleads for Oliver to come back. Oliver does show up, but only to give Diggle a boost of confidence. Diggle confides in him that he just isn’t sure he’s capable of making heat of the moment, tough decisions like his predecessor did. Oliver does tell Diggle he’s worried he’s expected to much from him, mostly because he too has a family. He tells Diggle that he’s always been a driving force behind the team, who has lead them to be in the position they are now. The pep talk appears to have worked as when the team find Onyx for the second time, Diggle takes complete control and handles the situation in a way Oliver would be proud of. The team actually work very well together and I found myself beginning to wonder if we even need Oliver anymore (of course we do). Oliver has spent his week opposing an anti vigilante order. He decides to call a referendum so that the Star City public can have their say on the matter.
They celebrate afterwards and Curtis and Felicity show off their new creation – a cross bow which shoots arrows. It’s beautiful. Probably the most beautiful weapon I’ve ever seen. Diggle has a go and it looks like his aim is back! 
William gets an A in his test and as a reward for her help, Felicity is given a key to Oliver’s apartment. That’s right guys … Olicity is back on (again). The episode ends with Diggle meeting a dodgy guy to collect a case. Diggle has been injecting himself with something that stops his arm from shaking, explaining his very quick recovery. How long until Oliver finds out? Or more to the point, what’s going to go wrong – causing Oliver to find out!!!

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