Arrow – S6 Ep4 – Reversal Review

Let’s just start by saying how great this episode was! The team realise Evil Laurel is back in town and is working her way through killing a list of people in order to get their finger prints. On paper it looks like these people are boring, average Joes but after delving deeper, Curtis realises that these people all have intrinsic connections to domains on the internet.
Felicity arrives home to prepare for the second part of a date with Oliver to find Alena waiting for her. Incase you’ve forgotten, Alena lured Felicity into the hacker squad, Helix last season. It turns out that Felicity’s rebellion in freeing Cayden James from ARGUS was the wrong decision afterall, and Alena needs her help before Cayden plays out his plan to destroy the world. This episode really focused on Felicity and we really got a reminder of why she has made herself invaluable to the team. Along with Alena, she manages to get to the old Helix office and they start to try hacking into Cayden’s system. Laurel shows up and blasts them with her scream, which seems to have got a lot stronger!!! Cayden walks in, and we realise why Laurel is back and who she’s working with.
Michael Emerson is playing the role of Cayden James. Now I know he’s played different roles, but I will always associate Michael with playing Ben Linus on Lost. He was creepy, unpredictable and infuriating then and looks to be just the same on Arrow. I’m so excited to see what he gives us. Anyway, luckily Curtis is on top form this week and finds a way to track Laurel following her sonic cries. The rest of the team show up just in time to save Felicity, but Alena gets hurt in the crossfire and ends up in hospital.
The story is practically set up for the season in this episode. Cayden is on a mission to destroy the internet, or probably more believably use the internet to cause havoc around the world. I will admit that I was a bit sceptical about the writers bringing back Laurel after we all dealt with the heartbreak of loosing her in the first place, but I am loving ‘Evil Laurel’. Katie Cassidy is giving us a great performance so far, she’s making a great villain! I’m very happy that Cayden showed up on Lian Yu to save Laurel! I always love watching Laurel and Dinah fight scenes but there was some great scenes between Laurel and Diggle in this episode – especially when her sonic cry broke one of his arrows.
The team celebrate appearing to have stopped Cayden and Laurel for now, although what they have done is just play straight into their hands! Rene is ecstatic that his fantasy football team is safe for now. Reversal really was a very apt name for the episode. We saw Oliver really play a role reversal in supporting Felicity throughout, even involving him temporarily playing Overwatch.
A visit to check on Alena in hospital pays off for Felicity as she’s given the idea of trying to mass produce the chip that helped her walk again after loosing the use of her legs. She also decides on the name of her new business with Curtis …. Helix Dynamics. As the episode draws to a close Oliver gets a phone call from Slade who needs his help!!!

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