Arrow – S6 Ep2 – Tribute Review

Let’s just cut to the chase! Holy crap … BATMAN EXISTS IN THE ARROWVERSE!!!! As Oliver arrives to work the morning after his photo was shown on the news wearing his Green Arrow costume, he is met by reporters who are expecting an explanation. He cockily walks in asking ‘anything interesting on the news last night?’ Of course, he completely denies being the Green Arrow claiming that the photo had been doctored. And then here comes a sentence that is slipped in, almost like a throwaway comment, which blows us all away … ‘they could have put Bruce Wayne’s head on that body’. This is crazy exciting and brings so many possibilities to not only Arrow, but the other DC tv shows too! Now they’ve teased us with this, they need to make it happen!!! And soon! Also on a side note @lastsonJim has a very good theory on how this is going to play out …. ask him!!!

Anyway …. Oliver is met in his office by Special Agent Watson who announces that an investigation has started into him to see if the rumours are true. The rest of the team are trying to do some damage limitation in trying to find out where the photo came from. Sometimes I worry that Curtis will end up making Felicity redundant, but we absolutely need him in this show. He has so many one liners that add comedic moments to quite a dark programme. This week he reveals to Felicity that he has a secret job as how else is he going to make any money? I was chuckling to myself as they bickered over keeping secrets and wondering how Diggle even has any money, until they remember he’s married to the leader of ARGUS.

Anatoly is back in Star City and Oliver’s meeting about a new investment is interrupted by the Markovians who take his new business partners hostage. Anatoly has come into hassle at Bratva for showing weakness in helping Oliver. He wants $20,000 from Star City.

Dinah continues to press Diggle for what’s wrong with him. Her persistence works in the end as he reveals he has degenerative nerve damage after catching shrapnel from the explosion on Lian Yu. He asks her not to say anything to Oliver. His injuries cause a problem later though as he fails to save Dinah during a fight.

Oliver is having more dramas with William. He gets beaten up at school for being the son of The Green Arrow. Oliver offers to teach him some moves but William is more concerned that his Father is going to die too, leaving him an orphan. They start to bond further over both knowing what it feels like to lose the people close to them. Can we just take a moment to appreciate William’s Flash backpack! I kinda feel like I need one for work.

As the episode comes to an end, Oliver’s name is cleared as evidence is sent to the press to show that the photo was digitally enhanced. Phew! Felicity solves Curtis’ money issues by asking him to go into business with her. Oliver calls Diggle to the Arrow cave and before Diggle gets a chance to tell Oliver about his problems, Oliver asks him to be the new Green Arrow so he can hang his hood up to fulfil his promise to William that he will never leave him. Awkward!!!!!

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