Titans – S2 Ep8 – Jericho Review

Never show people what you can do

First off I need to say Chella Mann is incredible as Jericho, such a great episode and most of it down to him and Esau Morales as Deathstroke.

The thing I love the most about this show is the character development, up until now we had only seen a glimpse of Jericho but this episode gave you his whole background but none of it felt rushed or crammed in, it was wonderfully paced cutting from OG Titans timeline then back further to Jericho’s life growing up with Slade Wilson as a father and everything they did really made you care about the character and how important he is to the other characters and in deed to the show as a whole.

In this episode we learn more about Slade Wilson not just as a hire Assassin but as a father and husband, we also get a bit more of his origin story, this is a very different live action version of Deathstroke than we’ve seen in Arrow, this version is far more rounded in my opinion and we’ve only really had a few episodes to get to know him. Titans Deathstroke feels like he’s been pulled straight from the pages of the comics and for me that’s a great thing!

This has been a incredible season of Titans and this episode has been my favourite so far, this show goes from strength to strength and i can’t wait for episode 9!!

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