Krypton – S2 Ep7 – Zods and Monsters Review

I think this was my favourite episode so far.

We got some Kryptonian history as we travel back 1000 cycles to a time where the Els and Zods are working together to protect and preserve Krypton. Zod’s new pal – the beast from the outlands – memories show how as a mere human, his advanced genetic make up resulted in him being tested on and ending up taking on the extreme form we see him in now. I think that was 455 rounds of tests at my last count. I like that the show did this for the viewers. Some context behind the monster is great, not just for us, but for Dru Zod too as he eventually figures out it’s trigger.

Kem leads a new mission and Adam’s nose is put a little out of joint as he doesn’t understand why Val wouldn’t have chosen him as leader. Adam makes things quite difficult for Kem until he realises that he really was the man for the job. Who knew the barman would be such a great freedom fighter!

The most exciting part of this episode happens when Nyssa helps Seg get back to the fortress of solitude in the hope that they can eradicate Brainiac from his mind. With the holographic version of Val, their mission is a success and as Seg holds his son for the first time as his own true self a huge moment in Kryptonian history takes place. Kor-Vex is renamed Jor-El with an echo of some very familiar music playing out in celebration. There’s an extra little moment of excitement from Seg too.

Brainiac isn’t named Brainiac for no reason. He ain’t stupid!!! While Seg and co celebrate they quickly learn that they’ve fallen into a trap, worse than if Seg had just done what Brainiac had asked!

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