IZombie – S5 Ep12 – Bye, Zombies Review

Radical humans want zombies dead, radical zombies want humans dead.

One of Liv’s first lines in this weeks Ep and this was very much the feeling of this whole episode. With the zombie cure being held hostage as it were by the CDC, Liv and Ravi decide they’re going to go all Oceans 11 and leave Seattle and steal the cure back but not without her and Ravi scarfing down some specific brains to help them with their heist!

We have some really nice moments with Liv, Ravi and Clive, who is clearly worried about them returning from the mission. Then between Liv and Major, could we see them getting back together for the end of the series? I hope so!

Things seem to be going well, Clive joins the Oceans team and they are amazing together undercover super funny and we get to see Clive cut loose on the dance floor! But back in Seattle things are going from bad to worse, the Dead Enders get their ‘support’ from General Mills and Enzo Lambert is getting more and more support from the zombies so things are turning into all out war!! Then we have Blaine and the Freylich kids who Peyton is looking after……..things arent great!

One episode left and I genuinely don’t know whats going to happen, will Liv, Ravi and Clive get back with the cure in time to save the city? Or Will there even be a city left to save??

Last ever episode next!!!!

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