Arrow – S7 Ep19 – Spartan Review

An episode which focuses on John Diggle and guest features Ernie Hudson. What more could you want?!

The search is still on for Emiko which leads Oliver and Diggle to meet with The General of ARGUS for some help. General STEWART just happens to be John’s stepfather and there’s quite a lot of animosity between them. And yes …. John Diggle, who we are all pretty certain becomes a Green Lantern at some point, has a stepfather called General Stewart! Eeeeek! More fuel to the John Diggle Stewart fire.

Who doesn’t love John Diggle, right? For seven years he’s been at Oliver’s side (sometimes from a distance) and after all this time it was fabulous to have an episode mostly revolving around him again. Throughout the years we’ve been drip fed more and more about him and this week’s episode kind of tells the story of Diggle’s past, present and future. General Stewart worked with John’s real father in the army and John blames him for his death after a mission went wrong. We learn that he and his brother had a tough upbringing after The General made a move on their mother and basically ran their home like a military operation.

The General gives the team the ARGUS assistance they need to locate Emiko and Dante after The Ninth Circle steal Felicity’s archer programme. I’m sure for many, just like me, Ernie Hudson is a legend. Having him in this episode was brilliant as he just has such presence on screen. Diggle manages to do some bonding with The General whilst being tortured by Dante and some home truths from Oliver causes Diggle to cut him a break. The relationship between Diggle and The General was completely believable and added some valuable depth to the character. Diggle’s legacy is featured in 2040 too as Connor is sent to find something Felicity needs. There’s lots of talk about John Jr and we discover that the two brothers, who were once best pals, have had a huge falling out due to different views. Future Diggle needs to come out of hiding now. We have theories we need answered and we need to meet John Jr.

In other Star City news, Oliver finally manages to pass on the message to Emiko that Dante was responsible for her mother’s death. They might be enemies but she clearly trusts him which has dire consequences for Dante. Felicity ends up feeling guilty after realising just how powerful archer can be in the wrong hands and after deciding to destruct it once it’s used by The Ninth Circle, Alena suggests the build a bigger, better version. We all know how that works out!!! Also, I don’t trust Alena. With Felicity talking about wanting more than just being Overwatch you can see the tracks being laid for Emily Bett’s exit at the end of the season.

Three episodes left and whilst I can’t wait to see how the present and the future patch together, I just don’t want this season to end. We still have the present day arrival of Roy to look forward to next week as well. It’s a shame to loose Adrian Paul who has done a great job with Dante but his execution adds to the build up of Emiko being the big bad this season. She’s gone power mad and doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to calm things down.

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