Legends of Tomorrow – S4 Ep12 – The Eggplant, The Witch and The Wardrobe Review

Present day Washington DC and Sara is still trying to make amends with Ava. However Ava is missing and the apartment has been ransacked. The team soon learn with Nora’s assistance that Neron is trying to take over Ava’s body and has sent Ava’s soul to pergatory. Ava’s version of pergatory is a swedish megastore with one way in and one way out. Except the way out will mean certain death for Ava. Ava’s physical form is taken to the Waverider and Sara is determined to enter pergatory and save her.

Constantine puts her under a spell and Sara is up to her eyes in the maze of the megastore and arrives just in time to stop Ava from checking out. Constantine, Nora and Charlie aim to raise some hell and go in search of Neron.

Meanwhile Ray and Nate are going through Hank’s papers and are trying to destroy any evidence of the park when Nate gets a phone call from the building site. Immediately they go to investigate and Nate tells them to down tools. Nate is hurt but it is clear that Hank was trying to do something really special and unique for Nate.

Back at the store Ava and Sara have to find the entrance but to do so they have to complete some puzzles. The first resembles flat pack hell. They have to put the wardrobe together in order to access a portal whch they eventually manage. The doors only open when Ava accepts that life doesn’t have to be perfect. Doors open and in true Narnian fashion (minus the coats) they leave the wardrobe section of the store. Cue the next challenge – picking out a matress which in Ava’s mind is linked to their future.

Constantine, Nora and Charlie find Neron and through some clever shape shifting and spells have Neron contained at the Time Bureau. Constantine wants to send Neron straight to hell but Nora wants to control the darkness and find another way. Nate discovers that Neron has been caught and confronts him. Neron’s darkness and ability to manipulate almost gets Nate to free him from his magical cell. He is stopped in the nick of time by Ray. The team leave the cell and ponder what to do with this dangerous demon. Back on the Waverider Zari is contemplating asking Nate on a date but Nate following a change in heart is too busy trying to stop the site from being shut down.

Sara and Ava are really going to the mattresses and it becomes clear that the different mattresses represent Ava’s worries about their future. Suddenly Ava realises that no one needs anyone but Ava want’s Sara. They pass this test and are diverted to the kitchen section to deal with dishes and bills. They argue and Ava vanishes. Sara is running out of time as the store is going to close, The store staff keep mentioning that they need to get out before Tabitha arrrives.

At the Time Bureau Neron is using his magical connection to Nora to persuade Nora to work with him. Nora goes to the cell and it looks like all hope is lost as Nora attacks Constantine and agrees to become Neron’s new vessel. Neron leaves Desmond’s body and is about to take over Nora when Nora and Constantine quickly turn and cast a spell to defeat Neron for good. They are about to succeed when Ray intervenes and Neron appears to be gone. Nora is hurt in the exchange.

Sara is in search of Ava and is faced with many Ava’s to choose from and when she doesn’t choose them Sara is reunited with Ava and they both escape pergatory and awake on the Waverider. Nate hasn’t read the text much to Zari’s relief. Des has been released from the demon’s hold and sad to say is angry with Constantine for sending him to hell. Ray as ever is by Nora’s side waiting for her to wake. Ray leaves and suddenly darkness desends with the realisation that in the chaos Ray has become Neron’s latest vessel. Poor Ray. All the atoms in the world won’t save Ray from his demon. The team are in terrible danger as Neron has infiltrated their ranks and they have no idea.

This season is certainly hotting up. Ava’s version of pergatory is the store you cannot escape which is understandable. However whatever form your demons take it does show that life isn’t always beautiful. Sometimes this beauty is in putting together a wardrobe, sharing bills and doing dishes. Constantine frees Des from Neron’s grasp only to lose him for a second time. Constantine wanted Des back so badly but I wonder whether losing him for a second time in order to free him was what he had in mind? Thanks goodness that the team’s faith in Nora wasn’t misplaced. Nora needs to wake from her magical slumber as she is the only one who will be able to sense Neron’s presence. What about Ray? Can they save him? How will they save him? Who is Tabitha? Lots of soul searching ahead but lets just hope that they can save Ray (and themselves) in time!

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