Arrow – S6 Ep1 – Fallout Review

And at long last we’re back! It seems like forever since that bomb went off on Lian Yu leaving us worried about the fate of Oliver’s nearest and dearest.

It’s now five months later and we see Oliver, Diggle, Rene and Curtis trying to stop some guy from setting off a missile. This chap is working with Laurel, and his time in custody after firing the missile, is cut short as she saves him and they set bombs off at Star City’s police station. William is living with Oliver but their relationship is strained. Raisa, the Nanny, reveals that William is having nightmares about ‘the bad man’. When Oliver probes William about this he finds himself nicknamed the bad man!

Now, we were told that season 5 would be the end of the flashbacks … we have flashbacks this episode! I’m assuming this is purely to show us what happened when the bombs exploded, as I for one was embracing life with no more flashbacks. Aside from my dislike of them, I actually felt the flashbacks were really confusing in this episode and at times hard to follow. It made the episode very jumpy! Anyway, in them we see that just before the bombs went off Thea and Samantha ran towards them. Oliver makes his way through the island looking for them and stumbles across Slade who takes him to Thea. Thea is unconscious but Oliver’s attention turns to Samantha who walks through the trees, and dies in his arms after making him promise to look after William. Flashbacks also show that Quentin shot Laurel and left her for dead in order to save Dinah. This is still playing on his conscience as he struggles with separating Laurel and the real Laurel.

Back to the present day and Dinah finds footage that shows Laurel breaking into the police station. This starts a bitch hunt as Team Arrow hunt her down. Their first attempt doesn’t go well and results in Rene landing himself in hospital. Diggle gets slated by Dinah for having a bad aim which leads him to become quite defensive but also obviously quite guilty for not protecting Rene. Things don’t seem right with him, and he offers to stay behind at their base while the others follow their intuition and head out to find Laurel again. Laurel is one step ahead though and shows up at Arrow HQ and catches Diggle off guard. The others show up and all is ok in the end apart from Curtis realising that Laurel has run off with one of t-spheres. Dinah is on Diggle’s case again when she realises that he didn’t shoot one bullet from his gun when they were being attacked. Something is obviously not right with him, and by the looks of it he is covering something big up.

The episode ties up with one more flashback showing Laurel being saved by a mystery man on the island, Oliver making some progress with William in arranging to watch the game together and Rene being given another hearing to get custody of his daughter. Oliver visits Thea in hospital and we can all breathe a sigh of relief as she’s not dead, just in a coma.
Right at the end Felicity phones Oliver, urging him to put the news on. Someone has released photos of Oliver unmasked in the Green Arrow costume!!! Shit! His secret is out ….

It’s great to have Arrow back! Although at times this episode was a little hard to follow, events that unfolded have changed the future of the show. Things will be very different for Oliver now due to being a full time father, and as warned by Slade at the end of the episode, there will come a time where he will need to chose between saving the city or being a father. Olicity seems pretty much back on, but still at the early stages and there’s clearly going to be a big reveal regarding Diggle at some point. I also liked having Laurel back actually, and I absolutely love watching her and Dinah fight. Quentin needs to start to man up a bit and Thea needs to wake up and be brought back into the forefront of the show.

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