Growing Shadows – The Poison Ivy Fan Film Review

The beauty of the DC Universe is the richness of its characters and the inspiration they give to us all, recently I got to chat to a couple of like minded DC fans Aislinn De’Ath and Robert Dukes who, along with other super talented individuals, took their love of the characters and put the time into making this amazing short film, you can tell there’s passion in this project, you can see by how the entire film is treated from its lighting and cinematography down to the nuances of the characters, I love things like this, its super inspiring and so very enjoyable and I just wanted to share it with other like minded people that I know will love it too.

Directed by: Sophie Black
Written by: Aislinn De’Ath
Cast: Aislinn De’Ath – Poison Ivy
Robert Dukes – Bruce Wayne
Clair Gleave – Dr Quinzel
Cinematography: Will Price

Find out more about the amazing cast and crew at the films IMDB page

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