Krypton – S2 Ep10 – The Alpha and the Omega Review

After last week’s excellence of an episode things pick up pretty much straight after where we left off. With some quality moments, the season finale gave us a satisfying end to what has panned out to be an incredible season. We expected a face off between Seg and his son, Dru Zod. Throughout the episode Zod’s empire slowly comes crashing down around him and his final few supporters soon realign their allegiance to Seg and Lyta after she makes her first public appearance since the people of Kandor watched her die.
The fight between Seg and Zod was a great pay off, and with Cameron Cuffe raising our excitement levels after announcing he pays tribute to Christopher Reeve in this episode, we were not left disappointed. After ripping off his shirt to reveal a very familiar logo, Seg utters the words “General, would you care to step outside?” Being goaded by Zod and told he will never compare to the man of steal, Seg comes through and proves himself to be a hero in his own right. Cameron Cuffe … I salute you. What an amazing leading man. This guy and this entire show deserves a whole lot more credit and recognition than it currently receives. I liked how Seg and Lyta end up using Zod’s handy work against him, but it will be interesting to see how long it lasts for.
Adam shares a personal moment with Val and its a lovely insight into a great character. He never felt part of his family at home and tells Val that he feels like his found the place he belongs. His bravery, dedication and loyalty is rewarded by being given leg braces and a jet pack. Only the laughter of watching him trying to fly whilst drunk breaks the squeals of excitement to see Shaun Sipos in Adam Strange’s costume from the comics. A very nice touch! Our Kryptonian crusaders pay a heartfelt tribute to Kem, who will be remembered as Seg-El’s brother and a part of House El forever. They all toast to his bravery and the episode benefitted from this whole scene where Kem’s sacrifice is honoured. Kem – you will be missed! I must also praise Ann Ogbomo as Jayna during the battle scenes of this episode – damn, she showed some skills!
Now with all that going on it’s difficult to pick a highlight and predictable as it may be, I can’t help but chose Lobo’s return as my favourite part. Spotted by Seg whilst pissing against a wall (and then having his penis complimented), Lobo is only in this episode for a matter of minutes but manages to steal the whole episode. He makes Seg promise to help him find Brainiac (the green gooch as he’s now affectionately known) and with it all bring down to how Emmett Scanlan portrays him, I just can’t stop laughing even when he’s bring violently threatening.
The final scene shows Brainiac heading to Earth, telling baby Jor-El how he will be a God there. Shits about to go down in season 3……….or it would’ve done had it not been cancelled!!!!!

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