Krypton – S2 Ep9 – Blood Moon Review

This was one hell of an episode!!! A true artistic triumph.
Dru Zod addresses his people and confirms his plan to take over the cosmos. First stop – Wegthor. Seg and Nyssa arrive join Val and the others just in time to help – and boy do they need all the help they can get. When Doomsday steps off the ship upon his arrival on Wegthor he instantly exuberates an impending doom. This battle was visually stunning. A proper battle of Game of Thrones proportions. Doomsday was truly portrayed as an unbeatable force who takes no prisoners and quite literally tramples on anything in his way. The main cast all have a moment of glory – even Adam whose first thought is to run like they’ve stolen something!
Asides from huge threats, this episode was full of emotion. Seg is reunited with Adam and Kem and their group hug had me smiling from ear to ear. In recovery, Lyta makes the time to apologise to her mother and Dev. I think they’re just so happy to see her again they manage to put the past in the past. Nyssa shows her more vulnerable side during a confession to Seg and also completely steps up to the mark, showing so much bravery and strength.
The stand out person for me this week though is undoubtedly, Kem. This guy makes the ultimate sacrifice, knowing how important Seg is to the future of Krypton. In a scene which rips your heart in two he manages to save the day.
This episode once again proves how mightily it stands against the other DC tv shows. I cannot wait for the season finale!!!

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