IZombie – S5 Ep9 – The Fresh Princess Review

Ok so, this weeks episode started kinda pedestrian, your standard death of a pageant winner who’s been in a coma for 20 years so Liv gets to go all 90’s, use terrible 90s slang and constantly talk like shes giving a winning speech, but underneath there’s so much more going on….

Lots of things come to light in this episode, the Dead Enders ultimate plan, who Beanpole Bob is, the chance that the cure might still be possible without young girls brains, but also lots of questions are asked like if it comes down to it who’s side is Liv on? What will happen to Seattle if the generals daughter isn’t found and ultimately is it possible for humans and zombies to truly live side by side.

This episode was a real ensemble, not focusing on any one character but also showing how great the group is as a whole and how much they’re there for each other, Peyton and Ravi havent had a lot of screen time together this series so it was nice to see them go all Scooby Doo trying to track down the tainted Utopium, Liv and Majors relationship has truly evolved into something more than what its been before, both doing everything they can to help each other not through some kind of duty they feel they have to each other but because they genuinely care for each other, we’re very close to the end of their story and its great to see everyone at their best, I’m gonna miss this bunch of people.

4 eps remain, am I a fool to hope for a happy ever after? i guess we’ll find out really soon!

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