Legends of Tomorrow – S4 Ep14 – Nip/Stuck Review

I normally don’t give my view on the episode until the end of my review but bloody hell this was an amazing episode. Neron has taken Constantine to the Ice Age.We soon learn that this is a lure to trap the Legends so they cannot intervene or prevent Neron from using Constantine to open up a portal to bring back Tabitha. It isn’t long before the Team are buried by an avalanche after Mick fires on Neron and Constantine who quickly disappear. This causes a division within the team as they face certain death if they cannot escape their snowy prison.

Meanwhile back at the Time Bureau, Gary has reappeared and is in Ava’s office. Following their conversation Ava starts to act oddly by enlisting Gary to undertake performance reviews on all the agents. It isn’t long before the agents are under Gary’s spell. It is up to Mona and Nora to try to find out what is happening as surely Gary Green cannot be all the man you need.

In order to force Constantine’s compliance Neron has taken Constantine to a Celtic Village 55 B.C.E for Constantine to see an ancestor unfairly send a magical creature to hell. Neron believes that Constantine’s fear and will to save everyone will force him to use his powers to stabilise a portal which Neron can use to bring back Tabitha. Constantine tries in vein to reason with his relative but to no avail and it isn’t long before Constantine is also facing the same fate. Constantine tells Neron he will not be submitting to his will as he is not afraid of going to hell. In reality though Constantine is terrified of watching those he cares for be tortured.This is his true fear and in doing so we see that although his soul may be damned his heart and caring attitude may be the things that will be his salvation.

The rest of the legends finally make their peace and are playing Ray’s card game. The heat from the ship has actually melted the ice and they are able to escape their would be snowy fate and go in search of Constantine. Back at the Time Bureau Mona’s performance appraisal is due and Mona knows she will need wolfie in order to protect her from Gary. Gary goes through the review and it turns out that the nipple is warping Gary’s mind and is nipotising people in order for them to submit to Gary and Neron’s will. Wolfie comes to the rescue and helps to snap Ava and Nora out of their trance. They soon realise that Gary has betrayed them and is working with Neron.

At the Celtic Village, Constantine’s ancestor opens a portal to send them to hell. Just as they are about to be drawn in Constantine casts a spell to stabilise the vortex. The locals all run and Constantine and his ancestor fight and luckily for time Constantine wins. Neron’s understanding of Constantine’s character has paid dividends. However Constantine aims to end Neron once and for all as he believes Ray is gone following the deal that Ray made. Constantine is about to kill Neron when the team arrive. Constantine is relieved to see that they have made it and then decides to make the ultimate sacrifice for Ray. Constantine jumps into the portal and goes to hell in search of Ray’s soul. An unbelievable twist which leaves Neron to use the portal to bring back Tabitha who is Neron’s love interest and appears to be the evil fairy god mother that Constantine had sent to hell previously. Neron returns to the Time Bureau with Tabitha in time to see Gary being attacked by Wolfie. Tabitha stops Wolfie by returning Wolfie to her original form. Neron then leaves taking Gary and Mona with them. Nora promises to follow and look for Mona while Ava goes to brief the Legends.

So the team have temporarily lost their magical force in Constantine who promises he will see them at the end. How will the team defeat Neron now that he has Tabitha by his side? Is Gary really lost for good and will Mona be able to escape? How will Constantine find Ray’s soul and can the team get them both out of hell? This may be Constantine’s fate but it hurt my soul to see Constantine land in hell. They need to get him out and despite all of his protests Constantine has become in my view a Legend and sees them as friends. This is in-spite of Constantine’s insistence that he travels alone. The episode showed that they need to work as a team to survive and I hope that this team working will help them beat Neron. We have two episodes remaining and limited time to save the world and time. Lets hope they can do it without permanently losing team members.

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