Superman Red Son Review

Superman Red Son is an amazing Elseworlds story, these are stories that take place outside of the normal comic continuity so lots of different scenarios can be played out, where you can change just one thing and the entire DC Universe is turned on its head, in this instance its ‘What would happen if Superman landed in Russia instead of Smallville in 1946? The answer is a Superman controlled by Stalin with the interests of Mother Russia at his forefront and the US with Lex Luthor as their President married to Lois Lane, throw in Wonder Woman and Batman but not as you know them and you have an incredible animated movie!

I’m a big fan of the original comic it’s up there with Kingdom Come and Superman: The Dark Side as my favourite Elseworlds stories, so when I heard they were making it into an animated movie I was super excited, then when I heard the cast list I was intrigued even more so, Jason Isaacs as Superman, Amy Acker as Lois Lane and Diedrich Bader as Lex Luthor this is a departure from the norm for the DC animated movies and it makes perfect sense, this isn’t the main canon of animated movies, this is set outside of that in a completely different time and it’s awesome!

This movie, kind of like the adaptation of Batman: Hush, takes a detour from the original comic throwing in different story elements and removing other parts and I really like it for that, it means that for people like me that have read the comic a ton something new still, something interesting, so you genuinely don’t know where its going and likewise anyone who then goes to read the comic after seeing this get another experience.

I love the DC animated movies and this is another smash hit, well written, incredibly animated and this one in particular is very thought provoking!

In my eyes Sam Liu, Director of Red Son, Wonder Woman: Bloodlines, Death of Superman, Teen Titans: Judas Contract among many others, can do no wrong, he just gets it, he gets these characters and he gets the worlds they inhabit and I’m a big fan, more of the same please Sam, thank you!

The next animated movie has been announced as Justice League Dark: Apokolips War which will continue the current continuity and it looks awesome! Maybe after that that could do another Elseworlds story, animated Kingdom Come anyone?? Come on WB you know it makes sense 😀

Superman Red Son is out now (16th March) to own on Digital and Blu-ray/DVD pick up your copy here at Warner Bros Store UK