Earth-9 Podcast – Ep46 – Titans Go!

The whole team is together to chat Titans, Supergirl, Superman & Lois and the future of all things DCTV, also Mike has nicely surprised us with a new quiz that you can play along with at home! So what are you waiting for have a listen now!!

Batman: Death In The Family Review

Batman: Death in the Family is the first interactive animated movie from Warner Bros/DC and its really well done!! Batman Under The Red Hood is one of my favourite DC animated movies so I wasn’t really sure how this movie would work as technically we have already seen this story play out but that’s where the interactive part comes in and it’s really very clever!

So the movie starts of as Under The Red Hood does up until the point that Joker has Jason Todd captive, it is here where everything changes, if you want it to! You are given one of three choices as to whether to save Jason and indeed how to save him. This takes its inspiration directly from the original comic where the readers were asked whether or not they wanted Jason Todd to live or Die, in reality the reader chose die and comics where changed forever and we were ultimately gifted with Red Hood.

This is where this story differs, depending on what first choice you pick takes you down different branching paths where you have more choices to make, these lead in some very different directions some good, some bad, some very very bad most are quite brutal in one way or another! Once you’ve finished one branch it does give you the option to jump back to your orignal branch to make different choices, its done so well and all the animation and voice acting fits perfectly to the original.

I really enjoyed this cool way to tell a story we already knew, its interesting given you the choice of where the story goes and what that means for all the characters involved and it would be great to see them do it with other stories in this series. Picking and choosing what Justice League member takes on Doomsday in Death of Superman or how Barry changes the timeline in Flashpoint would be amazing!! Overall great concept and fantastic execution, I’m a fan!

Batman: Death in the Family is available on Digital Download now, and Blu-Ray™ & DVD on October 26th Order it here at the WB Store

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