Soap and Glory Wonder Woman Ka-Pout Lip Plumping Glosses Review

The soap and glory Ka-Pout set comes with four spectaculips mini lip plumping glosses in a Wonder Woman logo keepsake tin. The glosses are all neutral colours ( nude, bare,  candy which is a sand colour and plum )which means that they would suit most skin tones but I found that they all looked almost the same once applied. When the lip gloss is applied you get a tingling/buzz on your lips which is to be expected from a plumping gloss but I recommend that you try not to apply too much, as I did.

When I tried the first one the tingling in my lips was actually quite painful and felt more like an allergic reaction and I certainly didn’t get plumper lips. After a few hours I tried one of the other colours but didn’t apply as much,  I still got quite a bit of tingling but it wasn’t as bad as before, but still no plumper lips .  The glosses are ok , they aren’t too sticky which a lot of glosses tend to be, they have a nice shine to them and they do look nice on but they are not the best I have ever had. As I said before they didn’t plump my lips which is the point of a plumping gloss, the colours all look similar and they don’t last very long and you have to keep reapplying. The keepsake tin that the glosses come in is pink and shaped like the Wonder Woman logo.

The tin is quite large and I think it would be nice as a  trinket  / money box.  This is a nice set but I am not very impressed with the lip glosses , I think lipsticks would have been better and I think best part of the set is the tin.

Soap and Glory Wonder Woman Brush Up Your Act Make Up Brushes Review

The soap and glory brush up your act Wonder woman brush set consists of 4 brushes and a keepsake brush bag . There is one large powder brush, cheek brush, eyeshadow brush and a pencil brush all of which have metallic pink handle with gold stars and the Wonder Woman logo in gold at the top of each handle.  The brush fibers are 100% nylon and are very soft to the touch and soft on the skin and feel really nice when applying make up. They are also very easy to clean. I would recommend cleaning your brushes at least once a week if you are using them on a regular basis. The handles have a nice smooth feel to them and they are not too heavy . I really like these brushes  they look pretty,  feel nice , apply make up well and they have the Wonder Woman logo on which is a bonus. The only complaint I have is that I wish that there were more than four brushes in the set , I think a lip brush and maybe an eyeliner brush would be been great additions to the set.

The set also comes with a small keepsake brush bag. The bag is about the size of a pencil case and is a faux leather in a metallic pink to match the brush handles and has the Wonder Woman logo printed on the front and the Soap and glory logo embossed on the back of the bag. It also has a metal gold star on the zip with the Wonder Woman logo . I have no complaints about the bag at all,  the brushes fit in it perfectly and there is enough to fit a couple of lipsticks or lip gloss in the bag with them . Its also the perfect size for a handbag and I fully intend to use it whenever I go on holiday or away for a weekend.

Overall this is a gorgeous set and I think any Wonder Woman fan would absolutely love it.

Soap and Glory Wonder Woman Wonderful Face Palette Review

The soap and glory Wonder Woman palette comes with four eyeshadow, two blushers, one bronzer and a highlighter in a Wonder Woman themed box . The box is quite small ( its about the width of 2 Samsung galaxy’s S9 ) and is about an inch thick and its also very light so it’s the perfect size for a handbag. The four eyeshadows are gold, shimmering brown and bronze and the 2 blushers are rose and peach all neutral colours which means that they would be suitable for most skin tones.  After trying the eyeshadows I found that the colours are easy to apply and long lasting and look really lovely on.

As a qualified make up artist i have tried a lot of make up and I can honestly say that this palette is just as good if not better than some of the more expensive ones that I have tried.

The only downsides for me is that I wish the palette was a bit bigger with more colours and also there is no mirror which although not necessary would come in handy especially if you wanted to take it out in your handbag. I also think it would be nice if it came with some little brushes and maybe a lipstick or gloss but unfortunately you have to purchase them separately.

Overall I think that this is an excellent little palette and perfect for anyone who loves Wonder Woman  / DC comics.