Lois & Clark – S1 Ep4 – Neverending Battle Review

Consider this a life lesson, no charge – Lois Lane

So before I start this review I would like to point something out, at the opening of this episode we have Lex Luthor in his office/tower/home talking to his bodyguard when two women bring him a neon pink and green pogo stick to which he replies ‘ah yes, perfect’ then sends them on their way…….why does Lex need a pogo stick? what is he going to do with this pogo stick?? why is it neon pink and green??? and why oh why is it perfect???? This is never mentioned again or even touched on and I need to know the story behind this! I kept waiting for it to pop up again (pun intended) at some point, but no, nothing and now I’ll never know what happened with it lol.

So pogo stick aside this episode very much focuses on Lex Vs Superman , with Lex trying to test Superman’s limits with various tests, having two people jump of a building at the same time to see how fast he is, then blowing up a bank that he’s in to see how invulnerable the Man of Steel is. although that’s it before Superman has enough and gives Lex a private demonstration of his powers! But this just gives Lex the opportunity to let Superman know that all the time he is in Metropolis people will die, which leaves Clark wondering whether being Superman is really a good idea.

Elsewhere in this episode we are treated to Lois being all kinds of obsessed over Superman to the point that she begins stealing other peoples stories just to get the front page story, which obviously doesn’t go down very well with Clark who sets her up a beauty!

We also get to see Clark’s new apartment and man I wish I could live in a space like that for $950 a month, bargain!! And Perry and Jimmy’s relationship in the show really begins to take shape.

Overall a very enjoyable episode apart from pogogate oh and I’m not a fan of the suit with the cape that goes all the way over Clark’s shoulders, it looks odd and is very low cut lol! Other than that a classic episode that really finds its groove with its characters, setting them all up for a good first season!

Next up episode 5 ‘I’m Looking Through You’


Lois & Clark – S1 Ep3 – Strange Visitor (From Another Planet) Review

Don’t you back up on floppy discs? – Clark Kent

So here we are with episode 3 of Lois & Clark and after the double episode that was the pilot we a treated to an ep that gives us a good feel of where they’re going with this show, well for now at least, and that’s very much the reporter duo doing their thing.

We get very little Superman in this ep in fact he shows up for like 5 mins at the end but that doesn’t mean this is a Superman light episode, far from it, we are slowly being introduced to the Superman universe and I love that about this show, it isnt just all straight up front because then where do you go, no this series opens up the lore piece by piece and we begin here.

The Daily Planet is raided by Jason Trask (guest star Terence Knox) a federal agent who is obsessed with finding out everything he can about Superman and decides he can get what he wants from Lois and Clark, so they are both submitted to a polygraph to find out everything they know about Superman, easy for Lois she doesnt really know anything yet, Clark on the other hand…..

Trask is obsessed with the idea that Superman is an alien invader and the scout for an impending invasion, this gets Clark thinking about who he is and where he comes from, so he goes to Ma and Pa Kent to find out more, they don’t know if he’s an alien or a Russian experiment all they know is that he’s their son, but when they go to look for the ship Clark landed in that Jonathan buried, it’s gone missing!!

The search for Trask is on and between Clark and Lois they manage to track down where he is and get their way into his warehouse where they find a ton of alien related paraphernalia and Clark stumbles across his ship, inside he finds an orb that glows and changes in front of him and he says the word ‘Krypton’. Our duo are swiftly captured and thrown out of a plane, pretty standard for them , just to draw out Superman so that Trask can destroy him, that does not go well for Trask!

We finish the episode with a raid on the warehouse but obviously its been emptied out and Lois and Clark dont have a story without proof! Superman then visits Lois later at the planet and tells her he’s an alien from the planet Krypton and he’s here to fight for truth and justice, classic Superman!!

Throw in a side story of Cat Grant and Clark spending an evening together, Jimmy wanting to ask out Lois’ sister and Perry White with his first of many Elvis stories and we have a super fun episode!! Teri Hatcher is amazing, I will say this a lot in these reviews but she really is such an incredible Lois Lane and rewatching this just proves it to me all over again.

A couple of odd things about this episode, if the Kents don’t know where Clark is from how does he know the word Krypton when he sees the orb or that its the planet he’s from when he talks to Lois later?? Also and this I remember now has always bugged me, the cape that flaps in the background of the credits at the end of the show has a red and yellow S on it, this should be all yellow as it is in the show, yes call me petty but I like consistency hahaha

Anyway cape issues aside, I enjoyed this episode a lot and i think you should join me next time for Ep 4 ‘Neverending Battle’ 🙂