Harley Quinn – S2 Ep11 – A Fight Worth Fighting For Review

Director: Tom DeRosier

Writer: Tom Hyndman

Starring: Kaley Cuoco, Alan Tudyk, Lake Bell, Diedrich Bader, Tony Hale, James Wolk, J. B. Smoove, Jim Rash, Tom Hollander, Michael Ironside, Vanessa Marshall, Justina Machado, Matt Oberg, Scott Porter

Led By Frank And Chad

“A Fight Worth Fighting For” was a hard episode to wait for, as we were all left with our jaws hanging open after “Dye Hard.” Dr. Psycho has betrayed not only Harley, but the whole crew, and Sy Borgman sacrificed himself to save Harley. The only way out leads Harley to making the hard choice of bringing back Joker, in order to get the JLA back from inside of The Queen Of Fables’ storybook.

As Frank says at the beginning of this episode, this is some heavy s#!+.

Dancing With The Devil In The Pale Moonlight

More Joker – in khakis and living the life of a suburban Step Dad with Bethany (Justina Machado) – Batman comes into the fray finally, and we also see Harley vent out her frustrations on Dr. Psycho for ruining Ivy and Kite-Man’s wedding plans, and things don’t go exactly as planned, leaving us with the worst possible cliff-hanger.

The Sopranos Re-watch

“A Fight Worth Fighting For” gives us a lot to chew on. I truly enjoyed watching. not only Harley, but also the joker, go through lessons about just what relationships and love are really about. Also, ZATANNA! There are so many little things about the episode that come at us hard, but the writers really do justice to this story.

Also, we get more of Michael Ironside as Darkseid which is always great!


“A Fight Worth Fighting For” delivers everything. It’s on par, if not above, series standard. There’s deep character growth, raw emotional issues are drawn to the surface, and the comedy is wonderful. Harley Quinn is absolutely a series that has not let its fanbase down, and as we draw to the close of Season Two, I’m on the edge of my seat.

Harley Quinn – S2 Ep10 – Dye Hard Review

Director: Vinton Heuck

Writer: Jamiesen Borak

Starring: Kaley Cuoco, Jason Alexander, Ron Funches, Tony Hale, Christopher Meloni, Alan Tudyk, Diedrich Bader, Tom Hollander, Rory Scovel, Jim Rash

Jesus Was Really A Shark

“Dye Hard” gives us the aftermath of the bachelorette party as well as a reunion between the gang and Dr. Psycho. It is one the fans of the series were definitely on pins and needles for. This review will have some spoilers for the previous episode “Bachelorette.”

Down To Clown

Harley’s obviously just a bit heartbroken, after the way things were left between her and Ivy.. She meets up with Sy Borgman, King Shark, and Clayface at the lair, and tries to party it up, but King Shark and Clayface bow out gracefully. Sy ends up having a heart to heart with Harley and, while she hears him, she has the pain to burn off. Hitting a Wayne Tower bar puts her in the wrong place at the wrong time with a now sane(?) Joker, who’s risen up in the bar-tending world.

Meanwhile, Gordon’s babysitting in the auto driven Batwing trying to round up the leftover parademons from recent escapades. Given the bulletproof glass of the Wayne Tower, all Harley sees is them splattering, like bugs on a windshield. What should have been a night of getting over hurt feelings leads to utter chaos.

Heavy Lifting

The series is coming to a close, with only three episodes to go, and if “Dye Hard” is any indication of what’s to come… best to have some tissues handy. The voice cast gives their all in this episode, and not only is it noted, it’s appreciated. These stories are extremely emotional, with feelings that spread farther than just the relationship between Harley and Ivy. They handle them not only respectfully, but in a blatantly raw manner, forcing viewers into the moment for each heartbreaking step that leads us, not to a conclusion, but to growth.


“Dye Hard” sets us directly on the path to what to expect next episode, but if the writers of this series are good at anything, it’s surprising us. They’ve fashioned a tale that has woven in every single character this season.  We must wait as patiently, as we can to see what’s to come of our beloved crew.

This episode is enthralling, action-filled, emotional, and heartbreaking in its tenderness. It absolutely does justice to what this series is all about.  A true jewel in the collection of Harley Quinn: The Animated Series. What was your favorite part of this episode? Let us know in the comments, and I’ll see you for the next review!


Harley Quinn – S2 Ep9 – Bachelorette Review

Director: Christina Sotta

Writer: Sarah Peters

Starring: Kaley Cuoco, Lake Bell, Ron Funches, Matt Oberg, J.B. Smoove, Alan Tudyk, Rachel Dratch, Giancarlo Esposito, Mary Holland, Jameela Jamil, Phil LaMarr, Sanaa Lathan, Phil Sasso

A Rose By Any Other Name

“Bachelorette” came at us at full speed. When we last left Harley and the gang they were setting up for Ivy to get married, having made her decision. This left Harley, still reeling from her own feelings and having to keep them locked inside. The biggest shocker was Dr. Psycho’s exit from the crew.

Destination: Themyscira

In “Bachelorette” the girls are flying high in an invisible plane, in order to get to their Bachelorette party for Ivy at the female-only Themyscira. Harley manages to get not only Nora Freeze and a college buddy of Pam’s named Jennifer to come, but we also get Catwoman joining in on the fun too.

Harley has a clipboard and a mission; to make this the best weekend for Ivy. Harls may have had to strike some fear into the grumpy band of gal pals, but once they find out about Maxie Zeus’s Isle of Chippendale dancers… all bets are off, and so are the clothes.Meanwhile, Kite Man’s having a day out on the ocean with the guys: Clayface, King Shark, and Frank. The band is doing a puzzle when a rogue lobster – named Samson – comes up on deck with one thing on his mind, King Shark. What follows is definitely not Disney, despite the crabs and underwater shenanigans.

More Than Friends

“Bachelorette” is a hard episode to avoid spoiling, as most of what happens is huge news. Suffice it to say that all cards are on the table and that Ivy must make a decision, one that threatens to have ramifications that will ripple throughout Gotham. The voice cast shines in this episode, and it’s quite an emotional roller coaster.

We get new cast members too, with Mary Holland coming in for the voices of Tabitha/Jennifer, and we get Jameela Jamil doing the voice of Eris. Returning actors include Phil Sasso as Maxie Zeus, Sanaa Lathan’s back as Catwoman, and Phil LaMarr, who has done several credits for previous Harley Quinn characters, returns as Samson/Shark God.


Harley has been through a lot this season, but to be fair many of the characters in this show have also faced several trials along the way. “Bachelorette” is a hard one to watch for many reasons; there are several sweet and tender moments portrayed, and the show brings us the real-life issues and emotion that we have come to expect.

While the emotional content is something that elevates this series above many other animated shows, in this case it was difficult. It does, however, give one little patience when waiting for what’s still to come. Overall it was an interesting and well made piece of television.

Seeing the whole plot against Themyscira, plus the whole story with Eris and Hippolyta, was my favorite part. That and seeing a wholly different side to Nora Freeze. I love this show for not backing down from the material they presented.

What was your favorite part of “Bachelorette”? Were there tears or laughter? Let us know in the comments, and I’ll see you for the next review!

Harley Quinn – S2 Ep8 – Inner (Para) Demons Review

Director: Tom DeRosier

Writer: Tom Hyndman

Starring: Kaley Cuoco, Lake Bell, Ron Funches, Andy Daly, Tony Hale, Christopher Meloni, Matt Oberg, Alan Tudyk, Briana Cuoco, Michael Ironside, Jessica Walter

Gordo And The Kiss

“Inner (Para) Demons” finds Harls and Ivy reeling from the kiss seen (and felt) around the world. Each of them is dealing with the resulting emotions in their own way but as one might expect from these two… it isn’t a walk in the park.

Let’s hop right in and see what this episode has in store for everyone.

I’m An F Maybe

“Inner (Para) Demons” starts us off with Harley and Ivy both discussing the kiss and what it meant for them. While Ivy’s supremely easy going about everything and moves on about her day, Harley isn’t dealing with it in the best way. Ivy goes on to lunch with Kite Man’s parents, who are definitely not what she was expecting. Harls, however, is tired of not being seen as a proper villain. Batgirl hammers the final nail that snaps Harley into gear. This excites Dr. Psycho, in more ways than one, but the rest of the gang – King Shark and Clayface – aren’t as thrilled at the prospect of standing in front of Darkseid, voiced by Michael Ironside. Harley must prove that she’s worthy of an army, and we get another amazing character Granny Goodness, voiced by Jessica Walter.In an episode where everyone seems to have something to prove, lines are being drawn and it remains to be seen who’s brave enough to cross them. What will become not only of the crew, but New Gotham? What’s going to happen between Harley and Ivy? Guess we will have to wait to find out, eh?

Tattoos Of Memories Past

The writing by Tom Hyndman is absolutely brilliant in this episode. There are many visual puns, and two stuck out hard for me. The first is when we get a glimpse of Commissioner Gordon’s arm and see the tattoo of Clayface’s hand with a “Never Forgotten” ribbon. The second is an absolutely stellar costume change for Harley, that’s quite reminiscent of a popular anime series heroine. Loved it!
On another note, there’s so much more added to the relationships in this episode. Ivy standing up for Kite Man is beautiful, as it shows just how much she’s grown, in just this season alone. I do believe this episode is one of my favorites this season. I mean when you bring in Michael Ironside and Jessica Walter to do voice work it’s just a squee fest.


The entire team that works on Harley Quinn throws so much into every single episode. “Inner (Para) Demons” is no slouch in the wow category. I for one look forward to every new instalment, especially with all the cliffhangers.

Harley Quinn – S2 Ep7 – There’s No Place To Go But Down Review

Directed by: Colin Heck

Written by: Adam Stein

Starring: Kaley Cuoco, Lake Bell, Christopher Meloni, Matt Oberg, James Adomian, Briana Cuoco, Andy Daly, George Lopez and Brad Morris

This Is A Safe Space

“There’s No Place To Go But Down” came to us this past Friday, and was definitely intent on shaking a few things up. Whether they’ll be for the good of Harley and her gang remains to be seen, but the die has been cast and we definitely got a lot to take in.

Let’s dive in!

Mile High Kite Club

Harley and Ivy find themselves in a bit of a pickle, as Two-Face and Bane put them on trial for the murder of The Penguin. Though with Man-Bat as an attorney and with no interpreter around, it was a pretty stacked trial overall, even with an unbiased Bane. Our girls think everything will be a breeze, as they’ve broken out of Arkham bazillions of times. Their laughter quickly turns to angst though, as they realize they’re being taken to Bane’s Pit for rehabilitation. Underground and no plant life to speak of, the girls quickly try to plan an escape using George Lopez of all people.

Meanwhile, Barbara Gordon is dealing with her Father’s demons. Gordon has been down in the dumps since losing the GCPD and has become a bit of a lush. Neither Babs or Batgirl have been able to help so far with helping Jim regain his once valiant spirit. When Two-Face threatens Jim on his home territory will it be enough to help him snap back? Or have we lost that good cop to the blues forever?

Dime Store Sushi

So much happens in “There’s No Place To Go But Down” that it’s almost hard to keep up. We’re treated to not only an amazing main story, but a sub-plot that more than keeps up the pace. We also get an immense helping of Bane in this episode. So much so that it’s definitely a treat. With some of the voice cast pulling double duty this episode, we also get Matt Oberg voicing Killer Croc. Then we get the unexpected treat of a vocal cameo of George Lopez playing himself. No spoilers here, ladies and gents, but the ending is the complete and utter icing on the cake.


Each week delivers my new favorite episode. The writers have done a stellar job at keeping the show not only relevant but relatable. The voice cast makes these characters live and breathe, but like with Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill as legendary versions of Batman and Joker, they are going to embody and become the voices we hear when reading the comics. This episode adds yet another layer of depth to the show and is wholly enjoyable.

I’ll see you here for the next review!