Stargirl – S1 Ep13 – Stars & S.T.R.I.P.E. Part Two Review

Written by Geoff Johns

Directed by Greg Beeman

It’s an epic battle between the JSA & the ISA in the stellar Season Finale!

After watching this finale episode, I can safely say that DC’s Stargirl is my new favorite DC live action television series. This first season has been a triumph in superhero storytelling in my humble opinion. Geoff Johns and crew masterfully brought the Golden Age heroes and villains to life in such a fantastic way. This show does an incredible job honoring the comics and bringing these characters to life in a more modern context. It is evident that this was a passion project for Johns. It also serves as a beautiful love letter to his late sister Courtney, who inspired the title character. Brec Bassinger and the entire cast have been a joy to watch on screen every episode. Each character has been complex, compelling, and masterfully portrayed. This finale was definitely a worthy close to this exciting first outing for the new JSA! Let’s recap!

“Stars & S.T.R.I.P.E. Part Two” begins three minutes prior to last episode’s cliff hanger. The recently deceased Principal Bowin’s son, Isaac, aka Tuba Turd, attacks his bully with his tuba. The band teacher breaks up the fight and begins to take him to see his mother (not knowing she is dead). Before he can get far, the Synaptic Amplifier rises out of the middle of the football field. Every adult in Blue Valley falls under the control of Brainwave including the teacher, who fights it and dies.

In the tunnels, Pat (in S.T.R.I.P.E.) attacks Courtney, but stops when she gets through to him. She tells him that she loves and accepts him as her father. Pat then begins to fight the reprogramming.

Meanwhile, Beth and Chuck determine that the ISA are using devices to make themselves immune to their mind control. Furthermore, they realize that there are several signal blockers that are offline in the town. Gambler gleefully informs them that they cannot reverse what has already begun. Chuck suggests to Beth that they target the Gambler’s money in order to distract while they target the signal blockers. While Beth hacks into Sharpe’s holdings and transfers the money into charities, Chuck is able to activate the blockers and hold them long enough to free Pat, Barbara, and Justin from Brainwave’s mind control. The JSA regroups (minus Beth and Barbara) and faces an angry Jordan, who is joined by Dragon King, Sportsmaster, and Tigress. During the battle, Sharpe unlocks the cells releasing both Solomon Grundy (who looks incredible) and Shiv. Despite this, the JSA and the Shining Knight gain the upper hand over the ISA. Shiv betrays her father and kills him indirectly saving Justin from death by Dragon King’s blade. With Ito dead and the others incapacitated, Jordan leaves. Courtney is ambushed by Shiv while Hourman and S.T.R.I.P.E. take on Grundy.

Brainwave orders Sharpe to loop his reprogramming so he can help kill these kids. Wildcat rushes off to the machine, but on the way she faces Ito’s zombies. One of the zombies reveals himself to be Henry Jr, who explains that he survived his encounter with his father and wants to stop him for good. However, Yolanda slashes his throat when he says “Where are your friends?” Brainwave collapses and dies as Yolanda tells him “They were Henry’s friends too.”

Grundy begins tearing apart S.T.R.I.P.E. leaving Pat defenseless. Rick runs in and saves him and takes on Grundy alone. Pat runs off to find Barbara. After beating Grundy to pulp, Rick realizes that the creature is just acting on instinct and is simply a dumb beast. Gaining the closure he needed, he then decides to spare Grundy’s life and allows him to escape.

Meanwhile, Courtney and Yolanda find the machine and destroy it thus saving the town and the country from the ISA’s control.

Back at the American Dream, Icicle arrives and destroys the goggles and Chuck. He blasts Beth away when she tries to attack him. He then kidnaps Barbara and takes her to the top of the building’s tower. Jordan begs her to understand his point of view. He tells her to look at all the good he has done for the town and the world. He asks her to come with him and vows to protect Courtney and raise her as his own. When she rejects him, he attempts to throw her off the ledge, but Pat steps in and distracts him. Jordan scoffs at him saying he can’t stop him without powers. “How are you going to stop me?,” he says. Pat confidently replies, “With our daughter!” Courtney flies in and attacks Jordan. The duo prove evenly matched and are blown apart from their energies colliding. Jordan lands in the street while Courtney is caught by Yolanda. Before Icicle can attack again, he is hit by an oncoming car driven by Mike! The ice villain shatters into pieces.

In the aftermath, the JSA mourn the loss of Chuck, but plan to rebuild the goggles and get him back online. They also send Justin on his way. The Knight thanks them for helping him find his purpose. He tells them that he plans to find his horse and any surviving members of the Seven Soldiers of Victory. Pat tells him to report his findings as he would like to see his old friends again.

The news covers up the events claiming a massive earthquake hit Blue Valley as Sharpe wipes the ISA’s systems and escapes. The Shade returns and watches the news in the ISA’s meeting room. “Oh, Jordan. I told you it was folly,” he scoffs.

Meanwhile, in the Wizard’s storage unit, Cindy finds a diamond containing Eclipso!

Six weeks later, the Whitmore-Dugans along with Rick, Yolanda, and Beth celebrate Christmas. In a sweet moment, Courtney gives Pat the gift she had intending for her father ten years ago. It is a World’s Greatest Dad mug! The two embrace as Barbara looks on. In the closing moments, Stargirl and S.T.R.I.P.E. watch over the city after enjoying a fly around. Meanwhile, in North Hollywood, a man claiming to be Sylvester Pemberton (guest star Joel McHale) searches for Pat at the latter’s old apartment building!!!

As I stated earlier, this episode was simply incredible in every aspect! A masterfully executed concluding chapter to a brilliant first season! Thank you to the entire cast and crew for your hard work and dedication to these characters and this world. This show has brought a lot of hope for people (including myself) during this difficult time.

I cannot wait for next season on the CW!

Thank you to everyone who has followed the season along with me through these reviews!

Stay tuned for more DC content here on Earth-9!

Doom Patrol – S2 Ep9 – Wax Patrol Review

Director: Harry Jierjian

Writers: April Fitzsimmons & Neil Reynolds

Starring: Dianne Guerrero, April Bowlby, Joivan Wade, Matt Bomer, Brendan Fraser, Timothy Dalton, Abigail Shapiro, Mark Sheppard, Samantha Marie Ware, Carter Jenkins, Pisay Pao, Phil Morris, Stephanie Czajkowski, Joshua Mikel, Jackie Goldston, Hannah Alline, Shay Mack, Dave MacDonald and Skye Roberts. With Riley Shanahan and Matthew Zuk, and the voices of Lex Lang, Donna Jay Fulks and Brian T. Stevenson as The Candlemaker, Roxy and Herschel

It’s the season two finale, and OMFG… I cannot believe that ending! My mind has gone into meltdown over what I’ve just witnessed.

Keeping this review spoiler free is going to be one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do, particularly bearing in mind that this episode, at time of writing, won’t air for another four weeks! I have no one to vent or talk about it to!


Breathe, Steve. Breathe…

What the F@(#!-& F@(# ?!?

Where do I even begin? We left episode 8 with the Chief lying in the dirt, Dorothy on the run, Roni on the lam, and The Candlemaker on the loose. Not only that, but Miranda had just thrown Jane down the well!

How much worse could it get?

Readers, this is Doom Patrol, not the Care Bears movie. It gets, much, MUCH worse.

Man For All Seasons

Let me categorically state, right now, that I am all in for season three. The amount that has happened in nine short episodes is astounding! Dorothy, Jane’s Underground revolt, Rita the superhero, lovestruck Vic, Niles the dad, Larry the dad, Robotman the dad, Kay Challis’ daddy issues… all these fathers have given us a mother-lode of incredible stories.

Miranda’s secret is revealed this week, and it’s a doozy. Her life before Jane took over was a roller-coaster, and her experiences in the well could spell complete disaster for the surviving residents of the underground; after the deaths of Baby Doll and Flaming Katy, and the disappearance of Scarlet Harlot.

Friends… Imaginary And Otherwise

If you thought Darling Come Home, Herschel, Manny and The Candlemaker were impressive… you ain’t seen nothing yet!

I don’t ever remember having an imaginary friend, and after watching this episode, I’m so glad!

This week we find out that many members of the team did have them, and they’re all a combination of amazing, hilarious, and terrifying. If you’ve been watching Doom Patrol from the start, you may be able to picture some of them.


Cliff’s figment familiar is a complete Revelation. Joshua Mikel, formerly of The Walking Dead, plays a character that shares a name, and many pugilistic traits, with another deceased TWD star. Both his appearance, and his response to Cliff’s perceived betrayal, lead to him taking out his wrath, and righteous fury on Robotman, in a martial arts battle of Biblical proportions.


We get so many answers to questions that have echoing around our minds since season one; but the deep dives, icy waters, and funeral pyres of “Wax Patrol” have raised so many more.

Season two may be over, but this story is far from done. Season three of Doom Patrol cannot come soon enough.

Stargirl – S1 Ep12 – Stars & S.T.R.I.P.E. Part One Review

Directed by Toa Fraser

Written by Melissa Carter

It’s Part One of the Season Finale of DC’s Stargirl!

I can’t believe that the season is almost over! DC’s Stargirl, in my opinion, has delivered an incredible first season that rivals those of Arrow and The Flash. Geoff Johns and crew have done a brilliant job bringing the Golden Age of Heroes and Villains to life while giving them a bit of a modern upgrade. The story that has been told this season is exciting and compelling. This first part of the season finale sets the stage for the epic battle between the New JSA and the ISA as Project New America begins! Let’s recap!

With only eleven hours left until Project New America begins, most of Middle America is set to be reprogrammed by Brainwave, who prepares to test Dr. Ito’s machine, which the latter calls the synaptic amplifier. This device will allow Dr. King to reach and control all fully developed minds in the area. The ISA’s goal is to make people think like them and fight alongside them if need be when they secede from the Union.

Meanwhile, Sportsmaster (Neil Hopkins) and Tigress (Joy Osmanski) are “on the hunt” to eliminate the Whitmore-Dugans in order for the ISA to go through with their plans unchallenged. As Barbara and Courtney prepare to leave the house, they are attacked by Tigress, while Pat’s “old friend” “Crusher” attacks him at the Pit Stop. After an intense battle, Mike saves his father by putting a drill to Sportsmaster’s back. Elsewhere, Courtney is able to blast Tigress and escape.

The Whitmore-Dugans regroup at a remote cabin where they are joined by the rest of the JSA and Sir Justin (who comes with a feast). They then plan their next move while Rick works to decode his father’s journal.

Meanwhile, Icicle gets word of Sportmaster and Tigress’s failure to eliminate the Whitmore-Dugans and sends Principal Bowin to assist them in their second attempt. Before joining the “gym rats,” Bowin counsels her son Isaac, who is distraught following an encounter with a bully. Bowin suggests he fight back like his late father (the original Fiddler did) against his tormentors. Bowin then visits the Crocks at their home where the duo is nursing their wounds. Bowin tells them that she will immobilize their targets so that they will be easier to kill this time. “Crusher” isn’t fond of this plan. Bowin belittles them saying they are brutes only focused on violence. Bowin claims they are unfit to be parents. She then takes it a step further calling their daughter Artemis a wild animal just like her mother. With that, Tigress fires an arrow into Bowin’s heart, killing her instantly.

At the ISA’s lair, Brainwave meets with Dr. Ito to discuss the machine. With deep conviction, Dr. King tests the amplifier despite the risk of death. It is a success and he is able to hear the thoughts of millions!

Back at the cabin, Beth has Chuck scan for energy surges or anything abnormal. Meanwhile, Rick is busy trying to decipher his father’s journal. Sir Justin joins him and offers to help as he likes a good puzzle. However, he is not much help as he randomly decides to go clean the bathroom!

Outside, Courtney and Mike share a sweet brother-sister moment talking superheroes. Mike wonders if the staff would’ve worked for him if he had found it first. He then tries it, but the staff doesn’t respond. He still says he wants to help despite not having any abilities. In another sweet moment, Pat and Barbara talk about the recent craziness. Pat explains that he never wanted any of this to happen. He never told them about his past as he wanted his superhero days to stay there. He asks her if they are ok. She understands and says she hopes they can be.

Pat goes upstairs and finds Rick still slaving away with the journal. The young Hourman is frustrated as all of the numbers ( for the code key) he has tried have not worked. Pat suggests he try the year of Rex’s favorite car: his 1966 Mustang. The number works and they discover that Rex had a map of the entire underground ISA lair. Using this and analysis from Chuck, the JSA devises a plan to take down the machine and the ISA. Dr. Mid-Nite and Barbara go to the American Dream where they can hack into the network and monitor the progress of the amplifier. Courtney and Pat (in S.T.R.I.P.E.) enter the lair through the river entrance while Wildcat, Hourman, and Sir Justin enter from another entrance.

With only thirty-five minutes left, Beth uncovers the ISA’s manifesto which isn’t all that bad. Project New America aims to stop Global Warming, embrace solar and wind energy, and eliminate all forms of discrimination based on race, sex, gender identity. This causes them to question if they are really on the right side. Beth via Chuck realizes that the cost of the reprogramming will be approximately twenty-five million people! Before the JSA can locate the amplifier, Gambler (guest star Eric Goins) hacks their hack. He gleefully informs them that they are helpless to stop them. The amplifier isn’t going to power on in thirty minutes, Brainwave will be finished reprogramming everyone in that time! Thus the process has begun! As Brainwave reaches the minds, Barbara and Justin fall into a trance while Pat finds himself controlled to fight Courtney!

The stage is set for what is sure to be an epic finale! This was yet another stellar episode that featured exciting action, top notch humor, and heartwarming character moments. Neil Hopkins and Joy Osmanski once again crush it as Sportsmaster and Tigress (no pun intended). The duo bring so much charm to their characters that sometimes makes you forget they are dastardly villains. I also found the family bonding moments to be incredible as well. Trae Romano, Brec Bassinger. Amy Smart, and Luke Wilson continue to deliver incredible performances with each episode!

I cannot wait to see how this fantastic season concludes next week!

Stay tuned for my recap & review of the Season Finale of DC’s Stargirl here on Earth-9!