Earth-9 Podcast – Ep23 – The Flash Age

So this week on the podcast is the start of the new regime, this is the first comics focused episode, then the movie and tv podcast will be the next one and then back to comics, just to give us the chance to cover everything without trying to cram it all in every two weeks! This time we delve into the new 80 years of Joker book, a little Deathstroke talk but mostly visiting old and new Flash comics! Mike goes through one of the greatest Flash runs with Mark Waid’s Terminal Velocity, while Jim tries to make sense of the current Flash run Legion of Zoom!


Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons Review

So, the first things that needs to be said is Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons is most definitely not for children, of course the 15 rating points towards that but sometimes that’s not enough when something is animated, so I will take the moment to say this movie is NOT FOR KIDS!! It is super bloody, gory and a bit sweary and i’ll be honest, it needs to be!

Deathstroke/Slade Wilson is a brutal character, a mercenary, a killer for hire, someone who will do anything to get the job done and this movie shows it in all its blood covered glory! But thats not really what this movie is about, its just the red icing on the cake if you wish!

I loved this movie, I like it when a DC film focuses on one character and delves deep into the character, while Deathstroke may be a long time rival of the Teen Titans and then Batman, none of these characters make an appearance, this is Slade’s film and its all the better for it. Deathstroke is your classic Anti-hero rather than out and out villain and even tho he may have no remorse in killing people in his way he still tries to do what he believes is right, like he’ll cut your arm off but only if you’re a really bad dude otherwise you might just get a little bit of a stabbing.

Knights & Dragons focuses on Slade Wilson, his family and how becoming Deathstroke impacts his life and the decisions he makes, it’s a great story and really opens up who he is and more importantly, who he should be. Knowing a lot about Deathstroke’s background gave me an idea of where things were going in this film but also took them in a new direction and I really enjoy that in these films, you think you know everything then they throw you a curve ball and you go ohhhhhhh! But also you can come into this not knowing anything and by the end of it you know exactly who Deathstroke The Terminator is.

The art style in this movie is lush, it feels very Batman The Animated Series but on another level and there’s this really cool effect where in some scenes with like a lot of sky or block of colour it has dots across it like it would be if it were a comic book and I really like that touch. Michael Chiklis as Slade Wilson is great, his gruff voice really matches that old worn face and is quite threatening coming from behind a mask and its awesome having DC Alumni Colin Salmon as Wintergreen, Colin was also Walter Steele on Arrow and Zod on Krypton!

All in all Deathstroke Knights & Dragons is a great addition to the DC Animated Universe and I hope we get more of these character focused films going forward!

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Batman #91 Review

“Their Dark Designs” – Part Six

Writer: James Tynion IV
Artists: Rafael Albuquerque, Jorge Jimenez, Carlo Pagulayan and Danny Miki
Color Artist: Tomeu Morey
Letterer: Clayton Cowles

Action, intrigue and more iconic characters than you can shake a stick at! Issue #91 of Batman is a fast paced, pedal to the metal comic book. In what has already become a familiar trope within Tynion’s initial take on the title, the narrative goes from 0-100 in an instant and doesn’t let up for the duration of the proceedings.

If you like your comics to move along at a brisk pace with little time for reflection or drawing breath, then you’ve come to the right place. If you prefer things a little more cerebral, or a little more philosophical, then you may not get all you want from these pages.

I myself fall equally between the two ends of the taste spectrum, so I found this issue a very enjoyable read indeed. Tynion’s approach doesn’t allow the reader to get bored; not keen on the characters on a given page? Don’t worry, as another icon of the DC pantheon will be along soon.

Make no mistake, this isn’t a scattergun, throw everything at the wall and see what sticks approach, Tynion is a high calibre storyteller and the different threads have already begun to come together nicely.

On one hand, we can enjoy the team of Catwoman and Harley Quinn, teaming up to prep an army of drones to assist the Dark Knight. With Selina yet to face the music from Bruce for her part in the history of The Designer, the colourful banter with Harley is a nice change of mood for the character, with some extremely dark times yet to come. The interplay between the two femmes fatale is engaging and entertaining, a bright beacon amidst the chaos.

Of course, as previously mentioned, there is action galore on offer here. Pitting Batman up against the deadly Slade Wilson is a great choice as it highlights the durability and endless will of the character. Their clash is a sight to behold as each pushes the other to the limit.

A Deathstroke/Dark Knight face off is always a treat, as two of the premier combatants in the DC universe tend to bring the best out in each other. It’s just a shame that events conspire to cut the proceedings short just before things get really interesting.

Damn you, Designer!


A high octane, pulse racing issue that plays Tynion’s trump cards with all the aplomb we can expect from such a top tier writer. Whilst the action speeds along and jumps off the page, thanks to the wonderful art team involved on the book, there’s still very much a long game being played here.

With the identity of The Designer still tightly under wraps, there’s still a lot of mileage in this arc. Issue #92 promises to deliver much, with Deathstroke and The Bat fighting together for their survival and an “enigmatic” character about to join in the fun.

Until then, make it your business to read this new issue and prepare yourself…