Earth-9 Podcast – Ep18 – with Special Guest

We have a very special guest on this weeks pod, Jeremy Adams, writer of a ton of amazing DC work including Teen Titans Go Vs Teen Titans, Justice League Action, Young Justice and ton of DC Lego movies including the recently released Shazam: Magic & Monsters and then to top it off he also writes on Supernatural and showed us his dark side with Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion’s Revenge plus tons more, so join us as we chat all things DC and more with this incredibly talented and all round awesome guy! Also be sure to follow him on Twitter here @spacekicker


Legends of Tomorrow – S5 Ep11 – Ship Broken Review

So the last episode saw the team successfully obtain all three pieces of the loom. The next step is to use the loom but who do they bring back first – Behrad or Astra’s mother. After some arguments Charlie makes the call and its Behrad. Charlie can see the tangled web that is Behrad’s thread. All appears to be going well until Charlie loses control of the loom’s power and it explodes. Its clear that the loom is a three fates job and despite Charlie’s views on her sisiters she cannot operate the loom without them.

Meanwhile Mick is trying to win over Lita by offering a trip on a time machine, Gary has bought an emotional support dog – Gary Jnr and Sara finally awakes. All appears well except for the fact that Sara can’t see. Sara isn’t herself though.When she touches someone she sees the future and she is seeing the team dead. It appears that there is an evil force on the ship and Sara believes its the after effects of being attacked by Atropos. Gideon is unable to check Sara’s condition due to some sabotage. When the loom rings go missing the team immediately point the finger at Astra as the outsider who is yet to earn the teams trust. Constantine is adamant that it wasn’t Astra. So the team investigate and when Zari hacks the backup system they see each member of the team stealing the rings and sabotaging the ship. However the team have no memory of their actions.

Meanwhile Mick is trying to bond with Lita and is failing so leaves Lita in the library to study. Sara is back recouperating and after telling Ava to lock her up as she thinks she is the threat she comes face to face with Gary and Gary Jnr. Sara realises that the threat is from Gary Jnr. It turns out Gary adopted Gary Jnr from hell – only Gary would think a hell dog would be ok. The rest of the team realise this when Gary Jnr shows his true form and attacks them and they all end up trapped in the cyber cell with Astra.

Constantine who is seeking Gary Jnr spots the hell hound in his true form and realises that Sara is right. Sara sees Gary Jnr at the library with Lita and Mick. Constantine manages to distract Gary Jnr who then pursues them. It’s at this point that we see the most visually stunning stunt and effect of the episode. Sara may not be able to see but she can hear. Gary Jnr attacks and as he does so Sara backflips over a squatting Constantine and is able to kick Gary Jnr away. Astra has escaped the cell and gives Constantine the dog’s true name so he can be banished back to hell. Crisis over and Gary retrieves the rings ftom the sewer system. Gideon checks Sara over and there is nothing physicall wrong. So why can’t Sara see?

What an episode! Can Astra be trusted? She certainly has her own agenda and will manipulate anyone willing to talk to her. Will Sara’s sight return and can she use these new powers to her advantage? How can Charlie get the loom to work without her sisters? Is there another way? Gary clearly needs a chaperone as he can’t be left alone as trouble follows despite his good intentions. As to the script and visual effects – simply stunning work. I think I had to watch that clip back several times. While we are all at home it’s refreshing to see such scenes on our TVs. But what next for the team? It seems fate is waiting with their greatest challenge to date?

Legends of Tomorrow – S5 Ep10 – The Great British Fake Off Review

After the devastating loss of Behrad the Legends are in a race against time to find the last piece of the Loom of Fate. Charlie briefs the team that she gave the Loom piece to Enchantress to hide in a place that won’t be easy to find. Zari is angered by the lack of progress and challenges Constantine a.k.a Magic Man to find a way of locating the loom piece as soon as possible.

Constantine decides to cast a spell that will harness all of their energy to draw the loom piece out. Just as the piece is in arms length Sara faints and the circle of energy is broken. Constantine and Zari lunge for the piece and are transported back in time when Constantine’s place was a boarding house. Constantine and Zari check-in while they plan their next move. The chemistry that has been bubbling under the surface comes to the fore as insults. Someone finally criticised and pointed out that Constantine ony has one outfit and in my view an outfit in serious need of a deep clean!! However it isn’t long before they have a plan.

Meanwhile back on the Waverider Sara is still unconsious and it appears that she is suffering the unknown consequences of surviving Atropos attack. While Sara is out of action Captain Ava has to take charge and try to find Constantine and Zari. The team have assembled and it appears that Astra has sent all of the encores in Constantine’s direction. However before they can get a fix the locator crashes because it cannot track Encores travelling through time. This means a trip to hell is on the cards.

Constantine and Zari have tracked the energy to the Doctor room who checked-in behind them. Zari is meant to use her influencer skills to keep the doctor busy while Constantine searches his room. However it doesn’t go to plan and Zari heads to the doctor’s room only to find it empty with no sign of Constantine. She turns to leave and discovers that the path is blocked by the Doctor who advances with a knife. Constantine to the rescue who kills the doctor but the doctor is infact Jack the RIpper and an Encore. Zari and Constantine knock out the doctor and are just in time to see all the other guests check-in and what an infamous bunch they are – King Henry VIII, Black Ceaesar, Brutus and Bonnie and Clyde. The clock chimes 8pm for dinner but what are Constantine and Zari going to do? Of course Constantine has a plan to join the encores for dinner while Zari stays in their room.

Constantine takes Jack the Rippers identity and it isn’t long before all the Encores realise that they have been promised their freedom if they can get the ring so effectively they are in competition with one another. It looks as though Constantine is going to hell as he may be about to reach a sticky end. However Constantine’s end is averted by a glamorous Zari posing as Cleopatra. Zari or perhaps Cleo manages to buy them some time in the form of a temporary truce. All of the Encores scatter to go an look for the ring.

On the Waverider Ava has arranged for Gary to teleport herself, Gary and Mick to hell to challenge Astra and to find out where the Encores have gone. Astra pleads her innocence until she discovers that all of her soul coins are gone and only one person could have taken them – the coin maker. Ava and Astra head to the coin makers and it looks as though Ava may be getting through when two Astra’s men grab Ava and take her back to the club. Astra heads to confront the coin maker alone. It turns out the coin maker is Charlie’s elder sister – Lachesis. Lachesis ingroduces Astra to Atropos and makes the offer if Astra helps them to become the third fate and their sister. Astra accepts and leaves with Constantine’s soul coin. Astra rushes back to the club and tells the team to leave. Ava somehow persuades Astra to go with them and fight against Charlie’s sisters.

Constantine and Zari are stll searching for the ring when Constantine realises that Enchantress would have made it that those who seek the ring will not be able to find it. So what else do you do when you aren’t looking you go for a drink. The temporary truce is in a fragile state as Bonnie and Clyde are sneakily picking off the competition. Zari starts opening up to Constantine about her life and the things she has heard and ignored about herself but Behrad’s loss will never be something she can overcome because he died protecting her. Bonnie and Clyde find the real Jack and all of the Encores go in hunt for Constantine. Constantine tells Zari to go and it looks like he is about to be tortured when Zari returns and manages to harness the totems power in time to save them both and send the Encores back to hell.Constantine’s cocky bravado drops away as he checks on Zari and they are about to have another moment when Conatantine spots the loom piece. Just at that moment the team burst in and are reunited and what’s clear is that Constantine and Zari make a formidable team. Back on the Waverider Constantine comes face to face with Astra.

So the season is hotting up in more ways than one. The team now have all the pieces of the loom.WIll they be able to save Behrad and bring back Astra’s mother? How will they defeat Charlie’s sisters? What fate awaits Astra who has seemingly turned on her mentor or is this just a way of getting the loom for them? Will Zari and Constantine finally get it together? Will Sara recover and what power does she now possess?

Constantine – S1 Ep8 – The Saint of Last Resorts – Pt 1 Review

The episode starts off in a classic ‘scary story’ setting- a convent at night. We see a man and woman in the infirmary, the woman having just given birth to a child. Wonderful moment right? Of course, this is Constantine so this moment is quickly spoiled by a creature with horrible claws/talons stealing the baby and mauling the mother to death. Again another solid opening for the show- they really do set the tone for the episode!

At HQ Zed is sitting drawing and John is, well, talking until they are interrupted by an image that has been projected of a woman named Anne Marie. From this conversation we find out that John owes her a favour- later finding out that she was involved with ‘Newcastle’. It is here that our episode splits into two distinct storylines, which makes me a little sad as it means that even though Chas is back in the episode, the three aren’t working together again. However, it all works well in this episode.

Zed stays to rest after her dealing with the fallen angel. After having been told by John she is quite safe, we see later on that not all of his defensive devices have worked. Having to out for more art supplies, Zed just so happens to bump into the man from the life drawing class/the one she has arranged to go to on a date with. How convenient. They end up having their little date there and then, however during this Zed touches his arm and gets one of her visions. Seemingly thinking nothing of it, Zed invites him back to HQ and then, well the shit hits the fan. Turning on him, Zed questions his motives and demands to know why he is after her. A few thing come to light here. 1- Zed’s name is Mary (but she does tell him “don’t you dare call me that”) 2- this thing goes deep. We find out snippets of Zed’s childhood e.g. that she was locked in her own room, for her own safety and ‘salvation’. Two other intruders have entered HQ (not sure how they got by John’s defences? Or what exactly they are). We find out they are linked to something to do with the ‘Crusades’. Which, at this point in time we do not know if our team have any prior knowledge to what this is, and how exactly will affect them all. This little side plot ends with a chase, and Zed showing us that she can be pretty damn resourceful, quick thinking and competent on her own. This side plot has hopefully given us some more pieces of the ‘Rising Darkness’ jigsaw, perhaps more to come in part 2.

John and Chas arrive to find out that their old friend is now a nun! Tension runs high between John and Anne Marie- but we find out that John was a last resort and that he owes her a favour and also that they have a sexual history together. John and Chas find out what has been happening, and John sets out to do what he needs. I must say, I do not get squeamish very often, but when John cut through the ‘pear’, I winced – makes a visual impact for sure! However, from this we find out that the kidnapper/killer is targeting the father’s family. Visiting the family we find out that what is haunting them is old, primordial almost. Here we have the connection to the series as a whole and of the ‘Rising Darkness’, and things again start to fall into place a little more. Constantine’s rituals as very visual this episode and again just shows the variety of ways in which he gets his information.

As to not give away a lot of spoilers, John finds out who has been taking the children, and they set a trap/ruse for them, so they can find the location of the others! Surprisingly a chicken works well as a fake baby, and down underground they go. They finish their objective of finding the babies. We find out who/what the demon is and the grander plan is explained- Hell and Earth shall be one! John is visibly perplexed- he doesn’t know what he can do, especially if creatures such as these keep appearing. After these (plot device) discussions, John and Anne Marie still need to get themselves and the babies to safety. But massive twist as Anne Marie shoots John as to provide a distraction- “No price is too high to save the innocent”.

The episode ends tensely, as John is hunched against the wall, bleeding out, as the creature closes in on him. Part two cannot come quick enough.

Earth-9 Podcast – Ep17

Here we are with another lockdown episode! We decide to review another movie and what better film to revisit than Green Lantern, the movie that is seen in a less than favourable light, but how does it stand up today? Rob has another Flash comic to read and review and we answer some questions from Twitter, it’s a pretty packed episode considering there’s not much going on, so come and have a listen!