Funko DC Bombshells Collectors Box Review

Inspired by Diesel Punk and the glamour of the 40’s comes this amazing Funko DC Bombshell Limited Edition Collector’s Box. Based on the comic series of the name contains (Click on Images for larger pics!)

1 x Batman DC Bombshells POP! Vinyl Figure

1 x Wonder Woman Notebook

1 x Black Canary Rock Candy Figure

1 x Pack of 5 Collectors Cards

1 x ‘Gotham or Bust’ Enamel Pin

As a collector of Funko pops I really only bought this box for the Batman pop to go with the rest of my Bombshells pop collection, everything else is just a bonus.  The Batman pop has a 40s style detective look which I absolutely love, it’s so different from any of the other Batman pops that you can buy.

I only have one other Rock candy figure a Supergirl from a Legion of collectors box and the Black Canary Rock Candy in this box is actually much smaller,  I don’t know if funko have changed the size of these figures or if its just the ones in these boxes. It is a nice figure and well detailed and I like the little details such as the tattoo on her arm,  which you have to look quite hard to see if you don’t remove the figure from the box. For some reason this figure reminds me of the Bratz dolls and I think it would be better as a Funko pop vinyl , but that’s just my opinion others may feel a lot differently about it.

The box also includes a Wonder Woman note book,  5 trading cards and a Gotham Or Bust pin badge. Some sites are saying that there are 12 trading cards in the box but there are only five .

The note book has Wonder Woman on the cover and the pages of the book are lined. Its quite small so would be the perfect size for a handbag . It a nice note book but it does feel very cheap , every time you turn a page it feels like it’s going to fall apart.

The five trading cards have pictures of Wonder Woman, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Batgirl and Batwoman on the front DC comics Bombshells printed on the back. The front of the cards have a plastic feel to them. I like the pictures on the cards and I think they would look nice framed but to be perfectly honest I don’t really see the point in them. As far as I can tell every box has the same cards.

The last thing in the box is an enamel pin badge. The badge is shaped like a missile and has the words “ Gotham or Bust “ written on it. It also has bats with one bat crossed out. The badge is a nice size and has a great vintage look to it and I think it would look really nice on a jacket. I also like the fact that the stopper on the back is rubber instead of metal as I’ve found that they stay on better so there is less chance of losing it.

Overall I think this is a great box for collectors / DC comics fans. My favourite part of the box is the Batman pop and the enamel pin and I do think that the rock candy is a nice collectors piece . The only things I was disappointed with was the trading cards, ( as I said I don’t really see the point in them) and I think that the note book could have been better. I also wish that there was another funko pop rather than a rock candy figure but that’s just my personal opinion.


Earth-9 Podcast – Ep14

This week is all about Birds of Prey, Jim caved and not only went to see it, but saw it on opening day so have a listen and hear what he had to say about it, we then discuss the ups and downs of the current Arrowverse shows and to finish off Jim gives us a quick run down of the Birds of Prey team from the comics, so put us in your ears and enjoy!


Birds Of Prey Review

Ok so let me get this out there first, when I first saw the trailers for Birds of Prey I wasn’t convinced, not because I don’t enjoy the characters far from it, Black Canary is one of my favourite DC characters so a film with her in would surely be at the top of my list! However the focus appeared to be all Harley Quinn, especially once the full title was released and the more posters and trailers were released I found myself longing for more focus on the other characters and less and less hyped for the movie as a whole. Obviously I understand that this was a marketing decision and using a popular character like Harley that everyone knows to be the forefront makes complete sense, she draws a lot of eyes to the film but this meant the marketing was missing the mark for me. However like I said I do enjoy these characters so i figured I would give it a watch and make my own decision, so here are my thoughts…..

I absolutely loved this film!!! Does Harley take a central role? yes, the film is taken from her point of view but does this mean that the other characters get pushed to the background? Not in the slightest!! Everyone is given their time to shine and this feels very much the ensemble film I was hoping for from the beginning and what an ensemble!

Obviously Margot Robbie crushes it as Harley, you can see she’s given more free reign to really explore the character and you really get drawn in by her much more than in Suicide Squad, she is funny, hardcore and absolutely insane and with Bruce the Hyena it all just works so well! Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Huntress is great and brings more to the humanity and comedy to the character than you see in the trailers and her story arc is your classic revenge plot with a twist. I’ve loved Rosie Perez since ‘White Men Can’t Jump’ and she doesn’t disappoint at Renee Montoya she just embodies the 80s Gotham Cop and I love it! Ella Jay Basco is awesome as Cassandra Cain a pick pocket mixed up in all this absolute comic insanity just taking it in her stride, brilliant.

But I do need to take a moment to talk about my two favourite characters and performances, first up Ewan McGregor as Black Mask, he was just brilliant, I didnt know what to expect from this version and it wasnt anything like we’ve seen before and because of that I just loved it, he’s equal parts charming and insane…..he’s charmsane! I mentioned before how Black Canary is one of my favourite characters and Jurnee Smollett-Bell is incredible! She is an absolute badass of the highest order, a great version of the character with a great story and that Canary Cry is epic! Oh yeah and that’s actually her singing, amazing! I want more of her Canary and I’m totally down for her origin story or just more of this group as a whole there’s so much you can do with them.

I’m a huge comic fan and while these aren’t the comic versions, they take beats from the comics obviously, but these are new versions of the characters and I just really enjoy that, it makes me want to know more about them, like they’re new but familiar and it just really drew me into the film which can only be a good thing, if you were on the fence like me with this film, don’t be just go strap yourself in let the insanity wash over you in multicoloured wave of madness.

This film is equal parts insanity, comedy and badassery! Its like John Wick in a funhouse mirror, I loved it more of this please and thank you DC!