This Week in DCTV – 22/1/21

Welcome to our new feature here on Earth9! We figured rather than do episode by episode reviews of each show every week (cos lets be fair there’s a lot!!) Instead Jim, Rob, Kendra and Alan will be here once a week to break down what they enjoyed and didn’t enjoy on whatever shows they watched that week, a collection of opinions rather than reviews, we hope you enjoy them!

As it is the only show that has started is Season 2 of Batwoman, so lets find out how the guys found it!

Jim – So Batwoman is back kind of, since the departure of Ruby Rose I’ve been interested to see what they did coming back and how they handled her leaving and I have to say I really enjoyed this premiere episode! Javicia Leslie as Ryan Wilder is excellent and her back story I have to be honest has way more gravitas than Kate Kane’s ever did and that’s just from the first episode!

I’m interested to see where they go with Kate’s disappearance, will it be an ongoing plot point or will they forget about her and all move on to focus on the new storylines, it definitely has me intrigued and I will be back to watch episode 2 next week, so all in all I thought it was a good debut for what could’ve been a difficult sell.

Rob – This was a great introduction to our new Batwoman. I feel like Javicia Leslie has already made a big impact as Ryan and her back story is equally interesting and heartbreaking. She’s what we need in a hero – feisty with a lot of heart.

They did a really good job with Kate’s exit and I like that it seems like her disappearance will play a part in at least the beginning of season 2. The supporting cast were mostly what kept me coming back for more in season 1 and again they kind of carried this episode while we get to know Ryan. Alice especially! Lastly, it was fun to have Alfred play a part in them discovering that Bruce wasn’t really Bruce. I was unsure of what to expect but I’ll definitely be coming back for more.

Alan – Ok, so cards on the table. I never finished watching the first season of Batwoman. I tried, and just couldn’t get into it. I really wanted to love it, because for all I tell people it’s Superman, Batman is probably my favourite character (Sorry Jim), and it was an extension of that.

Nevertheless, I gave this a look, and I enjoyed it more than I expected. The recap was, so with what I had seen and what was given to me there was enough to be going on with. I was pleased they gave an explanation as to where Kate has gone now that we no longer have Ruby Rose, and even a semi plausible reason as to why Ryan has the bat suit. I think it could be interesting how the Ryan has been tied to Alice and her gang, so I’m interested to see where this goes. Will I stick with it this time? I guess time will tell.

Kendra – There really wasn’t going to be a 100 percent satisfactory way to deal with the Ruby Rose storyline and what had been set in motion for season one. We are back at the beginning in a lot of ways with Javicia Leslie, but it was an enjoyable premiere. I am anxious to see how the two storylines and their respect casts will co-exist in the long run. Watching it all unfold should prove interesting.

Come back next Friday for another dose of This Week in DCTV!


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DC panels at Virtual Comicons

If you like us have been missing going to all the various conventions to meet your favourite DC characters,  well GalaxyCon and Wizard World have come to our rescue offering amazing online experiences, with the ability to watch the panels online and submit questions for free! and then having the chance to get one on one video chats with the stars and while still being able to get autographs! They are really keeping the con experience alive during this difficult time. You should definitely head over to and to check out all their upcoming panels and events!

Here are the DC panels that they have already have and there’s still more to come! We will keep updating them so you can see everything DC here at Earth9!

Smallville 2 – Wizard World

Smallville – GalaxyCon

Batwoman – Galaxycon

Arrow – Wizard World

Legends Of Tomorrow – Wizard World

Supergirl – Wizard World

Smallville 1 – Wizard World

Lucifer – Wizard World