Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox Review

Let’s rewind to 2013 and talk about an incredible DC animated movie. Flashpoint is probably The Flash’s most well known storyline and this movie is packed full of action as we witness Barry Allen thrown into an alternative world.

Causing a shift in the timeline by saving his Mum, Barry finds himself living in a reality where Nora West really is still alive but nothing is the same. The Flash doesn’t exist here and Iris doesn’t even know who Barry is. The Flashpoint Paradox throws you straight into the plot with a small introduction of what should have happened before we see the repercussions of Barry’s actions.

In a world where there is a full out war between Wonder Woman and Aquaman, it’s the first appearance of Batman which makes you realise something is not right. His physique, his costume and especially his eyes are all different and that’s before you see the change in his attitude as he’s clearly alright with killing. It was the reveal of Thomas Wayne being Batman in this version of reality that gave me the highlight of the movie as a flashback reveals that Bruce was killed in the alleyway that night and it was haunting seeing Martha Wayne go insane with grief and realising what she goes on to become.

Take everything you know about your favourite DC characters and forget it because in Flashpoint everyone is different. Heroes are villains and villains are trying to restore peace around the world. Speaking of villains, Eobard Thawne as Reverse Flash is portrayed so fantastically as knowing all of Barry’s weaknesses and how to use them to break him down. You’ll also be shocked when you see Superman. Whilst this would be a great starting point for people wanting to explore the world of DC, this story would have much less of an impact if you don’t already have knowledge of the more well known characters at least. Billed as a Justice League movie, The Flash definitely takes the lead and we are shown the more intricate workings of Barry Allen and what drives him.

The anime styled visuals really pay off and at times some scenes are so brutal. Some shots look like they’re taken right out of a comic. I think this makes it more appealing to an adult audience rather than young kids and a sex scene between Diana and Arthur and the tragedy it leads to proves that further. Some great vocal talent really help bring these characters to life and allow you to become immersed in this crazy, alternative world.

The Flashpoint Paradox is a lot of fun. What I love most about it is the ‘what if’ aspect. What if these heroes were not here to do good and what could happen if they used their incredible abilities for bad rather than good? That’s something that made the movie Brightburn so brilliant too. The butterfly effect is in full force as the story’s overarching message plays out. We have to learn to accept the things we cannot change and even if we are given the chance to change the past, the long lasting effect could be even worse.

Superman: Man of Tomorrow Review

Superman: Man of Tomorrow opens a new chapter for the DC animated universe, telling the character’s all familiar origin story but with a fresh spin throwing in some badass villains.

This movie doesn’t focus too much on Clark’s early years and instead practically throws us straight into the action. Darren Criss voices the man of steel and his talents give us a fresh faced, younger hero than we may have seen before. We see him experience pivotal moments such as starting work at The Daily Planet, meeting Lois Lane and being presented with his super suit, which was one of the highlights of the movie. We definitely need more Darren as Superman!

As much as we all love Superman, the villains really compliment each other well, all bringing something different for Superman to battle. The arrival of bounty hunter, Lobo (Ryan Hurst) gives Superman a chance to explore his powers. Lobo is a fantastic character and as big as the threat he poses when he arrives on Earth, the humour he brings almost has you willing him to succeed. Ryan Hurst does a truly fantastic job. The evolution of Parasite (Brett Dalton) plays out so well and really does convey the aspect that villains aren’t always ALL bad. What I especially liked about having Parasite in this movie is that it introduced an element of horror to it. Of course it wouldn’t be a Superman movie without Lex Luthor. Zachary Quinto does a great job in portraying a sneaky, scheming, slithering Lex.

As action packed as Man of Tomorrow is, there are some emotionally fuelled moments thrown in. Superman’s relationship with Martian Manhunter (Ike Amadi) is another real highlight of the movie and there’s a big moment which will have you gasping and maybe even shedding a tear. The initial sparks between Superman/ Clark and Lois Lane (Alexandra Daddario) are captured brilliantly too.

Overall, Man of Tomorrow is really enjoyable. It has heart, humour, hijinks and even a little nudity which will keep you entertained and the vocal talent really is superb. More importantly it leaves you feeling like Superman really is the man of tomorrow.

Superman: Man of Tomorrow, available on digital download Now and Blu-ray™, DVD & Limited-Edition Blu-ray™ with Mini-Figure September 7th.

Superman Red Son Review

Superman Red Son is an amazing Elseworlds story, these are stories that take place outside of the normal comic continuity so lots of different scenarios can be played out, where you can change just one thing and the entire DC Universe is turned on its head, in this instance its ‘What would happen if Superman landed in Russia instead of Smallville in 1946? The answer is a Superman controlled by Stalin with the interests of Mother Russia at his forefront and the US with Lex Luthor as their President married to Lois Lane, throw in Wonder Woman and Batman but not as you know them and you have an incredible animated movie!

I’m a big fan of the original comic it’s up there with Kingdom Come and Superman: The Dark Side as my favourite Elseworlds stories, so when I heard they were making it into an animated movie I was super excited, then when I heard the cast list I was intrigued even more so, Jason Isaacs as Superman, Amy Acker as Lois Lane and Diedrich Bader as Lex Luthor this is a departure from the norm for the DC animated movies and it makes perfect sense, this isn’t the main canon of animated movies, this is set outside of that in a completely different time and it’s awesome!

This movie, kind of like the adaptation of Batman: Hush, takes a detour from the original comic throwing in different story elements and removing other parts and I really like it for that, it means that for people like me that have read the comic a ton something new still, something interesting, so you genuinely don’t know where its going and likewise anyone who then goes to read the comic after seeing this get another experience.

I love the DC animated movies and this is another smash hit, well written, incredibly animated and this one in particular is very thought provoking!

In my eyes Sam Liu, Director of Red Son, Wonder Woman: Bloodlines, Death of Superman, Teen Titans: Judas Contract among many others, can do no wrong, he just gets it, he gets these characters and he gets the worlds they inhabit and I’m a big fan, more of the same please Sam, thank you!

The next animated movie has been announced as Justice League Dark: Apokolips War which will continue the current continuity and it looks awesome! Maybe after that that could do another Elseworlds story, animated Kingdom Come anyone?? Come on WB you know it makes sense 😀

Superman Red Son is out now (16th March) to own on Digital and Blu-ray/DVD pick up your copy here at Warner Bros Store UK

Harley Quinn – S1 Ep2 – A High Bar Review

Writer: Jane Becker

Directed By: Matt Garofalo, Ben Jones and Frank Marino

Starring: Kaley Cuoco, Lake Bell, Alan Tudyk, Diedrich Bader, Jim Rash, Chris Meloni, J. B. Smoove, Matt Oberg, James Adomian, Wayne Knight, Sean Giambrone, Howie Mandel, Rahul Kohli

Villainous Coffee Break

Harley Quinn Episode 2 “A High Bar” sets and surpasses just that. We’re definitely off the rails boys and girls with this one. “A High Bar” gives us the direct aftermath of the Harley/Joker breakup. One thing is for sure, Harley Quinn is having issues.

Friends In Low Places

Harley’s having trouble finding her villainous feet some ground in this episode to be sure. Having broken it off with The Joker, she’s adamant about proving herself to The Legion Of Doom. Harley’s main goal is to prove that she was never just a sidekick, but that she can do bad all by herself. The problem is that in order to do that, she needs to give a bang of an entrance. After a soundboard with Poison Ivy, Harley hacks into the Jokers date book and finds that all of The Legion of Doom will be at a gathering. What better way to make a grand entrance than to crash the party?

Antidote Delivery System

This episode has so many good moments. The humor is delivered ruthlessly and there were many scenes that had me in a laughing fit. Lake Bell and Kaley Cuoco are an absolute blast to watch and hear, as their dynamic is wonderful. Also, seeing Harley call all of the Legion of Doom on their bull is priceless. By far one of the best parts for me. That and Frank the plant, voiced by J.B. Smoove. Honestly, he gets some of the best sequences for humor, and the part where Ivy discovers Kite-Man in her room is priceless.


Harley Quinn Episode 2 was strong and kept the flow going from the first one. I loved the jokes and the storyline. So far this show has my full attention. I love seeing Harley trying to prove herself and I think that she’s doing a good job of figuring herself out without the Joker by her side. I’m sincerely looking forward to the next instalment.

Teen Titans Go Vs Teen Titans Review

Is it ok that a man in his mid 30’s thoroughly enjoyed an animated movie aimed at kids? I don’t even care … this movie was a whole heap of fun.

Bringing back Teen Titans and mixing them up with the Teen Titans Go probably shouldn’t have worked as well as it did. Their animation styles are both very different as are their attitudes but as the movie went on I found myself dreaming of seeing them all thrown together again. It’s also cast superbly with some great vocal talent from Khary Peyton, Tara Strong, Hynden Walch, Greg Cipes and Scott Menville as the Titans, Kevin Michael Richardson as Trigon and Rhys Darby, Grey Griffin, Sean Maher, Robert Morse and Weird Al Yankovic all giving superb performances no matter how big or small their role.

The story kicks off with the Titans Go fumbling around trying to stop The Gentleman Ghost from robbing a bank. After some back and forth, the greedy ghoul’s ability to transport into other people’s body’s has a huge impact on Raven. Her jewel is cracked, meaning her inner demon is about to be unleashed. Well it will be if Trigon has anything to do with it. He orchestrates events to have them kidnapped and taken to an arena hosted by The Master of Games where they are pitted against another version of themselves, the Teen Titans to see who is the best version of each Titan in the universe.

This movie is full of well placed, well timed comedy. As the two versions of the team are brought together in combat we see them impress each other with their skills, square up to each other or in the case of the Starfires, utterly adore each other. From thumb wars to outbeasting each other, this was probably the best part of the movie. Robin from Titans Go has to have the funniest reaction as he tries puffing out his chest to impress the other version and suffers from an ego bashing as the other members of the team bask in the glory of his counterpart. There are two musical numbers which will have you tapping your foot along and are used to show the two teams bonding and eventually agreeing to work together, even if they do themselves confess that the whirligig song is performed to add extra run time.

The team up of Titans fly through the multiverse using the whirligig and have encounters with several other versions of themselves. This was so much fun and would have any DC fan squealing with joy. Even more so when they all fight together to stop an evolved Hexagon from causing utter devastation.

This is a real family movie. The kind you watch on a Sunday afternoon with blankets and popcorn. The kind where you’d happily put it on again right after it’s finished. We need a sequel!