This Week in DCTV – 12/2/21

So no new Batwoman this week, but we did see the return of Black Lightning for its final season, as it goes not a lot of the team watch it! But Justin is here to give you his thoughts on the season premiere.

Justin – Black Lightning is back! After an impressive third season, I entered this season with higher expectations. I am happy to say that this premiere met them! This emotional season opener felt like a back to basics for the series. This show has, at its core, been about the Pierce family. It is great to see the show refocus on the family dynamic that made it successful in the first place. I also appreciate the writers for not brushing over the trauma and fallout of the Markovian War. Sacrifices were made and lines were crossed for the greater good. All of this has definitely taken a toll on Jefferson, Lynn, Anissa, Jen, and Gambi. I am also excited for the eventual confrontation between Jefferson and Tobias, who is set to be the big bad once again. While I am disappointed that this is the final season, I am excited to see how this story unfolds and ultimately concludes.

This Week in DCTV – 5/2/21

Batwoman continues….

Jim – This week Batwoman definitely picks up, the introduction of Victor Zsasz is great, feels like Ryan is getting her own villains which is awesome and her settling into the role really well. I’ll be honest I’d rather they continue this way and maybe lessen Alice some, she’s a great character but her story is very connected to Kate which is cool right now but I would like them to move away at some point. From what we learn in this episode it doesn’t look like they’re doing that any time soon!

We also got some hints at maybe a future villain with the mention of a man in a Black Mask, that’s very exciting!! And a mention of Jack Napier, they’re busting all the villains out this week and we finally got to meet the infamous Safiyah, it will interesting to see well this story goes.

Rob – “Have you seen the damn wig!!!!!”

New look, new Batwoman and this episode was more like it. It gave me what I wanted and we saw Ryan have a little more fun with her new role which brought a much more lighthearted tone. This also meant Mary was the Mary that I love watching too. The fun was brilliantly mixed in with a great villain. Alex Morf was pure joy as Victor Zsasz. Victor maybe wasn’t as threatening as other versions we’ve seen but he was great to watch in this episode.

Alan – Week 3, and we have the usual fixtures in place, Luke is still kidding himself that Kate is coming back and Ryan is just a stand in, and Alice up to all kinds mischief in the background. We also find Ryan trying to make the Batwoman her own and disposed of the red wig. I find this is a shame, I like the red wig and feel it is iconic of the character, but I understand the need and desire to differentiate Ryan from Kate.

Alice is still great, and probably the best character, although I really enjoyed the portrayal of Victor Zsasz. I always enjoy  Zsasz as a character , and often wish he was used (in any media) as one of the “bigger villains”. We find him captured by Batwoman by the end of the episode, I hope we get to see more of him at some point.

Referring to the bigger villains, this now brings me to the main issue I have with this episode. The reference to Jack Napier. Anyone who has seen Batman ’89 knows that Jack Napier is an alias of Joker, and with so many great villains in the DC Universe, do we really need another Joker portrayal? I love the Joker when he’s done well, but I hope they don’t go in that direction.

Kendra – In Season 2 Episode 3 of Batwoman, a contract killer runs amuck in Gotham and Ryan has to stop them.Victor Zsasz, the hitperson, is a wonderful dip into the villain lineup. While it seem Victor kills indiscriminately…there is a definite method to the madness. I love the balance that this episode provides both giving a short story and playing the long game. It isn’t easy to do and when it happens it is so enjoyable.

Also Kate is brought up again as evidence comes to light that she may yet live, and this raises questions on just what they are planning to do with Kate Kane when the airplane crash would have sufficed to close that story. Guess we will see how this one unfolds as the season comes out.

Justin – This was yet another great episode of Batwoman! Javicia Leslie is truly coming into her own as the lead of this series. Ryan Wilder is officially Batwoman as of this episode and it was great to watch. The new suit is fantastic! Alex Morf was simply brilliant as Victor Zsasz. Charming and terrifying, he was the perfect villain for Ryan’s first true outing as her own Batwoman. I found it fascinating that he also inspires Ryan to make Batwoman her own.

I also love the budding friendship between Mary and Ryan. Nicole Kang continues to be a fantastic part of this cast that always brings heart and humor to each episode. Camrus Johnson’s Luke Fox is finally warming up to Ryan which is a joy to watch. Johnson is truly a phenomenal talent. Shivani Ghai’s debut as Safiyah was fantastic as well. Her regal and powerful portrayal of the Queen of Coryana was definitely reminiscent of Matt Nable’s Ra’s Al-Ghul from Arrow. I can’t wait to see if she is telling the truth concerning Kate or if she is simply manipulating Alice.

I am looking forward to what’s next!

This Week in DCTV – 29/1/21

We’re back with just Batwoman again, lets see what the guys thought!!

Jim – Ok so after last weeks triumphant return of Batwoman I was quite excited for this episode…..unfortunately episode 2 didn’t quite live up to the level of the premiere, it was still a good episode, Ryan’s character development continues well and I do really like her but the rest of the ep felt like a little bit like filler, there are a lot of side stories going on so i just feel like they need to tighten it up going forward, but I’m looking forward to where it goes!

Rob – I still love everything about Ryan and it’s fun watching her find her footing as the new Batwoman. Although I enjoyed the interactions between Ryan and Alice very much and the poison bats were fun, this kind of felt like a filler episode to me and for episode two that’s not the best. Ryan discovering Kate’s diary and beginning to write to Kate as she did to Bruce, was a nice touch.

It might be a little crazy because of the general tone of the show but I want to see something a bit more lighthearted from it, more so to have other layers to Ryan so she doesn’t just become the typical, brooding vigilante stereotype.

Alan – Week two, and I came to Batwoman for episode 2, and so far so good. Again I enjoyed this. I though Javicia Leslie was good again as Ryan, but I think Alice steals the show (I thought she did in what I saw of season 1 too). OI thought episode felt very much something that fits well in the “Batman Universe”.

There were a few things that I particularly enjoyed, I chuckled at the cop trying to shoot bats with a shotgun, and I enjoyed the view through the cowl when Ryan was looking for the device bringing in the bats. It felt very much like detective vision from the Arkham game series. I did feel like the bats were gotten rid of a little too easily. I’m not sure that an explosive device that small thrown on the road under a bus would make it explode the way it did and kill all those bats. Then I thought, hey, it’s TV show based on a comic book so we don’t need (and probably don’t want) that to be super realistic.

Overall, once again, I enjoyed this, and look forward to seeing where it goes now that Ryan has now been accepted to become Batwoman officially to give Gotham the hope it needs (until Kate returns)

This Week in DCTV – 22/1/21

Welcome to our new feature here on Earth9! We figured rather than do episode by episode reviews of each show every week (cos lets be fair there’s a lot!!) Instead Jim, Rob, Kendra and Alan will be here once a week to break down what they enjoyed and didn’t enjoy on whatever shows they watched that week, a collection of opinions rather than reviews, we hope you enjoy them!

As it is the only show that has started is Season 2 of Batwoman, so lets find out how the guys found it!

Jim – So Batwoman is back kind of, since the departure of Ruby Rose I’ve been interested to see what they did coming back and how they handled her leaving and I have to say I really enjoyed this premiere episode! Javicia Leslie as Ryan Wilder is excellent and her back story I have to be honest has way more gravitas than Kate Kane’s ever did and that’s just from the first episode!

I’m interested to see where they go with Kate’s disappearance, will it be an ongoing plot point or will they forget about her and all move on to focus on the new storylines, it definitely has me intrigued and I will be back to watch episode 2 next week, so all in all I thought it was a good debut for what could’ve been a difficult sell.

Rob – This was a great introduction to our new Batwoman. I feel like Javicia Leslie has already made a big impact as Ryan and her back story is equally interesting and heartbreaking. She’s what we need in a hero – feisty with a lot of heart.

They did a really good job with Kate’s exit and I like that it seems like her disappearance will play a part in at least the beginning of season 2. The supporting cast were mostly what kept me coming back for more in season 1 and again they kind of carried this episode while we get to know Ryan. Alice especially! Lastly, it was fun to have Alfred play a part in them discovering that Bruce wasn’t really Bruce. I was unsure of what to expect but I’ll definitely be coming back for more.

Alan – Ok, so cards on the table. I never finished watching the first season of Batwoman. I tried, and just couldn’t get into it. I really wanted to love it, because for all I tell people it’s Superman, Batman is probably my favourite character (Sorry Jim), and it was an extension of that.

Nevertheless, I gave this a look, and I enjoyed it more than I expected. The recap was, so with what I had seen and what was given to me there was enough to be going on with. I was pleased they gave an explanation as to where Kate has gone now that we no longer have Ruby Rose, and even a semi plausible reason as to why Ryan has the bat suit. I think it could be interesting how the Ryan has been tied to Alice and her gang, so I’m interested to see where this goes. Will I stick with it this time? I guess time will tell.

Kendra – There really wasn’t going to be a 100 percent satisfactory way to deal with the Ruby Rose storyline and what had been set in motion for season one. We are back at the beginning in a lot of ways with Javicia Leslie, but it was an enjoyable premiere. I am anxious to see how the two storylines and their respect casts will co-exist in the long run. Watching it all unfold should prove interesting.

Come back next Friday for another dose of This Week in DCTV!