Crisis On Infinite Earths – Pt1 – Supergirl Review


Crisis On Infinite Earths is here and the Arrowverse will never be the same. The Supergirl chapter of this epic event was nothing short of thrilling, action packed, and deeply emotional. This exciting hour of television featured surprising cameos, incredible action scenes featuring multiple heroes, and the heartbreaking death of Oliver Queen/Green Arrow. Let’s breakdown this incredible first chapter!

The voice of The Monitor (guest star LaMonica Garrett) explains the birth of the Multiverse. The explanation turns dark as he begins to tell of the anti-matter wave taking out universes. We get brief cameos from various other Earths including: Robert Wuhl as Alexander Knox (from Batman 1989) (Earth-89), Alan Ritchson and Curran Walters as Hawk and Jason Todd/Robin (from Titans) in San Francisco on Earth-9, Russell Tovey as The Ray on Earth-X, and last but not least Burt Ward (from Earth-66) as Dick Grayson. Each of the Earths are obliterated by the anti-matter wave.

Meanwhile, the heroes of Earth-38 gather to discuss the world wide earthquakes. J’onn (David Harewood) arrives and warns them of the coming Crisis. Realizing their world as well as Argo is in danger, they ban together to save as many people as possible.

On Argo City, Clark (guest star Tyler Hoechlin) and Lois (guest star Elizabeth Tulloch) gush over their baby son Jonathan. Kara (Melissa Benoist) appears via hologram to warn them of the planet’s imminent destruction. The red skies appear and the planet begins to quake. The people of Argo run in terror as Alura Zor-El (guest star Erica Durance) tries to calm them, She helps Clark and Lois send the baby off world in their only pod. In a beautiful homage to the Superman films, the pod blasts away before Argo is destroyed.

Meanwhile on Earth 1, Harbinger (guest star Audrey Marie Anderson) gathers various heroes including Oliver Queen (guest star Stephen Amell), Mia Smoak (guest star Kat McNamara), Barry Allen/Flash (guest star Grant Gustin), Kate Kane/Batwoman (guest star Ruby Rose), Sara Lance (guest star Caity Lotz), and Ray Palmer/Atom (guest star Brandon Routh).Clark and Lois are revealed to be alive, with Harbinger saving them at the last minute. She brings them all to Earth-38 to inform them of the pressing threat. They quickly formulate a plan to save the people of this Earth and locate the baby Kryptonian whose pod went off course in the aftermath of Argo’s destruction. Brainy (Jesse Wrath) and Sara accompany Lois on a mission to retrieve the baby while the rest of them defend the people as they evacuate the planet. Team Supergirl including Nia (Nicole Maines) and Kelly Olsen (Azie Tesfai) help guide people into rescue ships. They also require Lena Luthor’s (Katie McGrath) help in creating a Transmatter Portal that will help get more people off world. Though she still harbors resentment for Alex and Kara, she still aids them in this life or death endeavor.

Meanwhile, Clark and Kara mourn the loss of Alura and Argo. Superman questions whether he deserved a life without the cape. Kara encourages him that they both deserve happiness. She also reminds him that Krypton is a spirit not place. Oliver and Mia share another heartfelt moment in which he gifts her with her own Green Arrow suit and officially passes on the mantle. Following this, Oliver meets up with Barry. Barry tells him that he is fated to die in this Crisis. Oliver is furious and confronts the Monitor, who tells him that their deal does not apply to this Crisis.

Brainy locates baby Jonathan in Star City on Earth-16, but in the year 2046. If that rings a bell, that’s because it is the same Star City 2046 that was visited by the Legends in the first season of DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow. Once there the trio encounters and older Oliver Queen and finds the baby safe and sound. Sara and this alternate universe Ollie share a beautiful reunion that reflects the reality of Earth-1.

Back on Earth-38, Oliver, Mia, Barry, Ray, Batwoman, Supergirl, and Superman engage with the Anti-Monitor’s army: an overwhelming amount of Shadow Demons. A Quantum Tower arises which holds off the coming anti-matter wave, but not for long. The heroes are successful in getting three billion people to safety, but The Monitor appears saying the battle is lost. He teleports the heroes to Earth-1, but Oliver refuses to leave until everyone is safe. He fights to his last breath and makes a noble sacrifice. The Monitor brings him back to Earth-1 where he dies surrounded by his friends and family. Nash Wells appears, now Pariah, as he unknowingly unleashed the Anti-Monitor from his cage. He now is serving his penance as he fated to watch the villain’s actions unfold. He announces that things have changed and they are all doomed.

Thus concludes part one! I am absolutely blown away by this first chapter. I was not expecting the death of Oliver to happen so soon. However, it was a beautifully heartbreaking moment. It still hasn’t fully registered for me though. The rest of the episode was simply magical in every way. I really enjoyed the cameos at the beginning and the epic shots of the heroes working together I also appreciated that it also still felt like and episode of Supergirl at points. I also liked that each main character from Supergirl (minus Eve, Andrea Rojas, and Dey) appeared and had a part to play.

Overall, this lived up to hype so far. Can’t wait to see what happens next!

Stay tuned to Earth-9 for more Crisis recaps & reviews!

The Flash 90s – Ep13 – Tina, Is that you? Review

This is an episode I have not been looking forward to. I can hear you now “But Jamie I thought you loved The Flash TV show” I do but this episode along with episode 2 Out of Control are the two exceptions to the rule. This has nothing to do with the acting especially as Amanda Pays is great as Tina and she gets to show another side of Tina’s personality. It’s just that the story doesn’t click with me and that other side of Tina is one I would not like to see again.

Its 2am and Barry is awoken by someone at his door. That someone happens to be Tina. She tells Barry that she couldn’t sleep as she has a confession to make, she loves Barry. They kiss (it’s about time) and they are about to talk about their relationship going forward but they hear a lady screaming outside. The lady has been mugged by a masked assailant. The Flash catches up to the mugger. The mugger pulls off their mask and The Flash is shocked to see that it’s Tina. Tina tells The Flash that see despises him, she made him, she can speed him up, she can slow him down, she can let him live and she can make him die. At this point Tina pulls a gun on The Flash…..roll titles. As Tina pulls the trigger Barry wakes up in bed sweating.

At S.T.A.R Labs Barry explains to Tina that he is having trouble sleeping, she suggests that she transfers some alpha waves (neural oscillations that help us relax) from her mind to Barry’s, it would help him relax and get some sleep. It just so happens that she has a Bio feedback machine to help her do that. Tina and Barry are hooked up to the machine and as the transference happens Barry starts to have flashbacks from his dream the night before. He sees the Tina who loved him and the Tina who hated him. As the evil Tina shoots him he screams NO and the machine overloads causing it to explode and throw Tina from her chair and renders her unconscious.

A few hours later at the hospital a doctor tells Barry that Tina will be ok but she needs some rest, he suggests that Barry should go home and do the same. A nurse brings Tina some tea and breakfast but uncharacteristically Tina pours the tea on the floor, demands coffee and throws the breakfast on the floor. Barry arrives with some flowers but now Tina is acting like her normal self (something isn’t right here).

At the crime lab Julio has figured out that it was a faulty circuit board that caused Tina’s accident. He reminds Barry about a blind date he has set up for him. Barry brings up all the failed blind dates in the past including one with person who thought she was a reincarnated Babylonian Priestess. Julio assures Barry that his date (Lisa) is great and she is an architectural designer. As always Julio convinces Barry to go through with the date.

On his way home Barry hears a police despatch report about a robbery at a fur exchange. The Flash arrives to find The Black Rose Gang loading fur into a car. One of them (Harley, no not Quinn) tries to shoot him but The Flash is a lot faster than a speeding bullet and ties the gang up in the fur they had stolen. After The Flash has left Bellows and Murphy arrive to arrest the gang but they overpower the officers and escape. The gang manage to outrun the police in their car but The Flash has set up a road block for them. Ignoring calls to stop Harley tires to run The Flash over but ends up crashing the car and killing herself. The two remaining members Shauna and Janie escape and disappear.

From her hospital bed Tina is watching a news report about the gang and the death of their leader Harley. Tina wonders if the gang needs a new leader.

Barry visits Tina and she gets angry when he mentions his date with Lisa and he won’t cancel it so he can bring Tina Chinese food instead. When Barry asks her what is going on she pretends that she was joking. I don’t think Barry was convinced.

At their hideout in a tattoo parlour Shauna and Janie argue over what to do next. Janie wants to skip town but Shauna decides to get revenge on The Flash first. Tina checks out of the hospital but before she does she punches her favourite nurse in the face.

Barry’s date with Lisa is going very well. He invites her into his apartment and let’s just say they are having a great time until Tina interrupts them. Tina claims that she is getting married to Barry. As Barry tries to explain that they are not Lisa slaps him and storms off. Barry demands an explanation from Tina. She says that she is teaching him a lesson. She is tired of being treated like dirt by Barry and if he tries to make her go back to the hospital she will tell everyone that he is The Flash.

Tina finds the gang at the tattoo parlour and she explains to them that she can help them with their Flash problem.

Barry has left Tina 10 answer phone messages but she has not called back. Julio found a package for Barry from Tina; it’s a videotape which they watch together. I thought it was a little weird that Barry let Julio watch it as anything could have been on that tape including his information on his double life. On the tape Tina apologises to Barry and tells him that she is going to stay with her sister for a while until she feels better. Julio thinks problem solved but Barry seems a little bit suspicious. Julio has good news for Barry; Lisa has been told that Barry isn’t getting married to Tina so she is willing to give him another chance. They have another date set up.

Just as Barry and Lisa meet up for their date at a sushi bar the bank across the street is being robbed. Barry goes over to investigate. Inside the bank Tina (who is wearing a mask) and her new associates are grabbing all the money they can. The Flash arrives but Tina is ready for him. She shoots him with a dart which slows him down and the gang get away. Outside Tina sees Lisa and the gang kidnap her.

Tina reveals herself to Lisa. Lisa thinks she has been kidnapped because Tina has a crazy infatuation with Barry but Tina grabbed her because she knows Lisa is the perfect bait to lure The Flash.

Barry tests the compound in the dart and discovers that it contained a concentrated form of insulin and that caused a rapid but brief slowdown of The Flash’s speed. Julio has the prints from the gun which shot The Flash and Barry discovers that they belong to (shock horror) Tina.

Tina phones Barry and demands that he meets her at the old Central City power building or Lisa dies. The Flash arrives and sees Tina with the gang. He grabs her and tries to talk sense into her. Tina pretends to be her old self but she tricks The Flash and locks him in a room with Lisa. Tina floods the room with gas but The Flash reverses the flow of a fan and it blows the gas back out of the room. He then uses the fan to cut his way out. As The Flash was saving them Lisa overheard the gang talking about the tattoo parlour and she tells The Flash. Before they leave the building The Flash notices that the poison used in the gas was non lethal.

The Flash makes it to the parlour (I assume he dropped Lisa off somewhere safe) and he removes the wheel nuts from the gangs car. The Flash finds Tina and runs off with her. The gang try to follow but the wheels fly off of the car and they are arrested.

Barry knows the real Tina is still there so he connects Tina and himself to the repaired Bio feedback machine. Inside their connected minds The Flash reasons with the evil dream version of Tina and she breaks down crying. In the real world Barry disconnects them from the machine and hugs Tina.

Barry finally gets a proper date with Lisa before she fly’s back to Chicago. Later he tells Tina that he has covered for her so she will have no issues with the police. She thanks Barry and tells him that if he ever has trouble sleeping again try a warm glass of milk.
By the way Lisa was played by Yvette Nipar, a great actress who also played Robocop’s partner Detective Lisa Madigan in the Robocop TV show. I loved that show too.

The Flash 90s – Ep12 – The Trickster Review

Finally the greatest villain of the 90s Flash TV show is here. The Trickster (played perfectly by the legendary Mark Hamill) has arrived to make The Flash’s life hell.

Our old friend Megan Lockhart is in Willow Haven and she is in a lot of trouble. Megan is trying to contact Barry but all she can do is leave him a message before she is found by a man dressed as a magician.

It’s movie night at Barry’s apartment. Tina, Barry and Barry’s dog Earl are getting ready to watch The Philadelphia Story when Barry notices a message on his answering machine. He hears Megan’s message. As Willow Haven is 150 miles away Tina warns Barry about going there as he could suffer muscle fatigue or a blackout. But being the hero he is Barry has to go. He leaves Tina with Earl who helps himself to some popcorn.

The magician who introduces himself as James Jesse is on a stage in front a massive crowd of…. mannequins. He shoots one because it “heckled” him. This James Jesse chap might be a little bit crazy. He pulls out a box with Megan inside and he intends to saw her in half. She tries to reason with him but he talks like they have known each other for a long time. He even states that they have performed this trick a thousand times before. Outside The Flash finds Megan’s van. James is about to do the deed but The Flash pushes Megan out of the way. The Flash punches James and ties him in the box.

The police arrive to take James away and tell Megan that he has multiple identities and is wanted for murder in five states. James corrects the office and claims its six states. As they drive James away he proclaims his love to Megan. As he is exhausted Barry asks Megan for a lift, she suggests they go for a bite to eat first.

A few hours later they arrive at Barry’s apartment to find poor Tina half asleep on Barry’s couch. Tina leaves as she has an early appointment. She seemed a little upset that Barry brought Megan back with him. Megan spends the night in Barry’s bed and so does Barry, I wonder if they got any sleep?

The police are transporting James to the state lock up. All James is talking about his hatred for The Flash and The Flash stole Megan away from him. As James is ranting he picks the lock on his handcuffs, knocks out the office next to him and shoots the driver. The police car screeches to a halt, James dumps the officers and drives off; he believes he is the man to save Megan from the clutches of the evil Flash. He pulls up at an abandoned prop warehouse and breaks in. Inside the warehouse James declares that The Flash won’t keep Megan from his side and The Flash may have defeated James Jessie but he’ll never defeat The Trickster.

At breakfast Megan tells Barry what’s she has been up to since they last met. Julio interrupts a kiss and asks Barry if he is going to the policeman’s costume ball on Saturday. He is and he asks Megan if she will be his date, only problem is he has already asked Tina (silly forgetful Barry). Tina turns up and is visibly unhappy that Barry forgot he asked her. Tina tells Barry not to worry and to take Megan. I’m feeling really bad for Tina on this episode. It’s always the reliable people who get taken for granted.

At the police station Bellows thinks his partner Murphy is The Flash as he never sees them in the same place at the same time. Murphy tells Barry about this and Barry informs Murphy that his secret is safe with him. Lt. Garfield arrives with the news that James Jesse has escaped and killed two police officers. Barry tries to convince Megan that James won’t come to Central City but we know that is not the case.

At the warehouse Trickster is talking to Megan as if she was there, he even does a crude impression of her. He calls her Prank and even has a costume already made for her. He shows off to “Prank” his latest creation The Trickster mobile.

Megan and Barry are talking in the park when The Trickster Mobile arrives with a gift in tow. It’s a life size statue of The Flash (which includes a Jay Garrick style helmet) with a bomb in its hand. The Trickster introduces himself to the city and he is here to rescue them from the menace known as The Flash. The Trickster drives off laughing. Megan realises that The Trickster is James and she notices the bomb is starting to smoke. The Flash saves two kids who were too near the bomb just before it explodes.

Garfield blames The Flash for The Trickster showing up. He feels that The Flash draws the crazy villains out of the woodwork. Barry worries that Garfield is right. Megan blames it on society. I think she is right. Bellows tells Barry that The Trickster has taken hostages at Hecksapoppin Novelties Costume store (great name btw).

At the store The Trickster is singing and stealing. He has already killed one of the hostages for not singing and he warns the remaining hostages that they better start piping up or else. Megan sneaks in through the rear entrance and pulls a gun on The Trickster. He thinks she is still under The Flash’s influence. The Flash turns up at the front entrance and speeds the hostages to safety. The Trickster sets off a smoke grenade and drives off. The Flash chases after him but The Trickster is ready for him. He opens the boot of The Trickster mobile and thousands of marbles pour out on to the street. The Flash slips on them and injures his knee. I think his pride is hurt more than his knee.

Tina takes care of Barry’s knee and she asks how they are going to take down The Trickster. Barry rudely dismisses Tina and asks Megan what they are going to do next. Megan says she will deal with The Trickster on her own and she leaves.

Megan uses her contacts to work out where The Trickster’s hideout is. At the crime lab an FBI agent Bob Endicott asks Barry for assistance in locating The Trickster and he wants to put Megan under FBI protection. Barry informs him that she is staying at his apartment.

Megan finds The Trickster’s hideout and sees The Prank costume and a photo of her face on a mannequin. Back on the street The Trickster has set off fireworks and set up traps. Bellows asks Murphy to change into his Flash costume and save the day, before he can answer Murphy is caught in a trap and knocked out. Bellows doesn’t notice due to the noise of the fireworks. The real Flash runs past Bellows and he thinks it’s his partner. The Flash disables all of the fireworks.

Barry finds Endicott is in his apartment. Earl is barking at him. Megan has left another message on Barry’s answer machine. She tells him that she has found The Trickster’s hideout and gives him the address. Endicott offers to give Barry a lift. That was nice of him.

They arrive at the hideout and meet up with Megan. Without warning Endicott uses chloroform to put Barry to sleep. He then distracts Megan with a confetti cannon and proceeds to knock her out. Endicott removes a false nose, chin and moustache to reveal that he is in fact The Trickster. A short time later we see Megan tied up to a statue in a Prank costume. An unconscious Barry is tied upside over a tank of water. The Trickster laughs as he lowers Barry into the tank while Megan watches on in horror. Instead of waiting to see Barry drown The Trickster grabs Megan and leaves. Barry awakens and vibrates until the tank breaks.

Tina visits Barry at his apartment. He tells her that The Trickster has got Megan and he doesn’t know where they are. They decided that the only way to catch The Trickster is to think illogically. Barry draws up some signs calling out The Trickster to the policeman’s costume ball at the (Carmine) Infantino Hotel.

At the ball Murphy arrives dressed as The Flash but I must say that the costume isn’t exactly accurate; The Flash doesn’t wear a cape. We see many nice costumes at the ball including a cowboy, Superman and 11 people dressed as The Flash. In fact there’s even a chef, a chef who looks a little tricky. He places a tray on a table, it starts to smoke and everyone starts to choke. The Trickster (with a gas mask) confronts Murphy thinking he is The Flash. Even though he is choking Murphy calls The Trickster a dipstick. The Flash clears the air and removes the smoking tray. Megan who was tied up under a table frees herself and throws The Trickster over her shoulder. The Flash starts to juggle candle sticks around The Trickster and ends up throwing them at The Trickster until he collapses.

Bellows and Murphy chuck The Trickster into a police van. Bellows apologises for thinking Murphy was The Flash as he saw them both at the same time. Murphy makes the point that as The Flash is so fast he can be on two places at once. Bellows looks confused. As the police van drives away The Trickster screams that he is The Flash. On another world maybe he is. Megan decides to leave Central City and go work in San Francisco much to Barry’s chagrin.

I love Mark Hamill and I love The Trickster so it’s very obvious that I loved this episode. Joyce Hyser deserves special praise also as she was brilliant as Megan Lockhart.

The Flash 90s – Ep11 – Beat the Clock Review

Last time out the focus of the episode was on Tina this time it’s on another wonderful character Julio and it’s about time.

One hour before his execution Wayne Cotrell (a famous jazz musician) is playing his saxophone in his cell. Barry Allen is watching a news report which tells us that Wayne was convicted for the murder of his wife and one of finest modern jazz stylists ever Linda Lake. Julio has always defended Wayne and he still believes that his oldest friend is innocent.

Musician Dave Buell calls the lab looking for Julio but as Julio has just stormed out of the lab after an argument his Lt. Garfield he gives Barry a message. He has stolen a tape that will prove Wayne’s innocence. He wants Julio to meet him at the Take Five club in 15 minutes. Before he has a chance to hang up Dave is attacked and murdered. His hat and tape fall to the ground.

The Flash arrives outside the Take Five. He finds the tape and the hat but before he can pick up the tape a lorry drives over it.

Barry asks Julio to meet him at the Take Five. Inside the club Wayne’s brother Elliott is being interviewed by Joe Kline. Elliott protests his brother’s innocence. As Barry finds Dave Buell’s trumpet case he hears the club’s bouncer Wisper argues with Julio. Elliott calms the situation down and welcomes Julio into the club. Elliott recognises Barry as he is a regular patron of the club. Barry asks Elliott if the rumour of unreleased tracks by Linda are true. Elliott says if they exist and if he finds them he will release them for all her fans to hear. Barry remarked that he could make a fortune if it’s true. Barry wonders where Dave is. Elliott claimed Dave was in Chicago. That seems suspicious as we know that’s not the case. As Barry and Julio leave Elliott has a chat with Wisper.

Barry shows Julio the broken tape. Barry thinks Tina can fix it.

Barry picks Tina up from a performance of Swan Lake and brings her to S.T.A.R Labs. He explains the situation to her and she thinks she can digitize the tape but it may not be finished in time.

Father Michael chats with Wayne. Wayne tells the father that he has nothing to confess. After the father has left Wayne receives another visitor….The Flash. Wayne tells The Flash about the night Linda was killed. Linda and Wayne had an argument on stage; they used to have disagreements all the time. He left the club and meet with a groupie called Suzy Storm. They went back to her place but all they did was talk about how Wayne loved Linda. Wayne mentioned that Suzy loved Jazz musicians; she even had custom saxophone earrings. The next day Wayne finds out Linda is dead and he is accused of her murder. He tried to find Suzy as she was his alibi but she had disappeared. The Flash heard Linda was leaving Wayne to go live in LA. Wayne said Linda made her first record with Elliott (who was the producer) but she didn’t want to do a second one with him as he was too controlling. She was going to LA to work with a big time producer who would let her call the shots. The Flash promises Wayne that he will do whatever he can to prove his innocence.

Wisper is telling Elliott that the tape wasn’t on Buell’s body. Elliott wants Wisper to kill Julio was he is getting too nosy.

Julio pulls up at the Municipal records building. Unfortunately for him he is not alone. Meanwhile Tina has had a breakthrough with the digitizer. She plays a part of the digitized tape for Barry. He recognises Linda’s voice but not the song she is singing. Back at the records building Julio picks up the file and an evidence bag from Wayne’s case. Around the corner Wisper is waiting for Julio with a garrotte wire to strangle him with. Just a Julio is about to walk past Wisper he sees two men wheeling Dave Buell’s body down the hall. He asks what happened to him and it told the body was found strangled in a nearby alleyway. Strangled? I wonder who could have done that. Julio followed them to the morgue.

Tina has digitized more of the tape. Barry hears a recent tune by Dave Buell with Linda’s voice singing over it. Tina asks how that can be the case as Linda was killed a year ago. Julio arrives and tells them what happened to Dave. They tell Julio about the tape, he thinks it’s a fake. Tina compares the voice print from the tape with Linda’s CD and it’s a perfect match. Tina plays more of the tape and we hear Elliott voice saying “I’d like to help you remember”. Julio and Barry go though the evidence bag and they find a custom made saxophone earring. That earring was found in the car wreck where they also found “Linda’s” body. The only reason they thought it was Linda was due to her dental records, Julio deduces that the dental records must have been switched with Suzy’s. That’s why Suzy never gave Wayne an alibi. Julio and Barry go off to confront Elliott. They ask Tina to call the governor so he can stop the execution. Tina tries to do so but she is cut off by the governor’s rude assistant.

The lights go out at S.T.A.R Labs.

Wisper (who had followed Julio to S.T.A.R Labs earlier) confronts Tina and demands the tape. He knocks her down and he smashes the digitizer.

Outside the Take Five Barry looks at Elliott’s apartment (which is above the club) and asks Julio why one of the windows is boarded up. Julio doesn’t know and he enters the club. Barry goes to investigate the apartment. Barry changes his clothes and The Flash un-boarders the window. He sees Elliott at a mixing desk and a very much alive Linda (played by the extremely talented Angela Bassett) singing a new song. Thanks to Elliott drugging her Linda has lost her memory. Elliott keeps her locked in his apartment. He tells her until her memory returns it’s for her own good. She thinks singing these songs will help her remember but as she is being drugged that’s unlikely to happen. With all this new material being recorded by a “dead” singing someone could make a lot of money when these lost recordings are released.

In the backroom of the Take Five Julio overhears Elliott and Wisper talking. Elliott wants Julio and Barry dead. Wisper offers to kill Linda too but Elliott wants her alive as she is a goldmine. They talk about the night Linda “died”. Elliott lost his temper with Linda because she was going to LA. He beat her up. Wisper killed Suzy and put her in Linda’s car and they let Wayne take the fall. Wisper finally convinces Elliott that killing Linda for real this time is the right thing to do. While Wisper takes care of that Elliott is going to see his brother fry on the electric chair.

Wisper finds The Flash trying to convince Linda to go with him but she is too confused. Wisper pushes The Flash out of a window and he hits the ground hard. Wisper tells Linda it’s time to go for a ride.

The warden comes for Wayne; it’s nearly time for his execution. Julio confronts Wisper outside the club. While Wisper beats the hell out of Julio Linda wonders off and walks into the Take Five and The Flash regains consciousness.

Everyone is stunned to see Linda walkthrough the Take Five. She walks up to the stage and starts to sing. Outside The Flash stops Wisper from killing Julio and knocks him out.

Wayne is allowed to talk to Elliott. Wayne apologises for not treating Elliott right when they were growing up. A surprised Elliott responds with “I know you didn’t do it”. But rather than confess to everyone what really happened he sits down to watch his brother’s execution.

The Flash runs Linda to the prison.

Wayne is strapped into the electric chair.

The Flash and Linda make it to the prison. As the executioner is pulling the switch down The Flash un-straps Wayne from the chair. The Flash presents Linda to the warden. Seeing Wayne Linda regains her memory. Elliott knows that the jig is up grabs a gun from a guard. The Flash stops him and he is arrested.

The reunited couple are performing at the Take Five; after they finish their set they join Julio and Barry at a table. Instead of Buffalo wings they have Flash wings, in honour of the man who saved Wayne’s life.

This was another top episode, one of my favourites in fact but next time it gets even better as The Flash will meet one of his most iconic rogues played by an iconic actor. In two weeks it’s time for The Trickster.

The Flash 90s – Ep10 – Sight Unseen Review

S.T.A.R Labs security guards have it rough but not because of the dangers involved with the job but the person they have to work for. Ruth Werneke is the Labs chief administrator and she is no joke. She threatened one guard with the sack because she thought he was being lazy and she moans at Tina for not finishing a report. As Tina has to stay late to finish the report she cannot join Barry at the race track. Ruth’s favourite guard notices something strange on one of the security cameras, a cool storage unit’s door opening by itself. He goes to investigate but he is injected by a syringe and dies. It appears that there is an invisible man on the loose. He releases a toxin in the lab and promptly makes his exit. Outside the lab the invisible man becomes visible (he has a device on his belt which makes this possible) and he talks about taking revenge on the city and that he will become the destroyer of worlds, which sounds lovely. Tina is startled by the labs toxi alarm. The lab goes into lockdown and both Tina and Ruth are trapped inside with the neurotoxin.

Barry calls the lab but gets an automated message saying that the phone line is currently inoperable. The Flash runs off to the lab to see what the problem is. Tina and Ruth discover the dead guard. Tina notices an empty vial holder with project pandora printed on it. Tina asks Ruth what experiments were going on in there but Ruth claims she doesn’t know. I think someone is lying.

As Barry can’t gain access to the lab he breaks into a nearby S.T.A.R Labs van which has equipment inside allowing him to contact Tina. Despite Ruth’s objections Tina shows Barry camera footage of the guard dying and vials floating across the room by themselves. Thanks to one of her retrieval programs Tina brings up the project pandora file. We find out it was a project for the government weapons research centre to develop nerve toxins. The project director was Dr Emil Velinski and the project coordinator was……Ruth Werneke. Tina admonishes Ruth for dealing with nerve toxins. Barry goes to find Dr Velinski to gain more info on the project. Barry was too late as the invisible man got to Valinski first and strangled him to death.

Meanwhile Tina was able to find out more info on the project. Two of the vials were an experimental deadly toxin. The third was the only existing vial of anti toxin. Due to the toxin being released in the lab Tina and Ruth have less than 4 hours to live.

Federal agent Quinn arrives and tells Barry to leave as he and his team will deal with the situation. Barry won’t leave but he is ordered by Lieutenant Garfield to stand down. Tina wants to analyse the toxin to find out what makes it tick. Julio jams Quinn’s radio signal so he doesn’t notice Barry talking to Tina over the police communications network. Quinn informs Tina that Barry Allen is off the case but just as he says that he is cut off (Cheers Julio) and Barry appears on her monitor. Tina has discovered the name of Valinski’s lab assistant a Dr Cartwright. Barry deduces that Cartwright will be the invisible man’s next target so he runs off to find him.

Barry brings Cartwright to the police lab so he can try to reconstruct the anti toxin. Tina tells Barry to find the vials of toxin before the whole city is infected. Quinn and his team burst in to the police lab and arrest Barry for interfering with their investigation. They also take Cartwright away to work for them. Bellows and Murphy see Barry being arrested so they go to tell Garfield. As this is happening their police car is stolen by the invisible man.

Quinn interrogates Cartwright over the project. Cartwright knows nothing and just wants to make an antidote. Quinn doesn’t seem to care if Tina and Ruth die or not. The agent looking after Cartwright is knocked out. A voice tells Cartwright that he is death and he stabs him. Barry vibrates out of his handcuffs and runs over to the dying Cartwright. Cartwright recognised the voice and tells Barry a name, Gideon (no not that one). Barry now dressed as The Flash is attacked by Gideon but he manages to shake him off. Gideon lands on a police car and has now become visible. Quinn and his team see Gideon but he disappears before they can get him.

Back at the police lab Barry and Julio find out some info on Gideon. He was a physicist and Biochemist that worked for S.T.A.R Labs 6 months ago and before that he worked for the Government Weapons Research Centre. But Gideon left for some reason. Barry goes to find him. At Gideon’s hideout he talks about poisoning the water supply so that the toxin can spread throughout the city. The Flash arrives and tries to convince Gideon to give him the antidote. Gideon tells The Flash a story of how 2,000 people died on the island of Costa Luca due to a nerve gas leak from a secret government lab developing chemical weapons. Quinn was in charge of that facility and Gideon quit in disgust. He went to work for S.T.A.R Labs for a fresh start but then found out they were developing the toxin for Quinn and that is why he started his quest for revenge. Gideon also informs The Flash that he got a brain tumour from the incident in Costa Luca and he is dying. The Flash nearly gets through to Gideon to give up his antidote but Quinn and his team storm Gideon’s hideout. Gideon thinks The Flash set him up so he turns invisible and escapes.

Tina is having no luck working on the antidote. So she tries to think of a way to catch Gideon. Ruth suggests they use his own body heat to see him when he is invisible. They fax their idea to Barry and he asks the search and rescue team for some of their new infrared gear. The Flash tracks Gideon to the Central City reservoir. Gideon sneaks up on him and injects him with the toxin. He takes the infrared gear and stomps on it (well that gear did a lot of good). The Flash’s metabolism quickly deals the toxin and he vibrates it out of his system. He sees a vial moving towards a metal water tank. The Flash conducts electricity from an electrical panel onto the metal water tank. This shocks Gideon and shorts out his invisibility device. Before he dies Gideon begs The Flash to make the people responsible for the incident in Costa Luca to pay.

Just as Quinn’s team blow the doors off of S.T.A.R Labs to end the lockdown The Flash runs into the lab and grabs Tina and Ruth. As his body rejected the toxin earlier his blood contains the antibodies to neutralise the toxin in Tina and Ruth thus saving them. Due to his involvement with the toxin Quinn is relieved of duty and will face a full investigation in Washington. Ruth will testify against him. Barry suggests that when Tina feels better they will finally get to go to the race track.

Finally we get an episode where Tina was the main focus. Amanda Pays always delivers and she was on top form in Sight Unseen.