Crisis On Infinite Earths – Pt5 – Legends Of Tomorrow Review

For Ollie

We all knew from the outset that the Monitor had foreseen Oliver’s death and in a bargain Oliver had agreed to sacrifice his life to restore the balance and to save Kara and Barry. This bargain set up the most anticipated crossover in years and the finale did not disappoint. It answered a number of questions besides opening up possibilities. Saving the multiverse meant creating a new beginning and this new beginning has seen earths merge, bad guys become good guys and changes to the team’s families. The team may need time to discover what has changed but what hasn’t is the celebration of friends and family and the continued sacrifice that Oliver made.

The team didn’t have long to grieve before having to deal with a giant Beebo and jewellery robbery. Personally I would have just removed its batteries. However it isn’t long before the Anti-Monitor and his Shadow Hunters are back. Oliver’s sacrifice restored the universe but did not kill the Anti-Monitor. The team split up to tackle the Shadow Hunters. We have a team of substance between Mick, Killer Frost and the newly named Sparkles. This earth isn’t going to be lacking in terms of heroes.   This was the team’s challenge to face. To defeat the Anti-Monitor the geek team devise a shrink bomb which cuts the Anti-Monitor down to size and victory is finally achieved. The Paragons working together to protect Oliver’s legacy.

Although the team won the loss of Oliver is felt widely and the world acknowledges the role that Oliver Queen played and the sacrifice that he made. The dedication to Oliver and the feeling of loss is clear throughout the episode. The round table was a really clever touch with the green arrow seat remaining vacant but still with a seat at the table. The table being round to me has significance and almost an Arthuresque  quality – the circle has no beginning and no end which fits with the infinite universes that they saved. There is no head of the table because the circle means that they are all equal. A truly remarkable symbol of equality.

I really hoped that somehow fate could be changed and Ollie would make it through somehow. But Ollie did succeed in saving his family, his friends and the multiverse. I am intrigued with how this single / new merged world of heroes will play out and what other changes to the world they knew? I guess when they go back to their cities we will see whether everything is as it appears. Has Lex really changed his colours? The teams will now have a new variety of dangers and this opens the possibilities for the evil that they could face going forward. Although this episode is moving Arrow towards its ultimate conclusion I really enjoyed the celebration of family, friendship and the duty that the team feels it has to each other and the multiverse. The circular table of paragons is a symbol of bringing together the best that the world has to offer. Seeing Diggle get his daughter back was a nice touch. Will this change mean that JJ will take a different path to the one we have witnessed? Also seeing Brandon in his super suit again didn’t hurt either as the multiple earths came back. As they defeated what seemed like the impossible all that’s left to say is…..Crisis averted.

Crisis On Infinite Earths – Pt4 – Arrow Review

I’m not even sure where to begin with this. Part 4 completely surpassed my expectations and it’s quite difficult to articulate how it left you feeling. It was television on a cinematic scale.

You’d better suit up
Right from the first scene you really feel that Crisis has cranked up a gear in its conclusion. The opening of the episode shows us Mar Novu on Planet Maltus 10,000 years ago, preparing to travel to the dawn of time, assisted by his wife, Xneen, THE MONITOR (!) and it gave us further insight and context to the origin of the whole story. More to the point, it got your heart racing in anticipation for what was to come.

Following on from where we left off before Christmas, the seven paragons have been left in waiting for months at the Vanishing Point and their desperation and despair translates so well on screen. Completing his training with Jim Corrigan, Oliver joins them with a plan which pushes Barry to the forefront after Oliver gives him a power boost. His friends are all confused. Is he Oliver or isn’t he? He doesn’t really give them much clarity when he tells them he is more than Oliver Queen now … he’s Spectre. Oliver’s transformation and Stephen Amell’s portrayal of his new incarnation is just fantastic. We are left in no doubt that Oliver Queen is gone and this person isn’t him. His new sith-like costume (thank you Ryan Choi for that), his stance and most noticeably, his voice have all transformed giving us an almost other worldly version of him.

The paragons are all sent on a mission which takes them to The Anti Montor where they face the biggest fight of their lives. Each paragon had their moment during the episode. Osric Chau really does continue to shine as Ryan Choi, Melissa Benoist is Supergirl at her best (she has been sensational during this crossover) and Jon Cryer simply dazzles once again as Lex uses the end of the universe to plot and scheme. I have to also add that J’onn totally upped his game and gave us an all new, empowered Martian Manhunter in this episode and we have David Harewood at his very best.

No, I’m Barry Allen
There are several stand out moments in this episode but there’s one which will have excited fans beyond belief. We had heard rumours. We had got our hopes up. We didn’t think it was possible … but this episode connected to the DCEU by giving us Ezra Miller. EZRA MILLER!!!! I unfortunately had this moment spoilt on twitter before watching but in no way did it take anyway any inch of the enjoyment. This was so much fun and broke so much tension by making you smile. It was also really important as Ezra’s version of The Flash has no knowledge of the multiverse previous to meeting this Barry and wouldn’t it be great if that fed into The Flashpoint movie we’re waiting for. They argue over being Barry Allen and admire each other’s suits and this scene was perfection. I can’t believe they actually managed to make it happen.

There was an end and there is a beginning
As they all prepare to fight the shadow demons to get to the Anti Monitor, Oliver shows up again and gives a few cryptic clues which come in very handy. His new green robe and wise words give off immense Yoda vibes! The fight scenes were great and it was a great moment to see Oliver using his new powers. He defeats the Anti Monitor but the exhilaration quickly expires as Oliver meets his fate and the episode ends with the moment we’ve all been dreading – his death. Although we knew it was coming it didn’t make this any easier. As he watches the dawn of the new universe he assures Barry and Sara he is at peace and urges them to carry on, that the new world needs them. Dying is the easy part after all apparently. Stephen Amell … I just can’t. I just wish that Emily Bett was a part of this scene, it was the only thing missing. People may moan that we’ve already seen Oliver die in this crossover, but this was much more deserving for the character and plays out more in the way I had hoped for. You can tell me it’s only a tv show but I feel devastated and for that reason I’m going to end the review here and try to put my thoughts together for the final episode.

The Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover really did deliver everything we had hoped for though and I just can’t see how they will ever be able to top this. An event in television we haven’t seen before and aren’t likely to see again.

The Flash 90s – Ep14 – Be My Baby Review

For some reason the Google Play version is missing the pre title scene. Luckily I remember what happened. Barry bumps into a nervous looking lady (Stacy) he asks if she needs anything, she is starving so Barry gives her some pretzels. Stacy thanks him for the food and runs off. A limo catches up to her and a couple of shady looking men tell her to get in the limo. Stacy tries to get away from them but they corner her in an alleyway. Stacy screams for help are answered by The Flash and he takes care of the men as Stacy escapes. Barry runs over to Stacy and he tells her that he is a cop. She finally stops and askes for a hot meal and a place to stay for the night. She also has a surprise for Barry; Barry opens her backpack to find a baby looking up at him. Roll titles. I have no idea why this was cut from this version.

Barry takes Stacy and her baby (Lilly) back to his apartment. He feeds Lilly so Stacy can rest. Barry asks Stacy if she is in trouble but she claims everything is ok. We know it’s not ok Stacy you have thugs looking for you.

Barry takes Stacy and Lilly to a home for single mothers which his mother helps run. Nora shows Stacy around the home, she loves it and decides to stay for a few days. While Nora and Stacy go through some paperwork Barry is left in a room with five crying babes. I had never seen fear in Barry’s eyes until this moment, perhaps he has met his match. But Barry faces his fear and uses his speed to look after each baby, for example he builds a Lego castle for one and makes a paper hat for another. The ladies return to find a room full of happy babies.

In a nearby Central City hotel criminal mastermind Philip Moses (played by the extremely talented Bryan Cranston) is disappointed that his men let Stacy get away. They have a homing device which informs them that Stacy is in the southwest sector of the city but they do not have an exact location. Moses assistant Roy has a mole in the police department who will let them if Stacy has any contact with the police. Moses wants his muscle, Bodey to take care of The Flash if he shows up again.

The mole informs them that Stacy is at the home for single mothers. Moses tries to convince Nora to let him see Stacy and his daughter Lilly but Nora eventually gets Moses to leave. Through a crack in her door Stacy could see Moses talking to Nora so she decides to sneak away with Lilly. A little while later Stacy and Lilly are out on the street but thanks to Moses homing device he manages to find them. Roy grabs Lilly from Stacy but it’s not Lilly, it was a rolled up blanket. Stacy has hidden Lilly somewhere safe and she tells Moses that he will never find her. Moses and his men take Stacy back to the hotel.

After a meal Barry and Tina arrive at his apartment to find Lilly sleeping on his doorstep. Tina jokingly asked if he is the father, Barry is not amused. Lilly is crying and neither of them can think of a way to make her stop. He calls his mother for help but only gets an answer machine. At the hotel Moses interrogates Stacy on the whereabouts of Lilly; we get the impression that once he has Lilly he will kill Stacy. She refuses to answer so Moses locks her in a room and gives her 24 hours to change her mind or he will get Bodey to question her. Wow he is such a great guy, why would Stacy not tell him where Lilly is?

The next morning Nora arrives at Barry’s apartment. Tina is still there and it’s amazing that this is the first time Nora has met Tina, I think Nora likes her. Nora tells Barry that Stacy has disappeared and she mentioned Moses visit to the home. Barry takes Lilly to the crime lab so he can keep an eye on her. Our old friends Bellows and Murphy and another cop Mills notice Barry with Lilly. Julio plays with Lilly (cause he is a great guy) while Barry looks up Lilly’s birth certificate. He sees Moses named as the father and he is sure he has seen it somewhere before. Julio pulls up the name in the federal database and they find out that Moses has been involved in murder, sabotage, espionage and drug trafficking charges but he was never convicted.

Stacy escapes from the hotel but we find out that Moses let her escape so she could lead them to Lilly. In the meantime Barry gets Tina to look after Lilly while he is on the lookout for Stacy and Moses. Barry’s informant Fosnight knows where someone like Moses would be staying. Stacy turns up at Barry’s apartment and meets Tina, she thinks Tina is Barry’s girlfriend and calls her a lucky women. Tina quickly corrects her. The Flash checks out the hotel and realises that they let Stacy escape. Moses and co break into the apartment and he knocks both Stacy and Tina out with gas and Bodey grabs Lilly. Just as they get in their getaway limo The Flash takes Lilly for Bodey. Fearing The Flash will capture them they drive away. The Flash….I mean Barry reunites mother and daughter.

Down at the police station Lt Garfield plans an undercover operation at the single mothers home so they can get Moses. Mills is the mole and tells Moses about the operation. Roy arrives at the home disguised at an engineer, he grabs what he thinks is Lilly from a crib but it’s a doll. Every undercover officer in the home pulls a gun on him. As Moses is nowhere to be found Barry realises that Moses must have found out that it was a trap. Back at the station Mills sneaks Moses and Bodey in so they can kidnap Lilly. The Flash tires to stop them but Moses neutralises him with an ultrasonic weapon and they take Lilly.

Barry and Garfield discover that Mills is a mole. Garfield finds out that Mills is on roadblock duty at Skyline drive which is a direct road to the airport. I think we know how Moses is planning to leave Central City. To cover his tracks Moses murders Mills with a Ninja throwing star…

Moses has a private plane waiting for him at the airport but The Flash appears. Bodey runs at The Flash but he easily dodges the thug and Bodey runs right into a plane and knocks himself out. Moses throws his briefcase at The Flash, it’s a big mistake as all the money in the case flies into the planes propeller and is shredded. Moses no long cares about Lilly tries to save what little money he has left. 10 minutes late the police arrive to find both Moses and Bodey tied up and gagged with diapers, I’m not sure if they where clean or not.

The next day Stacy tells Barry that Nora got her a job and she finally thinks everything is going to be alright. Lilly starts to talk and she says Flash. Barry convinces Stacy that she said splash.

Be My Baby was a good episode and it was fun seeing Bryan Cranston in a villainous role.

Crisis On Infinite Earths – Pt3 – The Flash Review

Even in the darkest times, hope cuts through

Erm ….. WOW!

Part 3 of the crossover was INSANE – starting with a cameo from Ashley Scott as Huntress from the 2002 Birds of Prey series. As the red skies take over New Gotham, she’s trying to contact Oracle and then we see their Earth is the latest to be obliterated.

Seeing as it’s The Flash’s episode of the crossover, Cisco, Ralph, Iris and Frost arrive on the Waverider, as well as Diggle who reacts badly to news that Oliver has been dunked in a Lazarus pit. Ralph is well excited to be included in this crossover and gives us his best classic Robin impression. Thanks to Cisco we discover the remaining paragons – The Flash (Love), Martian Manhunter (Honour) and Ryan Choi (Hunanity). This leads the group of heroes to break off again on separate missions.

Super friends

Kate and Kara have made a firm friendship during the week and it’s quite nice to see some female solidarity. We saw that Kate kept the kryptonite she found at Bruce’s mansion and we learn that this wasn’t for any sinister reason. Phew. They have done a great job with Kate Kane during the crossover and I feel like we’re seeing a very different Batwoman to the one portrayed in her own series. I’ve seen people compare the beginnings of their relationship to Batman and Superman and actually, yes! It’s looking like that’s how it will evolve.

Lian Yu need to come home

Constantine, Mia and Diggle continue the mission to bring back Oliver’s soul. Their journey leads them to an old acquaintance of Constantine and gives us another fun cameo from Tom Ellis as Lucifer. This was a brilliant scene where Lucifer repays a favour and gives them a way to rescue Oliver. They are sent to Purgatory (Lian Yu) and after Oliver has an initial bad reaction to them, he ends up refusing to go home as he knows what he has to do. He’s met by The Spectre who seems to transfer energy to him which takes him to the next stage of his mission. I was left a little bit numb when Oliver died in the first episode and still didn’t know what to do with myself until this moment of hope that his journey isn’t finished yet. I’m excited to see what happens with him now.

Atoms and flashes of lightning

Iris, Ray and Ralph head off in search of Ryan Choi. I think we know where this is heading with Brandon Routh leaving Legends soon and I for one approve as Osric Chau makes a really good first impression. The rest of team Flash meet Pariah and find their way beyond the wall Nash Wells was trying to access. Vibe has his powers forced upon him by The Monitor but they came in very handy. The Flash from Earth-90 has been trapped for the past year in a forcefield, running on a treadmill used to power up the Anti Monitor’s cannon. It’s always great to see John Wesley-Shipp but this time is a much sadder occasion. Black Lightning makes his first appearance in the Arrowverse after being transported and therefore saved from his Earth’s destruction. We’ve waited a long time to see this and I’d say this won’t be the only time we see Black Lightning in this universe as he and The Flash seem to hit it off really well.

Barry’s fate is revealed to be all a panic over nothing. Earth-90 Flash momentarily steals Barry’s speed and gives his life to save everyone. This was a lovely moment as we were given a flashback to his series and a scene of him with Tina.


With everyone back on the waverider, they begin to decide what needs to be done next. Harbinger returns infected by The Anti Monitor and takes the seven paragons to the vanishing point, before the rest of our friends are met by the red skies. Lex makes one last dastardly move as he replaces Routh’s Superman as a paragon. Gasp!

With only the seven of them left (and Oliver) the remainder of Crisis is sure to be shocking. It’s just a shame we have a whole month to wait for it.

See you in 2020 people!

Crisis On Infinite Earths – Pt2 – Batwoman Review

Writers: Don Whitehead & Holly Henderson

Director: Laura Belsey

Starring: Ruby Rose, Melissa Benoist, Camrus Johnson, Grant Gustin, Tyler Hoechlin, Bitsie Tulloch, Caity Lotz, Brandon Routh, Tyler Hoechlin, Dominic Purcell, Matt Ryan, Katherine McNamara, Candice Patton, Kevin Conroy, Jon Cryer, Tom Welling, Erica Durance and Wentworth Miller

“Crisis On Infinite Earths” – Part Two: This article contains HUGE SPOILERS after the main review. This is for fans in the U.K who do not have access to this chapter. Also, you MUST see Supergirl Season 5 episode 9 before reading further.

You have been warned

This episode feels a lot more like an episode of DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow than Batwoman… but, this is “Crisis On Infinite Earths” after all. If the list of names in the cast list above doesn’t knock you for six, then nothing will. The good news is that it feels that you can skip this episode if you don’t watch all the other Arrowverse shows. If you are watching the whole crossover, though, please think of fans in the U.K. who won’t see this chapter, or any other episode of Batwoman, as no British network has the rights. Yep, you heard that correctly, fans in my home country will only get episodes 1, then 3-5 of this mega event.

Kate Kane’s future is key in this chapter, so, while this isn’t a Batwoman episode proper, it’s a vital part of her story. Her relationship with Supergirl/Kara Danvers is also expanded upon (after last year’s brilliant “Elseworlds”), so much so that I really want to see more of this pair as the Arrowverse’s World’s Finest Team. Ruby gives her best performance to date this week, as she meets her cousin Bruce, The Batman, for the first time on-screen.

Well… sort of.

Yes, we finally see (a) Bruce Wayne in the Arrowverse, and it’s none other than the legendary Kevin Conroy! This is an all-new version of the character and is almost a mix of the Batman Beyond and Kingdom Come iterations. The big spoilers are coming at the very bottom of this review, so all I’m saying here is that this is the darkest Batman we’ve ever seen on-screen… in fact, I’d go as far as to say that he’s second only to the Batman Who Laughs.

I know that many Kevin Conroy fans may well be up in arms at this portrayal, but I think it was brave, shocking and totally unexpected. I loved it because it shows us just how great a hero the “true” Batman really is.

Superman (Supermen?) Vs Lex Luthor

This episode also sees the return of Jon Cryer’s Lex Luthor. Many scoffed when Cryer was cast, but he silenced all his critics and has rapidly become one of the greatest Luthors of them all. Of course, what is Lex Luthor without Superman? This episode features not one, not two, but three Men of Steel! It’s no secret that I’m a huge Batman fan, but I absolutely adore the amount of Superman love in this episode.

Tyler Hoechlin and Brandon Roth are both incredible, and seeing Tom Welling return as Clark Kent made my heart jump for joy. Seeing my personal two favorite Lois Lanes – played by Bitsie Tulloch and Erica Durance – was the icing on the Kryptonian cake.


This wasn’t high art, or deep, dark psychology… no. Batwoman episode 9, “Crisis On Infinite Earths” part two was pure, adrenaline pumping, action-packed comic-book craziness, and I loved every second. From the buff, mean and moody Luke Fox to the hilarious antics with Mick Rory and baby Jon Kent, and the super sarcastic alternate Waverider Gideon, this story had me grinning like a loon, from start to finish.

The episode also contained some of the best CGI and flying action ever seen on TV. Brandon Routh in particular looked great in the Super suit, and his battle with Tyler Hoechlin’s Man of Steel was phenomenal. Add in Lazarus Pits, John Constantine, magic and cosmic carnage and this was some fine entertainment indeed.

SPOILER ALERT – Online episode breakdown:

Harbinger recruits Earth-74’s Mick Rory and his Waverider. In the wake of Oliver Queen’s death, the Monitor consults the Book of Destiny and learns of seven Paragons. Two have already been found, Sara Lance and Kara Danvers, but to find two more, Clark Kent, Lois Lane, and Iris West-Allen must locate a Superman, while Kate and Kara locate a Batman.

Complicating matters, Lex Luthor steals the Book and traverses the multiverse to kill Supermen; though he changes tack after encountering Earth-167’s Clark Kent. When he finds Earth-96’s Superman at the same time as Clark’s team, he forces the Kryptonians to fight until Lois stops him.

Meanwhile, Kate and Kara locate Earth-99’s Bruce Wayne. Kate tries to convince him to join them, but Kara learns he’s a killer; leading to a confrontation wherein Bruce is accidentally killed.

Elsewhere, Sara, Barry Allen, Mia Smoak, and John Constantine take Oliver’s body to a Lazarus Pit on Earth-18 to resurrect him; but the soul-restoration doesn’t work.

Back on the Waverider, Ray Palmer builds a “Paragon detector”, which identifies Kate as one of the Paragons. Meanwhile, Unbeknownst to everyone, Harbinger is approached by the Anti-Monitor.

This episode continues the “Crisis On Infinite Earths” crossover event that began in Supergirl season 5 episode 9, continues on to The Flash season 6 episode 9 and Arrow season 8 episode 8, and which will conclude in a DC’s Legends of Tomorrow‘s special.