IZombie – S5 Ep8 – Death of a Car Salesman Review

Liv and Ravi go head to head this week when they both eat the brains of a car salesman and it just so happens to coincide with the yearly police raffle! This ep looked like fun for Rose McIver and Rahul Kohli both getting to play over the top Gordon Gecko types and I loved it, Ravi looks ridiculously sharp in the suit he wore this week and with his white streak it was all working!!

So after last weeks bombshell that Liv’s dad is in fact beanpole bob we learn more about his story with some flashbacks to Seattle pre-Z and what he means to well, just about everything!!! the twists and turns we are getting this close to the shows finale are awesome!

It does feel like the story is is beginning to get tied up with everything that each character does becoming more tight knit with each other, with Ravi looking for the girl Blaine is hiding and Liv’s dad being the leader of the zombie resistance type group.

The suits from Washington are in Seattle and Major gives them his plan to try and stop them from wiping the city off the face of the earth, it’s a pretty good plan but is it viable and will it come to pass? From the looks of things it might all become a bit more of a national problem than just a localised one!!

This episode surely scratched the itch on intrigue…..sorry I couldn’t help myself, blame the show and all its delectable puns!!!

IZombie – S5 Ep7 – Filleted to Rest Review

Its a family affair this week in iZombie, revelations, returns and betrayals this weeks episode has it all!!

There has been a murder at a human/zombie restaurant this week, so Liv is on angry chefs brain which as per usual gives us some fun moments, but as is the theme recently there’s more to this ep than the solving of a murder, even though this one is one of my favourite murders…….like the other week with my tasty brains comment i think this show has me seeing things the wrong way haha.

Family connections are the true key to this ep, Livs mother pops up for the first time in a few years and drops a relative bombshell (pun so intended!) Ravi helps Charlie with a sibling issue, Clive and Michelle have some daddy issues and Major puts his trust in the wrong member of his extended family and has to make a tough decision that really makes you question who Major is now, the ends justify the means but at what cost….the connections in the show are real and make you truly care about the characters something some shows lose as they go on but not this one.

No I’m not gonna lie, this had started to get confusing for me with Filmore Graves, the dead-enders and this new faction that had begun to appear, but this week we get a lot of explanations and things are really split into three main factions, humans against zombies, zombies against humans and those who want zombies and humans to live together in peace, but who will come out on top? With only 6 episodes left i guess we’ll find out soon enough.

So I want to talk about it but I don’t want to spoil it so all I’ll say is this, the ending to this weeks episode left my jaw hanging open and I did not see it coming, this changes everything!!

IZombie – S5 Ep6 – The Scratchmaker Review

I do enjoy episodes like this when they mix things up, Liv, Ravi and Clive take the backseat this week and forward steps Blaine and Don E…

After the story is run about Blaine’s involvement in the murder of the mayor and the murder of well just countless people at this point we start the episode with Blaine in jail, which at first i was very happy about but the ramifications of the man behind the brain trade behind bars, things are not sunny in Seattle. Without Blaine’s constant supply of brains Seattle only has 48hrs worth of brains left and whats gonna happen to all those humans when the zombies are out of brains……

So i figured this actually may be how the show ends, brain supply cut off so zombies revert to form (that of brain eating monsters) to try and stay somewhat ‘human’ for a little while and eat the rest of Seattle, until eventually those run out too and you have a walled off city of zombies, not the most fun of endings for a show, but fear not! For a new supply chain appears to be on the horizon!

But can Major keep everything together enough so that the government don’t just see them as a drain on brain resources and wipe out the city in its entirety? Where does the city go from here, can they replicate the cure that’s only found in young people suffering from Freylich Syndrome? Or will they dead forever walk the earth with some kind of brain synthetic? I actually don’t know but I’m really intrigued to find out bring on Ep7!

IZombie – S5 Ep5 – Death Moves Pretty Fast Review

Ok so before we start the review am i the only person that thinks some of the brain dishes Liv makes look delicious?? I mean obviously the meat could be less human…..but do they have a special cook on the show that makes these things so damn appetising? lol! On the menu this week – Brain Dumplings

After a couple of eps with zero Blaine we are now back on board the Blaine train with Ali still interviewing him for her story and after last weeks reveal of the mask the mayor was killed in shes not just interested in doing a puff piece, things are beginning to unravel for the ‘saviour of Seattle’

Our main story this week centres around the death of a wealthy young guy who lives to party and have fun and there are plenty of Ferris Bueller nods including this weeks episode title, Clive has taken him self out with a back injury so its all on Liv and Ravi to get to the bottom of the murder, with Liv on life of the party brain hi jinx ensues.

There is a darker side to this episode with brain tubes being infected with Alzheimer sufferers brains and that affecting Major and others at Filmore Graves leading to Lambert taking full advantage and the story of how Freylich’s Syndrome can turn a zombie back to human being released and Ravi feeling responsible for putting the children with this disease on a hit list.

But the last shot in the episode shows that something more is going on and something big may be coming……

Until next time!

IZombie – S5 Ep4 – Dot Zom Review

So an interesting episode this week, on the surface your usual murder case with Liv eating the victims brains to catch glimpses of what ultimately led to their death, but scratching the surface this episode began to connect a lot of dots…

Liv is on genius brain this week and owning it, with the death of a CEO of a tech company, this must be the joy of joys for any actor to be able to come in each week and essentially play a different character every time. But this episode is more than just that, this CEO is connected to a something bigger.

Something is rotten in Filmore Graves and no i don’t just mean the soldiers, a new mystery man is on the scene with connections to some of our less than savoury soldiers within the group or should that be freezer?

Blaine is back yay!!! it feels like its been ages since we’ve seen him but he’s here doing only what Blaine does best, trying to be the smoothest zombie alive……this week he is being interviewed for a magazine article and who does he love to talk about more than himself??

Peyton and Ravi are trying to get their play Hi Zombie together but its proving difficult to tread that comedy line to show people that humans and zombies can co-exist.

And finally at Renegade headquarters a plot has been uncovered that could spell the end to Zombie kind and there may be a bigger issue than what they already know…

This weeks Ep had a lot going on, lots of different individual parts but they are all interlinked and building to the bigger over arching story, still with some shocks and mysteries running through it. I genuinely don’t know where this show goes from here, we’re 4 Eps in with 9 to go can they wrap this up in a satisfying way? My faith in this show says yes but i dont know how that looks, the wall coming down with Zombies and Humans living in harmony, some how i don’t see it, so stick with me and find out where this crazy train is taking us over the rest of the series!