Stargirl – S1 Ep8 – Shiv Part Two Review

Directed by Geary McLeod

Written by Colleen McGuinness

Courtney is sidelined after her first brutal encounter with Cindy Burman aka Shiv! Meanwhile, Beth and the rest of the JSA set out to discover more about their new foe.

I must sound like a broken record at this point, but it must continue to be said. DC’s Stargirl is simply brilliant! This show keeps getting better and better with each new installment. The intensity and stakes (from the previous episode) carry over into “Shiv Part Two.” This epic chapter finds Courtney on the sidelines while her friends (with an assist from Pat) investigate Cindy, who continues to be a major threat. Let’s recap!

This exciting episode opens with Pat crashing his Buick in order to cover the real source of Courtney’s injuries as he takes her to the hospital. When Courtney wakes up, Pat tells her that her mother will be home later that night. Despite her injuries, Courntey is still eager to stop Cindy and the ISA. Pat  tells her that she needs to slow down and recover. He also feels that Barbara deserves to know the truth about everything. Courtney begs Pat not to tell her until they find and stop the ISA for good thus making Blue Valley safe.

Meanwhile, Barbara joins Jordan Mahkent for dinner after successfully closing the company’s latest deal. Mahkent praises her abilities once again. He then leaves to meet with a friend. He then meets with Mr. Riley, a chemical executive, who was involved in the death of many including Christine Mahkent. Jordan calmly kills the man after a brief exchange of threats.

Elsewhere, Cindy meets with her father (guest star Nelson Lee), who berates her for her latest actions. She claims that she has proven herself and deserves a seat at the table. Ito angrily reprimands her. He orders her to go home and threatens to remove his hood if she fails to comply again.

Meanwhile, the new JSA hears about Courtney’s condition. Rick is eager for a fight, while Beth urges him to exercise restraint. She offers up an alternative plan: investigate Cindy for clues as to her parents and connection to the ISA.

Pat brings Courtney home from the hospital to a warm welcome. Mike offers her some pizza bites and an apology for his outburst at the game. The two begin to bond as siblings with them warming up to that fact. Later, Barbara comes home and unknowingly interrupts a seemingly one sided conversation between Pat and the Cosmic Staff. Pat tells the staff to protect Courtney and pull her away from danger if it gets too intense. He then goes upstairs to greet his wife. He tries to explain to a disappointed Barbara what happened. She then heads to bed.

The next day, Henry continues to experience major headaches which lead him to discover his abilities. He begins to move the pain pills with his mind. The young King eventually finds a key, which unlocks his father’s secret closet housing his Brainwave suit and ISA files. Jr. is shocked to discover his father’s secrets including the elder King’s deal with Dr. Ito, involving Cindy, who was tasked with monitoring him.

Courtney gets a surprise visit from Cindy, who reveals that she knows her secret and she is not finished with her yet. Burman then threatens to kill her friends.

Meanwhile, Beth and the new JSA put her plan into motion. However, Pat finds Rick and Yolanda outside Cindy’s house and is roped into their investigation. He finds Beth at the door to the house and reluctantly joins her ruse when Cindy’s mother answers the door. The duo pose as father and daughter and friends of Cindy. Mrs. Burman lets them in and awkwardness ensues. Beth, using Chuck, discovers the secret tunnels in the basement which causes Rick and Yolanda to lose contact with her. Pat, meanwhile, pretends to fix the sink drain in order to stall Mrs. Burman.

A shaken Courtney texts Yolanda that Cindy knows everything is in on her way home. Beth eventually makes her way back upstairs and ends up in Cindy’s room. She then discovers a photo of Dr. Shiro Ito, a Japanese war criminal who was executed in 1947! Beth then hurriedly sneaks out (with an assist from the team) as Cindy enters.

Outside, the new JSA briefly discusses their findings which. Pat recognizes Ito, which worries him greatly.

Courtney realizes her friends are in trouble and eventually convinces the staff to let her go help. She suits up and confronts Cindy in the latter’s room. Another brutal battle ensues. However, this time it is broken up not by the mysterious medieval janitor, but Henry King Jr., who freaks out and knocks them back with a powerful psionic blast. Dragon King’s men take an angry Cindy away through the sewer grate. Henry is stunned at his abilities and worries for Cindy. He reads Courtney’s mind and discovers her secret and the truth about his father. Meanwhile, Dragon King watches on with glee as his prediction concerning Jr.’s powers was true.

This was yet another stellar episode of DC’s Stargirl. A compelling story, top notch acting, and intense action make this episode another standout in this incredible first season. I loved the sibling bonding scene between Courtney and Mike. Trae Romano and Brec Bassinger’s performances were truly heartwarming. I also enjoyed finding out more about Dr. Ito, who certainly has a colorful past. Nelson Lee does an incredible job playing this intimidating villain. In addition, the new JSA team dynamic continues to be a joy to watch. Anjelika Washington, Cameron Gellman, Yvette Monreal, and Luke Wilson all work so well together. Jake Austin Walker also shines in this episode as Henry continues to struggle with his new abilities.

I cannot wait to see what happens next!

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Stargirl – S1 Ep7 – Shiv Part One Review

It’s Stargirl vs. Shiv in this epic instalment of DC’s Stargirl!

At little over halfway through the season, I can safely say that DC’s Stargirl is one of the best first season’s of any DC show in recent years. This show has a truly compelling story complete with relatable characters and top notch action. This episode continues the series’s upward trajectory by focusing on the school’s resident “mean girl” Cindy Burman. “Shiv Part One,” masterfully directed by the legendary Lea Thompson, allows Meg DeLacy a chance to truly shine as Burman, whose backstory is quite tragic. Let’s recap!

This exciting episode opens with each member of the new JSA celebrating individually about being a part of the team. At the Dugan/Whitmore home, Barbara and Mike begin to feel slighted as Pat and Courtney have grown quite close. Barbara is a bit upset when she hears that Pat plans to teach Courtney how to drive and didn’t let her know.

Meanwhile, Cindy visits Henry Jr. at the hospital before school. She tries to get him to focus on their plans for Homecoming, but he is consumed by worry for his father. He tells her that he no longer wants to go to the dance, but wants her to stay with him.

At school, the new JSA triumphantly walk through the halls, but are rudely disrupted by an angry Cindy. Beth points out that Cindy’s personality shift occurred in the fourth grade when her mother died. She has been mean ever since.

Elsewhere, Jordan presents Barbara with a new project at work that would require her to travel.

After a spat with her friend, Cindy angrily bumps into the janitor (guest star Mark Ashworth), but Courtney comes to his rescue. The Janitor thanks her and leaves for his office (which houses an ancient looking sword)! Cindy asks Henry to dance once again, but receives the same answer as before much to her displeasure.

In science class, Courtney decides to partner with Cindy on the Cloud Experiment. She quickly realizes that Burman is quite gifted in chemistry as she completes the experiment without consulting the instructions. The duo begins to bond. Cindy reveals that her father is a chemist and that they used to do experiments together when she was a kid. Cindy then invites Courtney to hang out on Saturday instead of attending the Homecoming Dance. Courtney accepts.

Meanwhile, Henry begins to read the minds of his peers in his Geometry class during a test.

After school, Cindy returns home and proceeds to treat her step-mother poorly once again. Feeling increasingly isolated and held back, she storms off to see her father through the secret tunnel to the I.S.A.HQ. She overhears the I.S.A. discussing their plans concerning the new J.S.A. and Stargirl. Cindy then has a tantrum and kills one of her father’s drones to get his attention. Dr. Ito tells her to remain patient and follow his instructions which are to monitor Henry Jr. for powers. Cindy demands to join the I.S.A., but her father refuses. He gave her powers to keep her safe and that she is not ready.

Similarly, the new J.S.A. begins training with Pat. He presents the team with a two fold lesson: what they can do and what the ISA can do. He sets up crude mannequins to represent the ISA members and gives them a history lesson on each one. However, Courtney grows impatient and proceeds to use show off and use the staff to destroy them all. This of course robs the rest of the team of their training time. Pat tells them that they will reconvene tomorrow for more. He then tells Courtney that she is not ready.

Meanwhile, at the Mahkent home, Cameron asks his father for advice on how to ask a girl out. It is clear that he plans to ask Courtney to the dance. Jordan tells him a sweet story about how he met Christine and gives his son some great advice.

Later that night at the Homecoming football game, while Pat gets some snacks, Mike lashes out at Courtney for spending too much time with his father. However, Courtney is too focused on proving that Principal Bowin is the new Fiddler. After Mike leaves, Cameron finds Courtney alone and asks her to the dance. She excitedly accepts, but realizes that she previously made plans with Cindy. Whitmore then meets Cindy on the sidelines and asks if they can reschedule. Cindy angrily tells her to forget it.

Courtney then notices Principal Bowin being suspicious and follows her into her office undetected (aside from being spotted by the janitor). She suits up and discovers a secret passageway to the ISA HQ in Bowin’s office wall!

Meanwhile, an angry Cindy goes there as well to find her father. He doesn’t show which angers her more. She then sees Stagirl on the security feed and decides to suit up herself. If she can bring in this new hero, she may be allowed to join the I.S.A.! Cindy (who is also revealed to have healing powers) steals a mech suit and a dragon staff and confronts Courtney. A brutal battle throughout the school ensues ending badly for Stargirl. As Cindy goes for the killing blow, the Janitor arrives with his sword and saves Courtney. The staff then leads Pat to her unconscious body. When Pat finds her, Janitor Justin recognizes him from afar as Stripesy.

This show just keeps getting better and better! DC’s Stargirl continues to deliver in every aspect for me. Compelling story, exciting action, great humor, and charming characters! Meg DeLacy shines as Cindy Burman! I thoroughly enjoyed her backstory and seeing her suit up as Courtney’s archenemy Shiv! I also enjoyed the parallels between them. They are both impulsive and stubborn and ignore their father’s advice. Also of note, we finally get more from the mysterious janitor Justin, who is almost certainly a JSA related vigilante. I won’t spoil his identity here for those who may be unfamiliar with the comics. Regardless, it is a very exciting development!

I cannot wait to see what happens next!

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Stargirl – S1 Ep6 – The Justice Society Review

The New J.S.A. faces their first test as a team when the I.S.A. puts the next phase of their plan into motion!

This episode appropriately titled “The Justice Society” is quite honestly my favorite of the series so far. Courtney and crew face their first challenge (which spoiler alert does not go well) as a team in this exciting new episode that also introduces (officially) two more I.S.A. members. Let’s recap!

“The Justice Society” opens at football practice where star quarterback Artemis Crock (guest star Stella Smith) gets into an altercation with a fellow player. The coach benches her thus angering her and her parents (“Crusher” Crock and Paula Brooks). Later that night, they secretly confront the coach as he prepares to go home for the evening. After a brief conversation, “Crusher” brutally kills the man with his bat.

Meanwhile, Courtney returns from scouting to find Pat in her room with the JSA costumes. He is disappointed that she started recruiting behind his back. Feeling guilty, Courtney reveals that she has chosen a new Hourman (Rick), Dr. Mid-Nite (Beth), and Wildcat (Yolanda). Pat demands that she gather the items and return them to him and stop this. He warns her that if they continue, her friends could end up like the late Joey Zarick.

Early the next morning, Jordan awakens to a text message from Principal Bowin aka The Fiddler informing him that “the gym rats” are at it again. He goes to confront Crock and Brooks, who are burying the dead body of the coach. The duo are growing impatient and want back in the “game.” Mahkent warns them not to push him. He then gives them a real assignment and tells them to get their suits out of storage.

Elsewhere, Mike prepares for his school’s science fair by putting last minute touches on his Chocolate Volcano. Barbara is the only one who seems interested in his project.

At school, Courtney, who feels guilty about disobeying Pat, decides to ask Yolanda for Wildcat’s suit back. However, she is unable to bring herself to do so upon seeing how much Ted Grant’s fitting spirit and legacy means to Yolanda. Similarly, she tries to get Dr. Mid-Nite’s goggles back from Beth, but sees that “Chuck” has made her feel less alone.

Elsewhere, Pat finds Rick walking and invites him back to the garage. Once there, they discuss Hourman and the danger involved in using the power. Pat believes that Rick is not ready for the responsibility of wielding his father’s hourglass. Rex limited the usage of the power to one hour in order to curb the addiction to it. Pat does, however, ask the young man for help decoding Rex’s journal. Rick agrees but demands that he keep it along with the hourglass despite Pat’s request otherwise. He also questions what Pat is good for considering it took him this long to find out what happened to Rex and more.

Back at school, Courtney tells Yolanda and Beth (at lunch) that Pat found out about their heroics and demands that she retrieve the JSA artifacts. Both Yolanda and Beth refuse to give up their newfound superhero identities and storm off.

While the football team meets their new coach, Sharpe (aka the Gambler) meets with Crock and Brooks in the stands to give them their assignment. The trio has been tasked with retrieving the access codes from Empire Enterprises, a communication company, in order to use the satellite they recently acquired.

Meanwhile, Mike is alone at his school’s science fair until Barbara joins him much to his surprise. The two begin to bond.

Speaking of bonding, at the local diner, Jordan and his son Cameron share a piece of cake to commemorate Christine. Cameron seems to exhibit some slight icy powers while blowing out the candle.

Later, Courtney catches up with her friends. She suggests that they all should talk to Pat and maybe they can keep the stuff. Rick shows up and asks Courtney what she would do if Pat asked for the staff back leaving her stunned. Rick reveals to them that his father’s journal may contain information about the ISA and must be decoded. Beth attempts to use “Chuck,” but “he” is unable to decipher it. “Chuck” then picks up the signal of his old nemesis The Gambler, who is currently hacking Empire Enterprises. Rick, Yolanda, and Beth prepare to leave to confront him despite Courtney’s reservations. She reluctantly agrees to tag along.

Back at home, Pat arrives to find Mike and Barbara eating the science project. They tell him that Courtney is out with her friends.

At Empire Enterprises, the new (and suited up) JSA prepare to take down the Gambler. Rick recklessly attempts to bust the door down before Courtney warns him to exercise caution. Beth then decides to use “Chuck” to simply unlock the door. Once inside, they discover the dead body of the security guard which leaves the team stunned. Things go from bad to worse when instead of the Gambler (who is hacking from his home), they come face to face with ISA baddies Sportsmaster and Tigress (aka Crock and Brooks). A brutal battle ensues. The new JSA, who are vastly outmatched, receive backup from S.T.R.I.P.E., but ultimately fail to stop the ISA from gaining the codes. The ISA duo escapes leaving the new JSA beaten.

Back at the garage, Rick, Yolanda, and Beth marvel at S.T.R.I.P.E. which causes them to change their tune about Pat. Upstairs, Courtney complains about her team’s lack of listening skills and failure to follow instructions. She quickly realizes that her frustration is shared by Pat, who feels this way concerning her. The two decide together to train and continue to work together as the new JSA.

Elsewhere, the ISA meets to discuss this new Justice Society. Sharpe is pleased that they now have the access codes and the tech Dr. Ito requested. However, Crock is unhappy that Bowin has yet to use her magic to awaken Brainwave. Jordan assures them that everything will work out fine. They must find out who this new JSA is and defeat them if Project New America is to succeed.

The new Justice Society is here to stay! They have some work to do in terms of learning to work together though! This episode is honestly my favorite of the bunch so far. DC’s Stargirl does an incredible job of balancing drama, comedy, and action which is put on full display in this episode. The action was simply thrilling with the stakes raised even higher than the previous scraps. I really enjoyed seeing the team in action although they were a bit disjointed. Sportsmaster and Tigress proved to not only be formidable villains, they also provided some dark comedy. Neil Hopkins and Joy Osmanski are simply brilliant as the tightly wound, overachieving “gym rat” parents. I also really enjoyed the new JSA dynamic and look forward to seeing their training under Pat.

I cannot wait to see where the story goes from here!

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Stargirl – S1 Ep5 – Hourman & Dr. Mid-Nite Review

Courtney’s JSA gains two new members in this powerful origin story episode!

Once again, DC’s Stargirl delivers a charming and compelling hour of television. In “Hourman & Dr. Midnite,” not only does Courtney gain two more allies; she (and her friends) gain more insight into the previous JSA! Cameron Gellman and Anjelika Washington shine in this episode which delves into the backstory of their characters: Rick Tyler and Beth Chapel respectively. Let’s recap!

Nine years ago, Rex Tyler (who is revealed to have survived the attack on the JSA Headquarters) and his wife Wendy rush to leave Blue Valley so as to get away from the ISA. They leave their young son Rick in the care of Wendy’s reluctant brother Matt Harris. Rex entrusts his 1966 Mustang to Rick claiming it is special. On their way, they are attacked and killed by the hulking Solomon Grundy, making it look to be a car accident.

In the present day, Rick is working on his father’s Mustang, but discovers his new carburetor is missing (aka sold by his uncle). His relationship with his uncle is volatile. Matt blames him for his difficult life.

Meanwhile, Courtney’s mother almost discovers the JSA costumes, but Courtney covers. On her way out to school she is stopped by Pat, who reveals his suspicions concerning the ISA. He believes the late William Zarick was the ISA member The Wizard and that he was murdered by his allies along with his wife. Courtney tells him about Principal Bowin being in Brainwave’s room and the violin. She is convinced that Bowin is the Fiddler. Pat shoots it down as the Fiddler was an Irishman.

At school, Courtney and Yolanda meet up and discuss JSA recruitment. Artemis Crock (guest star Stella Smith) was a possibility, but they deem her too competitive. Beth overhears them and sneakily follows them around.

Elsewhere, a man delivers satellite blueprints to Sharpe aka the Gambler, who gives him money and an imported chocolate coin.

On the way back from school, Pat’s car breaks down. Rick, who was passing through, lends a hand. While Pat and the young man talk, Courtney discovers Hourman’s hourglass lighting up. She follows him, but when Rick confronts her, the hourglass stops glowing. He tells her to get lost.

Meanwhile, after tracking Courtney, Beth visits her home. Barbara greets her at the door and let’s her in after the young girl claims to be a friend of Courtney’s. After talking Mrs. Whitmore’s (who is preparing for the evening Halloween festivities) ear off, Beth waits in the living room for Courtney to return. She sees the dog chewing on something which turns out to be Dr. Mid-Nite’s goggles. Beth sneaks into Courtney’s room and puts the goggles on. Much to her amazement, Beth discovers that the goggles have a built in AI modeled after the late Dr. Charles McNider aka the JSA hero Dr. Mid-Nite. The AI (whom she calls “Chuck”) is able to access information on everything the wearer sees. Beth is flooded with information on the JSA, Courtney, and more. Speaking of Courtney, she comes home to find Beth talking with “Chuck” and asks what she is doing here. Beth reveals that she knows about their hero identities. Courtney asks her never to reveal this to anyone. During their conversation, they discover that Rick Harris is actually Rick Tyler, the son of Rex Tyler aka the original Hourman!

Pat visits the Harris home and drops off a carburetor for Rick. Dugan discovers that Matt, Rick’s “father” is not exactly the best guy. Meanwhile, Rick sells a keg for some pills.

Later that night, Courtney, Yolanda, and Beth attend Cindy Burman’s Halloween party after “Chuck” tracked Rick there. Yolanda refuses to go inside as she sees Henry there. Speaking of Henry, he is struggling with the loudness of the party for which Cindy berates. His powers are starting to kick in which leads him to accidentally read Yolanda’s mind.

Courtney and crew find Rick and fill him in on the JSA and the hourglass. Rick tests it out and decides to “do his own thing” with his newfound hour-a-day strength despite their pleas for caution. He then finds his drunken slob of an uncle in the local diner and destroys his truck with his bare hands!

Beth, sidelined by the others, opens up to “Chuck” about her family and how they want her to start doing things on her own. She empathizes with Rick saying she knows what it’s like being alone. When Beth mentions the accident that took Rick’s parents, “Chuck” reveals the truth.

Stargirl and Wildcat set out to confront Rick. They find him near the tree where his parents crashed. He vents his frustrations to them saying he doesn’t want to feel angry all of the time. Courtney pleads with him to take up his father’s legacy and be a hero. He refuses to join the team and to give up the hourglass. Courtney tells him that he is too dangerous to have it. Before the two come to blows, Beth arrives and reveals that Rick’ parents were murdered by something called Solomon Grundy. The goggles project the actual events of that night which show the hulking creature causing the crash. Rick is shocked and changes his mind about joining the team. He agrees, but not for justice, he wants revenge.

In the final moments of the episode, the junkyard owner drops off Matt’s damaged truck at Pat’s garage. Pat begins to suspect Rick’s true identity. He later discovers the JSA artifacts in Courtney’s room realizing that she has been recruiting behind his back.

Elsewhere, the ISA stops a shipment. Principal Bowin shows up and using her violin, places one of the truckers under mind control. The other is murdered by the Gambler, who also had the messenger (from earlier in the episode) poisoned.

This was yet another stellar episode of DC’s Stargirl! The origin stories of both Rick Tyler and Beth Chapel were brilliantly told in my opinion. Cameron Gellman does an incredible job portraying the troubled Rick, who has already proved to be an interesting addition to the team. It will be fascinating to see how he works with Courtney and crew given his reason for joining. Beth on the other hand is such a charming and loveable character. Anjelika Washington brings such a joy to the character that is simply infectious. I loved her interactions with “Chuck” (voiced by the great Henry Thomas!) as well as the others. In addition, this episode also presented more interesting developments on the villain front. This episode gave us another glimpse of Grundy as well as showing the abilities of the Gambler and Bowin (who is almost certainly Virtuoso or the new Fiddler).

Looking forward to the next episode!

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Stargirl – S1 Ep4 – Wildcat Review

Courtney recruits her first new JSA member! Yolanda Montez takes center stage in this powerful origin story episode.

DC’s Stargirl is honestly a bright light in the world right now. It has a wonderful charm about it, but it also deals with real world issues in a stellar way. The show continues to impress with the latest chapter appropriately titled “Wildcat.” Yvette Monreal delivers an incredibly moving performance as the new JSA’s first recruit, Yolanda Montez. In addition, this episode continues to tease the grander ISA plan by introducing another sinister villain: Dr. Ito (Nelson Lee). Let’s recap!

This stellar episode opens three months ago with an excited Yolanda preparing to run for class president. She was the popular girl and dating Henry King, Jr. Unfortunately, things go downhill for her when she accepts King’s request for a “sexy” photo. She takes a topless selfie which then gets shared with everyone at school thanks to King and a jealous Cindy (Meg DeLacy). Montez is left broken and humiliated. Not only is she shunned by the school, she is also shunned by her own family who continue to look down on her.

In the present day, Courtney admires the JSA gear and looks through her yearbook for possible recruits before landing on Montez (whom she chooses to be the new Wildcat). At breakfast, things are still a bit tense between Pat and Courtney following the death of Joey. He remains adamant that she not get involved. He must find the other ISA members alone and without them knowing. Courtney disregards his warnings once again and works to recruit anyway. At school, she once again comes to Yolanda’s defense (against Cindy), but Montez urges her to leave her alone.

Elsewhere, Denise visits Pat at his garage to get her car fixed as she prepares to leave town.

Meanwhile, in the basement of the American Dream building, Jordan meets with Dr. Ito (Nelson Lee), another member of the ISA and their chief scientist. Mahkent tells him of his plans to expedite Project New America. He requests that the doctor complete “his machine” as soon as possible. Dr. Ito complies saying: “one generation’s ultimate sacrifice will protect another.” He also requests the body of The Wizard in order to continue his experiments to which Jordan obliges.

Back at school, Courtney finds Yolanda boxing in the gym. Despite Yolanda’s requests to leave her alone, Courtney refuses to listen. She eventually opens up about destroying Henry’s car which piques Montez’s curiosity. Whitmore invites Yolanda to dinner who shows up despite her own parents’s disapproval. The two begin to bond with Montez opening up about her past with King. Courtney shows Yolanda the staff and tells her about the JSA and ISA including King’s father Brainwave. Despite some hesitation, Montez agrees to suit up and become the new Wildcat. The suit magically forms to her body upon wearing the cowl! The duo then tests out Wildcat’s powers which include: agility, claws, and more. They then decide to find the rest of the ISA by way of Brainwave’s hospital visitor’s log.

Meanwhile, Denise warns Pat that this town is untrustworthy before leaving town for good.

At the hospital, Courtney and Yolanda successfully sneak in and steal the visitor’s log. Yolanda also sneaks into King’s room and finds a distraught Jr. begging for his father to hear him. She was going to slash him with her new claws, but decides against it after seeing his pain. After King leaves, Principal Bowin (guest star Hina Khan) arrives! She pulls out a violin and plays a brief song before leaving as well. After a close call (and Beth Chapel overhearing their names), the duo then return home. Upon further inspection of the log, they realize that Principal Bowin did not sign in which leads them to suspect her involvement in the ISA! Despite having a bit of fun, Yolanda refuses to continue as Wildcat. She tells Courtney that she needs to reclaim her own life first before taking on a hero persona.

She takes this confidence and stands up to her family, who refuse to accept her despite her plea for forgiveness. Heartbroken, she sits alone in her room until she spots the Wildcat suit in her windowsill (courtesy of Courtney). She puts it on and returns to Courtney’s home!

In the final moments, Pat returns to the junkyard for more parts only to discover Denise’s battered empty car among the junk!

This was yet another fantastic episode of DC’s Stargirl! “Wildcat” was a well crafted origin story for Yolanda Montez, who is masterfully played by Yvette Monreal. Monreal’s Montez is such a charming and compelling character. I truly enjoyed her intro here and her bonding with Courtney. In addition, the introduction of Dragon King and the tease of Principal Bowin’s involvement in the ISA were great as well!

Can’t wait to see what’s next!

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