Harley Quinn – S2 Ep3 – Trapped Review

Writer: Sarah Peters

Director: Brandon McKinney

Starring: Kaley Cuoco, Lake Bell, Jim Rash, Jason Alexander, Ron Funches, Tony Hale, J.B. Smoove, Alan Tudyk, Matt Oberg, Sanaa Lathan

Smashing Blue Balls

“Trapped” is the third episode of Harley Quinn, and I hope you brought a warm coat with you, because it’s freezing. Harley and the gang have already managed to defeat two members of the Legion of Doom. With Penguin and Riddler behind her, Harley has her eyes set on the next villain she wishes to take down, Mr. Freeze.

Claudia’s My Girl

Harley and Ivy are working towards a plan to defeat Mr. Freeze. In order to do so they require Firefly’s Flame Thrower, which is currently being held by Dr. Trap. However, upon reflection, when trying to best the traps he’s set to protect his collectibles, the girls realize they cannot do it alone and seek help. Enter Catwoman, voiced by Sanaa Lathan. Sadly, Selina isn’t all that Harley was hoping for,as she’s not what you’d call a “Team Player.” Once Harley sees how Ivy acts around her, we get unforeseen consequences that will have lasting results on all their relationships.

Meanwhile, Dr. Psycho is having issues of his own dealing with the smart mouth of Riddler, who’s causing him to second guess himself. The chaos ends up with Riddler getting loose and the gang trying to recapture him before Harls can find out. Can Dr. Psycho and the gang pull it together?

Deathstroke’s Sword

I have fully changed my mind and probably will again, but “Trapped” is my favorite episode of the series so far. Sanaa Lathan brings life into Catwoman perfectly and, while it remains to be seen whether she will remain reliable, I’m hopeful. We also get to see everyone doing some soul searching this week and, honestly, as Ivy is one of my favorite characters, those scenes take the cake.

I’m not sure who really stole the show between Kite-Man and Ivy… it’s a hard tie to break, as they both get really good development to their characters this week. Lake Bell and Matt Oberg really get their chance to shine. With each episode, the story just gets better and better, building real excitement as to whatever could possibly come out of all this.


Look, even if I had something bad to say about this episode, I’d be lying. Everything, even down to all the Babysitter’s Club pun from Frank and King Shark, make this episode that much better. Literally all I could ask for is that every episode was longer. That’s all I can think of as criticism.

“Trapped” is amazing, and I truly look forward to whatever’s coming next.

Harley Quinn – S2 Ep2 – Riddle U Review

Director: Colin Heck

Writer: Sabreena Jalees

Starring: Kaley Cuoco, Lake Bell, Ron Funches, Christopher Meloni, Tony Hale, Matt Oberg, Briana Cuoco, Jim Rash, Alan Tudyk

Back To School

“Riddle U” continues the ongoing storyline, and gives us all a heady dose of nostalgia and references. When we left the crew and gal pals Harley and Ivy, they were taking down the revamped members of the Legion of Doom, who have split the now freed Gotham City into five sections. Harley’s on a mission to take down each foe in her own way. With Penguin down last week, let’s dive in, as Harley sets her sights on the enigma himself, Riddler.

Moments of Cluelessness

The Riddler has taken over the local Gotham City University and renamed it Riddle U. Trapping the college students there in an effort to live out his fiendish plans, Harley and Ivy decide to go undercover in an effort to not only suss out his scheme, but to bring an end to it. Dressing up in what they think college students wear, something straight out of the nineties, they try to gain information from the students stuck on the campus who are fearing for their lives. Literally, as one wrong answer to a riddle turns quite deadly.
Along the way, viewers get treated to not only the scene-stealing Clayface who has made his name at Riddle U in the guise of Stephanie, but we get to see Babs Gordon and dear old dad Jim hanging together in her dorm room. With Party Crashing, Mascot Beating, and “Vining”, this episode is a blast and a half to watch go down.

Oh, Chad

“Riddle U” is phenomenal as always with the stellar voice cast and animation, but a few characters just steal the show. The mix of Clayface as Stephanie pining away at Chad is one. Then we get the cutesy scene with Poison Ivy and Kite Man, thrown in with the eager determination of Barbara, All of these give real life to this episode. These are some of the best moments, as they work exactly as they’re supposed to. Humor and misguided butt-kicking abound and this instalment delivered what viewers have become used to seeing.


Harley Quinn season two has begun seamlessly and the continuing storyline has been just as amazing as one would expect. With new characters being introduced and Harley getting to play the role of hero, we’ve been getting greatness as a result. This episode is a favorite because it gives all of the characters a chance to shine. It’s also setting us up for more exquisite content.

Harley Quinn – S2 Ep1 – New Gotham Review

Director: Vinton Heuck

Writer: Adam Stein

Starring: Kaley Cuoco, Jason Alexander, Lake Bell, Ron Funches, Tony Hale, Christopher Meloni, Alan Tudyk, Andrew Daly, James Adomian, Wayne Knight, Alfred Molina, Jim Rash and Jacob Tremblay

Back Into The Rabbit Hole

New Gotham” signals the return of Harley Quinn and the aftermath of The Joker’s final solution from season one. Gotham is in shambles, Batman is nowhere to be found, and Harley’s at the precipice of being able to take the helm of the city she has always wanted in her hands. With so much going on let’s just dive in.

A City Divided

The dust has settled in Gotham and with the President himself saying that the city’s a lost cause, it leaves the territory up for grabs now that no law exists. Harley and her gang are living in the afterglow of the fires still not quenched. The world should be on Harley Quinn’s platter, but in the land of “New Gotham” territory is up for grabs and Harls is not the only villain with their eye on the prize. Penguin, Two-Face, Riddler, Bane, and even Mr. Freeze are chomping at the bit to get their hands on a slice of Gotham. The only question is, who will still be standing when this new battle is over and done?

Reunited And It Feels So Good

“New Gotham” brings back the voice cast that we’ve been missing and aching to hear again. With Kaley Cuoco, Lake Bell, Ron Funches, and the plethora of other talents back in the mix of voice acting and animation, the writing and the characters are brought back to life. This season opener gives us just enough to sate our senses, but is also a teaser that leaves us wanting so much more.
It remains to be seen, but I have faith that this season will be not only on the same level as the last, but may even surpass it. With a new storyline and with surprises and fan service in abundance, this is one of the best shows currently airing. It has all of the feelings of a guilty pleasure show, but with none of the regret or shame. The humor is instantly recognizable and has given fans smiles galore, at least I know for me it has.


This first episode returns us to a wonderful world in which some amazing characters have spawned into life. The world that this awe-inspiring team has given us, is something that I am always glad to return to. There are many mediums that Harley Quinn has a voice in, and of all of them, this is a real favorite.  Unfiltered and real, each of these characters brings a unique aspect of their characters to bat.

Harley Quinn – S1 Ep13 – The Final Joke Review

Director: Brandon McKinney

Writer: Tom Hyndman

Starring: Kaley Cuoco, Lake Bell, Jason Alexander, Diedrich Bader, Ron Funches, Tony Hale, Christopher Meloni, Alan Tudyk, Matt Oberg, J.B. Smoove, Rahul Kohli

**Spoiler Warning**

Our Lovely Rose

With a solemn heart, since this is the finale, let’s play no games. “The Final Joke” starts off with a quick recap of last episode’s climactic scene, in which Poison ivy is killed right before Harley and the gang’s eyes by the villain behind the whole plot, Joker. As expected, Harley goes fully into revenge mode, but is stopped by the gang who question her plan. Everything finally comes together with Harley joining forces with Batman.

Harley soon realizes just why the Joker wants her alive and the Joker is languishing in the fact that having everything he seems to have ever wanted isn’t bringing him the joy he feels he should have. As the face-off that fans have been waiting for looms, it remains to be seen whether Gotham will be left standing and who the victor will be.


All of this season the voice actors and the animators have given us all they’ve got. This is a series that’s definitely for adult fans, and it’s been a joy to watch. The series has given us consistently good stories and has always been an action-packed, comedy filled, thrill ride. “The Final Joke” is no different as the human element always finds a way into the show. We get a stunning few examples in this episode and my favorite is honestly in two parts, seeing the love between Kite Man and Ivy, as well as seeing Harley stripped of everything, yet still having the utmost faith in herself.


I went into this series expecting a comedy show full of foul language and adult situations. We did get all of that in droves, but we also received action, depth, and relatable characters that hit home and did justice to their counterparts. I have loved every bit of Harley Quinn The Animated Series and “The Final Joke” gave us a closing, as well as intriguing prospects on just where we go from here.

Harley Quinn – S1 Ep12 – Devil’s Snare Review

Director: Juan Jose Meza-Leon

Writer: Jane Becker

Starring: Kaley Cuoco, Lake Bell, Jason Alexander, Diedrich Bader, Ron Funches, Tony Hale, Christopher Meloni, Alan Tudyk, Vanessa Marshall, Matt Oberg, Wanda Sykes, James Wolk

No Tanks!

Devil’s Snare” gives us a doozy of a situation. After Harley and the gang failed to stop Scarecrow’s plan, Ms Quinn and Ivy inform the crew that things have indeed gone sideways in the best way possible, by running towards them…screaming! All ready? Let’s go!

Nice Save J@9#o££ League

In “Devil’s Snare” we get answers to many questions left over from previous episodes. As the series rages towards a close for Season 1, we get to see just who the mastermind is to the plan playing out. Gotham, however, may not survive the fallout as everything begins to unravel. All secrets are coming out into the open and with this action-packed episode, you’d best not blink. We get not only out normal action and comedy, but this cliffhanger episode before the finale gives us our first taste of tears. Definitely have tissues ready to go for this heart-wrenching episode.

Harley and Ivy struggle to fend off tree monsters and have to deal with heroes and villains alike. It Seems that the trees are just a distraction and the gang finds that out the hard way. The gang has definitely bitten off more than they can chew, and everything they’ve worked so hard for seems to be unravelling, as the first strike goes to the villains. It remains to be seen whether the gang will pull out a win this time…

Aw, He’s Just A Kid

As we head to the final episode, it’s great to see everything coming together. “Devil’s Snare” gives us yet another perfect combo of both voice acting and animation. This series has perfectly given us relatable, real versions of beloved characters in a funny and delightful way. It’s going to be sad to say goodbye to the gang, even if only for a small amount of time. However, I am glad that Ivy and Kite Man are finally coming clean with everyone, even if Harley is the last to figure it all out.


Devil’s Snare” had a lot going on and packed quite a punch. Laughter and tears aside, it leaves us patiently waiting for what’s still to come.