The Flash – S6 Ep14 – Death of the Speed Force Review

Ok, so this is more like it! A fantastic episode, opening up the season a bit more with a few twists and turns.

Wally West returns home this week and this gives us a brilliant opening scene with him dismantling a helicopter mid air. Keiynan Lonsdale’s Kid Flash is one of the Arrowverse’s most criminally underused characters. There was so much promise when he boarded the Waverider and joined the Legends briefly. He fitted in so well and a speedster would have been a great addition to that team. Anyway, Wally has become extremely zen, even finding uses for his powers that Barry doesn’t have.

He’s been sensing something wrong with the speed force and here begins their discovery of its impending death. Caused by the effects of Barry using Spectre’s powers as a boost during crisis, the speed force has been heading towards the end which would explain the issues Barry has been having with his powers. Barry feels extreme guilt and even though he’s pissed to begin with, Wally reassures him that his actions were for good reasons. Wouldn’t anyone have done the same? He was trying to save the universe!!!

Cisco also arrives home after his travels and by the end of the episode he’s probably wishing he had stayed away. That glimpse of Reverse Flash last week becomes a real problem for Team Flash this week as Eobard makes a more permanent return, threatening to kill Barry and all of his friends. I love the relationship we always get between Cisco and each incarnation of Harrison Wells, but none have a more complex past than these two. There’s a fight scene between them which was great viewing. It’s so good to have Carlos Valdes back again.

The Mirror Master story progresses a little. We see more of the connection Eva has with Mirror Iris and people’s suspicions are beginning to grow. Even Wally makes a comment to Joe as he leaves that Iris just doesn’t seem the same. But it’s Kamilla who suffers some serious consequences for taking some innocent photographs. The villain of the week aspect of the episode was a little insignificant but it did enable us to see Barry and Wally team up together again so I can’t really complain. It was fun to watch. As the episode wraps up, Barry has a genius idea which is a little bit exciting.

This episode felt like a bit of a turning point for season 6 and it definitely leaves you eager to see what’s going to happen next.

The Flash – S6 Ep13 – Grodd Friended Me Review

This episode takes us back to The Flash that we love. With a classic villain and Barry brought back to the forefront, it’s definitely the highlight of season 6 so far.

We’re all very familiar with Grodd but this was a post-Crisis, new take on the furry fella and it took Barry quite some time to give him the time of day, when being asked for help. Everyone deserves a second chance right? Barry learnt that there are 3.725 changes since Crisis and Grodd’s change in character means we can tick one off that list. There were heartfelt scenes and just that class I’ve Flash feel throughout, which made for a great time.

With the whole Flash team off doing their own thing, Kamilla and Chester are left to help Barry at Star Labs. I really liked getting to see more of Chester. He’s so in awe of Barry and so eager to please him but he just can’t seem to do anything right. With Grodd’s help it’s almost like Barry learns to let go of the past and move forward. I feel like we’re about to see The Flash back and at his best now. Iris’ drama continues behind the mirror and we finally get to see Ava’s real agenda and we also get a little more insight into Mirror Iris. I am loving this story. Oh, and Cisco is back next week!!!

The Flash – S6 Ep12 – A Girl Named Sue Review

Let’s get straight to it … SUE!!! After 9 months of Ralph searching for her we finally get to meet Sue Dearbon and she entered the Arrowverse with a bang! Played by Natalie Dreyfuss, I would say she’s probably been the most exciting new addition to the cast we’ve had in a while. She is a sassy, hectic little minx and most of all the partnership between Natalie and Hartley Sawyer was spot on. Almost as if they have been playing opposite each other for years. There were some comic book nods too (sort of) with mention of her going into hiding to escape a villainous ‘John’ Loring and during a sub plot with Barry and Joe, there’s mention of Doctor Light. Ralph and Sue’s relationship is already entertaining and enjoyable to watch and I am excited to see more as season 6 continues.

We’re taken inside the mirror this week as Iris meets Eva McCulloch. Efrat Dor portrays a long suffering Eva, who has been trapped in the mirror for 6 years. Iris is determined to break them out which has surprise consequences for Eva. It’s unclear at the moment if Eva can be trusted but as this story pushes forward its exciting to see what will happen. The presence of Black Hole is becoming stronger each week and that’s the focus of Barry and Joe’s investigating during the episode.

Barry takes a back seat again this week and I will say that I’m ready to have him come back to the forefront. He’s had enough rest now! The arrival of Sue has brought a new spark to the show and breathed some new life into Ralph. He even got to show off some great Elongated Man skills which was in keeping of his humorous personality but showed off his badassness.

The Flash – S6 Ep11 – Love Is A Battlefield Review

It’s Valentines Day in Star City and love is well and truly in the air. This episode leans more towards the fun element of the show whilst slowly building on that brilliant cliffhanger of Iris in the mirror last week.

Iris comes back through and during a romantic breakfast she’s cooked for Barry, threads start to unravel and it’s very apparent that this isn’t our Iris. As much as I’m craving to find out more about what happened to Iris when she was dragged into the mirror, the fun Love Is A Battlefield brought acted as a nice post Crisis breather and perhaps a quick diversion before we get down to the nitty gritty for the rest of season 6.

I’m not the biggest fan of Amunet Black but her return did bring about some funny moments as her angst towards old ‘friend’ Goldface, turns out to be down to a deep rooted lust. Frost and Allegra go on their own quest for love too which kind of acts as a way of establishing Allegra’s connection to the wider cast.

The stand out once again this week was Candice Patton. This mirror version of Iris had bundles of attitude and some new talents which take Barry by surprise. Candice has taken the role from strength to strength and I actually love that she’s become central to the Mirror Master storyline so far. I also think it’s been interesting to see Barry slow down as The Flash. It’s almost like a well deserved break after a tough week at work and it works well in context. Let’s hope someone frees real
Iris soon though, surely there’s only so long you can stare at yourself in the mirror for!

The Flash – S6 Ep10 – Marathon Review

First off let’s talk about that new intro – very nice! I hope it’s a permanent thing and not just a special for the first post-Crisis episode.

I feel like the affects of Crisis were nicely wrapped up by Cisco quite early on in the episode. It was quite funny watching him freak out as he had many similar questions as us viewers. Carlos’ comedic timing was just perfect here. This was a good way to pick up with where we are and start moving on, though I did expect an impactful scene with Barry and Iris celebrating that the crisis is over and the threat of that newspaper headline isn’t hanging over them anymore. Things aren’t so simple for Nash who is still being persecuted for his responsibility in opening the gates to the Anti-Monitor. There’s redemption for him at the end of the episode though as Cisco reaches out that olive branch before he heads off on his own mission. Cisco, don’t leave us!!!!

John Diggle arrives in Star City with a gift for Barry. His appearance fits in somewhere between Oliver’s death and his funeral which means he hasn’t discovered that little green box yet. A little bit of a shame as it would have been so exciting to have the smallest tease and catch sight of a ring. Oliver has left Barry the original Green Arrow mask, which he made for him and takes it as a sign that Oliver had left him work to do. This leads the pair to Lian Yu trying to find the last traces of Mirakuru but instead Barry learns that maybe he needs to slow down and start enjoying life. Loved having Diggle in this episode and I really hope he pops up again in the Arrowverse at some point seeing as we’ve been teased with his future.

It’s a huge week for Iris, whose investigating skills finds her number one target of a new secret organisation, Black Hole. Intertwined with her chasing leads at McCulloch Tech she finds herself playing a very dangerous game. Dr Light was throwing some serious shade her way! As much as I wanted to see more of Barry and Iris together this week, Candice was so fantastic in leading the episode and I’ve said before I really enjoy her Central City Citizen involvement a lot more than what she used to do at Star Labs.

An exciting ending presents us with a new, awesome villain and sets up the rest of season 6.