The Flash – S5 Ep17 – Time Bomb Review

Shit is about to go down!!! After the events from last week Nora visits Eobard Thawne in a huge panic. Unfortunately for her, he claims that he can no longer help her, and urges her to go home and confess all to Barry.

I’ve read quite a few articles this week celebrating The Flash having a female main villain. After watching this episode I have nothing but praise for Sarah Carter and her portrayal of Future Grace. She is ruthless. She shows no mercy, no alliances and she has no plan to back down on her mission. She’s back to kill the meta who caused her parents death and plans to then kill the rest of them. This means that poor Vickie Bolen and her family are in for one hell of a ride. Orlin tries and tries to appeal to her better nature. Since being “cured” he sees things very differently and tries to make Grace see that firstly, evidence shows Vickie didn’t actively seek to kill Grace’s parents and that secondly, his actions have been wrong.

Grace is unwilling to listen. She’s dismissive of her Uncle and relishes in her choice to kill Dr Ambres. Events lead to a showdown between Grace and The Flash. She’s even more powerful than Orlin’s version of Cicada though and she’s able to manipulate the dark matter in other metas around her. Orlin’s last attempt at making her see she’s wrong have fatal consequences and she uses her dagger to kill him. This was just so sad. Orlin didn’t even get the chance to live any sort of life after taking the cure and even on his darkest rampage as Cicada, the one thing that kept him from crossing a line was his love for Grace. Everything he did was for Grace and whilst his intentions were villainous, they came from the love he felt for her. He had seen the error of his ways and was striving for a better future for the both of them. Even after her hideous actions his last words to Barry are ‘Save my Grace’.

Nora’s world is turned upside down when she’s forced to come clean after Sherloque reaches the climax of his investigations on her. He’s fitted all the pieces of the puzzle together and when she stumbles in telling the truth to her parents and the rest of the group, he seems to take great pleasure in outing her. I don’t know if Barry is more furious or devastated but he locks her up in one of the cells in Star Labs. This was a great conclusion to that part of Nora’s story. We’ve waited for weeks to see this happen and the way it plays out is gut wrenching. Nora isn’t a bad person. Naive, yes! She’s allowed Eobard Thawne to manipulate her into changing the timeline and used the threat of Barry’s disappearance as an emotional trigger.

There are three things I can’t finish this review without mentioning.
We got a Shazam reference from Cisco. Wooooo!
We got our second Spider-man reference from the Arrowverse this week and as much it excited me, it’s just so random! We even had Ralph giving his best Spidey impression.
We saw The Flash costume fly out of Barry’s ring. I loved that!!!!



The Flash – S5 Ep16 – Failure is an Orphan Review

My goodness, this episode was schway af! There was a feeling of impending doom in the air and our friends at Star Labs were right to be worried. Even Reverse Flash calls it when Nora goes to visit him with an update at the beginning. Something or someone big is coming!!!

Nora gets a heads up that the timeline is changing and events lead her to realise that today is their last chance in giving Cicada the cure to prevent Barry from going missing. Dr Ambres is backed into a corner by Joe and Cecile until she eventually admits to her part in helping Cicada and sets up a meet for them. There’s icing on the cake too when she reveals that Grace is in fact a meta and the wound on her head is starting to glow just the same as her Uncle’s chest wound. Does this mean she’ll be taken off to Hogwarts when she regains consciousness?

Barry makes a few attempts at offering Cicada the cure and as you’d expect he’s completely dismissive of it. He doesn’t give a damn, he doesn’t want to know. This is until Barry tells him the truth about his niece and in a last ditch attempt to gain his trust, reveals his true identity. There’s been groans about Chris Klein’s portrayal of Cicada but I for one have never minded it. I do think he’s great this week in particular but maybe this is because I’m enjoying seeing Chris plays such a different role than what we’re used to seeing from him. Something about the character really reminds me of Shredder from TMNT too.

Cicada is brought to Star Labs but before he takes the cure he demands that Dr Ambres is brought in to stitch up his wound and threatens that he will kill each and every one of them if there’s any tomfoolery. It’s all plain sailing to start with. He’s successfully injected with the cure and he’s being stitched up. Happy days. Until another Cicada bursts through the window, causes complete havoc, destroys Star Labs and takes Orlin (we’re going to have to call him Orlin now otherwise this will get confusing). This Cicada is even more unforgiving, even more destructive and way more powerful. Dr Ambres falls victim to this brutality as she’s killed with Orlin’s dagger.

Just as the episode wraps up we see the new Cicada with Orlin. SHE removes her hood and we’re drawn to the glowing wound on her forehead. This Cicada is GRACE!!!! What a fantastic twist. She’s obviously from the future and this was so heavily hinted at back when Nora entered Grace’s memories in episode 12. Grace’s version of Cicada really unleashes an undeniably bigger threat. We’ve seen her in action for 5 minutes and it’s already clear that she’s not going to be as compromising as her Uncle. It bothered me that she killed Ambres though, that doesn’t make sense to me when she’s helped the two of them so much. We also know that Grace is aware of what’s going on around her while she’s in her coma so she would know that the Dr isn’t a threat.

We’re so close to the end but The Flash is showing no signs of wrapping up. It’s just stepped up a gear, upped the pace and I am really looking forward seeing what’s going to happen now.

The Flash – S5 Ep15 – King Shark Vs Gorilla Grodd Review

With the meta human cure finally ready for use the team are on the look out for a test subject to see if it actually works. With Lyla Diggle’s help they approach Dr Lamden who has been working with King Shark. I love Lyla! It always makes me smile when she shows up in an episode of any Arrowverse show. Using a telepathic crown, Lamden has been trying to draw out the human in him and they decide to ask if he’d like to trial the cure. Barry takes the decision out of his hands in the end and injects King Shark with the cure to prevent him from eating Cisco. I found it so interesting to hear King Shark, in his human form as Shay Lamden, talk about how it felt to actually be the villain. He shows a lot of remorse for his actions and feels complete guilt for the people he’s killed. However, he blames the total and constant rage which took over his body for it all. Obviously his human form is devilishly handsome and is portrayed brilliantly by Dan Payne.

Shay makes a huge sacrifice to save the city after Gorilla Grodd steals the telepathic crown for his latest plan to take over Central City. With this we get some fantastic scenes between the two beasts. As the episodes title suggests, they end up in a brawl and it’s visually stunning. The magnitude of their strength and brutality is conveyed so well and I could have spent the entire episode just watching them throw things at each other. I think we need to see a round two at some point in the near future. It also makes you think about the fine line between good and bad, and you see that some things just aren’t as simple as this person is a villain and that person is a hero.

There was a love story running in the background of all the fighting too. As hard as Dr Lamden tried denying it, she had deep feelings for King Shark knowing that before going through the meta change, he was the doppelgänger of her Earth 2 husband. Their relationship was not too far removed from the movie, The Shape of Water and however unbelievable it might be to see a woman fall in love with a shark, it was very sweet. In other news Joe is back!!!!!!!! It was great to have Jesse L. Martin back and just in time too as Iris is in need of some support.

It may have been a bit of filler episode but it was a lot of fun. Barry found himself in hot water with his friends for ignoring the premise of not using the cure forcefully but in the end redeems himself and decides to offer it to Cicada rather than using it as a weapon. Cicada doesn’t want his meta abilities so surely he’d jump at the chance? Something tells me it won’t be that easy!!!

The Flash – S5 Ep14 – Cause and XS Review

We all love a bit of timeline hi jinx on The Flash and there’s plenty of it this week. In fact Nora gets caught in her very own Groundhog Day which tests her skills as a speedster.

Cisco’s cure is 29 days away from being ready and the team are just too impatient to wait. Barry gets sent into the time force to use it as a catalyst for the dark matter and by Caitlin’s calculations this means the cure will be useable in 60 minutes. In his absence things get very interesting. Nora relives the impact of Cicada’s revenge on Iris’ breaking and entry not once, or twice but 52 times!!! She keeps getting thrown back in time to find a way of preventing events which lead to Iris, Caitlin, Ralph, Cisco, Sherloque and Cecile being stabbed by his pesky little dagger.

I’ve seen nothing but praise for Jessica Parker Kennedy as Nora since she hit our screens, and this week she truly shines. For the first time she’s made to deal with the type situation her Dad has competed against time and time again. She shows herself to potentially be a great leader by using each loop in time to find a way to stop her family and friends from dying. Jessica gave an impeccable performance in this episode. She tries to hide the truth from everyone but they eventually work out what’s going on and by working together, Cicada finally feels the sting of his dagger for himself.

There’s a welcome return this week too. Ralph brings out the Book of Ralph once again to help Cisco on his first date with Kamilla, the girl he met in the bar a few weeks ago. As innocent and loveable as he is, Ralph does more damage than good causing Cisco to act like a complete douche on the date. His vibey senses ping and he too realises that something is going on with the timeline but manages to piss Kamilla off several times. In the end he ditches the ludicrous clothes, terrible hair styles and braggy persona and does a much better job when he just goes as himself. What a nice message people … just be yourself!!!!!

So quite a challenging episode for Nora this week, surely she deserves a break after all that running around? Sherloque clearly doesn’t agree as he’s found a way to break the coded notes in her book and starts running them through his computer.

The Flash – S5 Ep13 – Goldface Review

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! This week’s episode is really dark, really Arrow-esque and it works really well.

With the prospect of Cisco and Caitlin’s meta cure being perfected very soon, Barry and Ralph go in search of an immobilising devise which will keep Cicada still enough for them to inject him. They are given the name ‘Goldface’ who will help them get what they need, which takes them to the criminal underworld. Barry drops the nerdy, bashful personality and totally channels his inner Don Corleone. Grant Gustin was just perfect this week. The way he so convincingly tricks Goldface and his pals into believing he is an uber criminal genius who leaves no trace for the police is so much fun. He even had me going for a bit. Taking on the persona of ‘The Chemist’ he ends up having to do Goldface a favour in return for the weapon he needs. This causes a huge moral dilemma for both him and Ralph. What I liked about this was that no matter how beneficial the action is for their own gain, Barry (and Ralph) will always do the right thing. Hartley Sawyer was also fantastic here as he managed to momentarily drop the comedy in order to get the job done. But I always love having him brought to the forefront. We need more Barry and Ralph please!!!! I also enjoyed Damion Poitier as Goldface. He gave us a solid gold (yeah I went there) villain who would actually do well as a long term threat for Team Flash over a good few episodes rather than just the one.

Knowing that Sherloque is hot on her heels, Nora is advised by Thawne to distract him with romance. She constructs a situation which leads him to quite literally bump into a lady called Renee Adler, played by the wonderful Kimberly Williams-Paisley. She also plays his various ex-wives who Nora calls in to give him tips. They aren’t exactly happy to see him though. Ever since the announcement that Kimberly would be joining the cast I’ve been so excited to see her show up, so I was happy that she finally succumbed to Sherloque’s charms as it means we will be seeing her again. There’s also more to Renee than we first think which will be great to see.

Iris isn’t receiving great reviews on her new paper so decides to up her game and do some digging on Cicada to make her writing more interesting. This leads her down a very dangerous path as she comes face to face with him … in his house!!!! Chris Klein is totally menacing in these scenes, to the point where you’re on the edge of your seat feeling Iris’ state of panic. I have really liked the progression with Iris over the past few weeks. We are seeing her come into her own, taking on a bigger role within the show. To me Iris the top notch investigator makes so much more sense than the Iris behind the desk at Star Labs.

The show has really found its stride now and it’s getting very exciting. I’m enjoying watching the Nora and Eobard story unravel as well as the thrill of the team chasing Cicada.