Supergirl – S4 Ep17 – All About Eve Review

Supergirl and friends experience the fallout from Lex’s despicable actions and more of Eve’s secrets are exposed. Meanwhile, J’onn has a crisis of identity and gets a visit from someone important to him. An explosive ending sends Supergirl’s world into chaos.

Season 4 of Supergirl is now in overdrive! Lex Luthor’s presence is felt during this entire episode though he does not appear at all. The fallout of his actions during the previous two episodes is devastatingly felt by all of the Superfriends. While this episode deals with Kara focused on finding Eve and Lex, it also features a much needed reconciliation and a deeply emotional Martian storyline.

This intense episode begins with Alex and the DEO finding Lena unconscious in her office. As she wakes up, Lean tries to tell Alex about Lex, but the Director assures her that they are doing everything in their power to find and apprehend her brother. They find a letter from Lex on Lena’s desk which reveals Eve’s deception and her work as a spy for him. He ends the letter with threat for Lena saying he will have her killed if she pursues him. He blames her for betraying him first.

Meanwhile, Kara and J’onn scour the skies for Lex, but are not successful in finding him. Kara blames herself for Lex’s actions as she feels she failed to protect Earth as Clark instructed. J’onn, with his own troubles weighing on him, attempts to speed up the process by connecting to the psychic net, but it struck unconscious after hearing his father’s voice. He falls out of the sky, but is saved by Kara, mirroring one the more famous Supergirl comic book covers. This is fitting as it is the 60 Anniversary of the character. Back on the ground, J’onn informs Kara that he wishes to contact his father for guidance using the Staff of Kohlar.

Elsewhere, Kelly and James discuss his recovery with the former suggesting trauma counselling among other things. James is frustrated at her suggestions insisting that he is fine. He says he needs to get back to work protecting aliens at the paper as Lockwood is working on repealing the Alien Amnesty Act. He suffers a brief attack of some kind as a result of the treatment presumably which concerns Kelly.

Meanwhile, Ben Lockwood and his son George talk in his office about the upcoming repeal, when they receive a call informing them of a senator’s refusal to vote their way.
As a sign of peace, Supergirl arrives at the DEO with donuts and offers her assistance in the search for Lex Luthor. Colonel Haley reveals that they are not a part of the search efforts, but the other government agencies are active in that endeavor. They all agree that they must do something to help. Haley agrees to take point as far as DC is concerned while Alex and Supergirl conduct their own investigation. Alex tells Supergirl that she will go question Lena about Teschmacher and that she should wait to hear from her. She says it would be better due to Lena’s strained relationship with the Girl of Steel. Supergirl reluctantly agrees. Before she heads out, Supergirl gives Brainy his Legion ring back much to his delight.

Back at his P.I. building, J’onn attempts to summon his father’s spirit with the staff only to become frustrated as it doesn’t appear to work. Someone knocks incessantly on his door which frustrates him more, but his frustration quickly turns to joy as his father appears at the door. J’onn is overwhelmed with happiness at the sight of his late father. J’onn apologizes for his recent behavior and his failure in following his example. M’yrnn reveals he is not here to help his son, but rather to take back the Sacred Symbols and the Martian knowledge with him. He is disappointed at his son’s failure. He goes to leave, but stays as J’onn collapses due to the removal of the symbols from his head.

At CatCo, Kelly tries again to convince James to accept treatment for his trauma. James believes that Manchester Black is behind the attack on his life and though the rogue is dead, he feels it is his duty to stand for the aliens in this trying time. He tells her that he is fine and that now would be a good time for her to go home.

Lena is alone in her hospital room and watches the news coverage of Lex’s escape which triggers her to go visit Lillian in jail for answers. The conversation goes as usual with the evil Luthor matriarch torments her by asking what Lena’s friends would think of her if they found out about her work with Lex on the Harun-el project. However, the conversation did prove somewhat fruitful as Lillian revealed that Eve Teschmacher fell for Lex and is enamored by him.
After her visit with Lillian, Lena returns to her office to find Alex waiting to question her about Eve. Supergirl arrives and the three of them agree to team up in this investigation which first leads them to question Eve’s cousin Bitsie, who is revealed to have received the cure in exchange for covering for her. Bitsie is desperate to keep the cure as she does not want to have cancer again. Eventually, she tells them about Eve’s secret lab.

In a secret location, Eve meets with Red Daughter and instructs her to wait for her signal.
Meanwhile, Lockwood and his son visit with Senator Granberry, who explains her reservations on voting for the repeal and ultimately declines to vote for it. Lockwood is disappointed.
Back at J’onn’s, the crisis stricken Martian spills his heart to his father, who agrees to help him with his problem. J’onn is distraught at the thought of losing the symbols and his memory of his culture as it would mean the end of the Green Martian way of life.

Alex, Lena, Supergirl then travel to Teschmacher’s lab at National City University. There the trio find the gun and bullets that link her James’s shooting as well as some Harun-el, which angers Supergirl. She initially snaps at Lena for creating the harun-el and blames her for Lex’s new found powers. Lena defends herself once again saying that she only had the purest intentions and did not want this to happen. Lena only wants to protect humans from the hostile aliens and is frustrated with Supergirl’s tendency to “ always see red” when she feels vulnerable. Alex takes Lena’s side pointing out all of the good that Luthor has done including saving Argo, Sam, and James. Supergirl explains that she feels the weight of world now that Superman left for Argo and especially now that Lex is free. She explains, “If my enemies are strengthened, and I’m weakened in the slightest bit, then I lose.” She feels that she cannot lose and only wants to protect everyone. Lena apologizes and the two patch things up. They then find documentation of her revival of Otis Graves in connection to a failed Metallo project she worked on with Lex. A rogue Metallo experiment then attacks them, but is quickly destroyed when Lena and Alex comes to a weakened Supergirl’s aid.

Meanwhile back at J’onn’s, the distressed martian lashes out at his father and blames him for letting Mars burn in the war while sitting and praying instead of doing something about it. The elder Martian snaps back accusing J’onn of not exactly doing a good job of protecting this world. He brings up J’onn’s failure concerning Manchester Black, allowing him desecrate his grave site among other things. J’onn eventually snaps and shouts “I am not a man of peace! I am the Martian Manhunter!” After this realization, M’yrnn explains that he did not want his son to become him. He never wished to change his son’s nature. His ultimate desire was for J’onn to help the world in his best possible way. He apologizes saying he failed him. He only wanted to impart his unconditional love for him. J’onn realizes that his father is only an extension of his own mind and that the answers he sought were inside himself. He then recalls the place where H’ronmeer handed down the sacred symbols and decides to take back there in hopes that someone worthy of them will come along and receive them.

At CatCo, Kara visits James and tells him that it was Eve that shot him and about her connection to Lex. He is shocked and hurt, but he remains resolved. They are alerted to the news where they see that Senator Granberry has ultimately voted for the repeal thus making it official: the Alien Amnesty Act is no more. They are shocked and heartbroken at this news. They also notice that Eve, wearing an inhibitor, is there in the crowd. Kara goes to find her as James goes to the White House as press hoping to find and question Lockwood, not only about this terrible event, but also about his connection to Lex.

Meanwhile, Lena goes once again to visit Lillian. She presents her mother with a map of the prison which Lex has marked in red near his mother’s room. Lena tells her that Lex planned to come back and kill to tie up loose ends rather than save her as she previously thought. This revelation leads Lillian to agree to tell Lena how to find him.

Outside the White House, a peaceful protest takes place in response to the repeal. Inside, Lockwood asks the senator why she changed her mind. She worriedly replies “just take the win,” causing Lockwood to momentarily question things. James finds him and confronts him about his connection to Otis Graves and therefore Lex. Lockwood denies any connection to Lex and is surprised to hear that Graves is alive.

Meanwhile, Supergirl finds Eve only to discover that she is using a hologram. Eve’s trap is activated which is in the form of a Kryptonite laced Lexo-suit that proceeds to trap Kara inside. The White House is then rocked with an explosion and the lights go out. Red Daughter appears dressed as Supergirl and begins to wreak havoc with her heat vision killing several journalists and senators. James protects Lockwood’s son, but ultimately has another episode when a fire fight breaks out. Lockwood cowers on the floor and attempts to fire on Red Daughter, who simply says: “Let them hate, so long as they fear.” She gives him a smile before flying off thus sparing his life. She then sets the roof of the White House on fire.

Following the attack, President Baker addresses the nation saying that Supergirl has attacked them in retaliation to the repeal with her brute alien justice. He then asserts martial law and declares the Girl of Steel public enemy number one! Everyone watches in shock. Alex doesn’t believe that Supergirl really did this. Haley surprisingly agrees.
Alex and Lena then summon Supergirl and inform her of their belief in her and their desire to help her clear her name taking down Lex in the process.
Also, James, shaken from the attack, accepts Kelly’s help and asks her to stay in town.

Overall, another strong episode of Supergirl! Ever since Lex’s introduction, I feel like the season has kicked into overdrive and been truly can’t miss TV. Speaking of Lex, the fallout from his actions was devastating! The search for Lex and Eve brought together our heroes in a great way and led to a much needed reconciliation between Lena and Supergirl. Now if only Lena would find out Kara is in fact Supergirl that would be great. Speaking of the Luthors, I loved seeing Brenda Strong as Lillian again and always enjoy her scenes with Katie McGrath. While the search for Eve and Lex was highly entertaining, the highlight of this episode was J’onn’s storyline. David Harewood has been incredible on the show from the start, but in recent seasons has really delivered exceptionally powerful performances. His crisis of identity storyline has really been a key part of this season and thus my enjoyment of the season as well. This episode in particular was special as it featured the return of guest star Carl Lumbly as M’rynn. Lumbly’s elder martian is one of my favourite characters in the entire series and his storyline last season was deeply moving for me as the dementia aspect hit close to home. My grandmother suffered from the disease before her passing a few years ago. So his appearance in this episode was a welcome surprise. I love his dynamic with Harewood. They both give truly emotional and incredible performances in this episode. Also, while I saw it coming, I loved that we finally have Red Daughter actively involved with the main storyline. I knew she would eventually impersonate Supergirl, but still found her attack on the White House exciting and well done. I can’t wait to see how the rest of the season unfolds now with all of the pieces in place.
But alas we have reached a the two week break for Supergirl as well.

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Supergirl – S4 Ep16 – The House Of L Review

Lex Luthor’s manipulations go much deeper than we realized and Red Daughter finally arrives!!

WOW!! This is episode is, in my opinion, one of the best of the series let alone the season. Jon Cryer’s Lex Luthor, after only two episodes, is easily my favorite villain of the series. This action packed and revelatory episode also wiped away my main criticism of the season: Red Daughter Kara. Up until this point, I was growing a bit frustrated with the lack of this storyline only being teased here and there with her existence and training. Now, we are getting her in full and Lex is behind it all!

The episode opens with Supergirl fighting Lex Luthor in his exo suit!! Two battle and it is revealed that the harun-el has not only cured him, but given him abilities. He appears to have superhuman strength which he demonstrates by dragging and lifting the giant Daily Planet Globe and launching it at Kara! Seeing Lex suit up was a moment of pure joy! When his suit was seen back in Season 2, I never thought we would see him let alone him suit up!
Throughout the episode, we learn that Lex has been behind everything this season: the training of the Kasnian Kara and Lockwood’s Agents of Liberty. Three years ago, Lena and James both testify at Lex’s trial detailing his horrendous acts. His is declared guilty and receives thirty-one consecutive life sentences. When asked by the judge for his reaction, He proclaims, “Superman made me do it.” He warns them about the aliens saying that he is the only one who can stop the coming extinction level event. During his speech, the judge, jury and some attendees all begin to choke and pass out causing another life sentence to be added.

Eve Teschmacher visits Lex in jail (his cell fitted with his belongings and done up like his home ala Kingpin from Daredevil) saying she has always admired him. She is completely enamored by his “once in a lifetime mind” and says she’ll do anything for him. Luthor, still bitter that his sister and James testified at his trial, asks her to get the job of Cat Grant’s assistant at CatCo in order to be closer to Olsen. She complies and says she will await further instructions.

Jumping ahead two and half years (aka six months ago), the Kaznian government discovers the doppelganger of Kara created by the Harun-el during the battle with Reign. They attempt to turn her into a weapon, but she proves to be unstable. The head general calls Luthor, who bribes and threatens the warden to let him out of his cell for seventy-two hours. With Otis and Teschmacher, Lex goes to Kaznia to examine the new Kryptonian. They find her afraid, but protecting a small boy whom she had just saved from several armed thieves. Lex introduces himself and the Kryptonian says “Alex.” He accepts that as the name she will call him. This fateful meeting was the beginning of a twisted mentorship. He trains her, instructs her in history, art, novels, chess etc. all with the bent that America is evil.
Lex reveals his ultimate goal of setting up a war with Kaznia and America (taking advantage of Kasnia’s plan to attack the U.S.) with Supergirl and the Kaznian “Kara” at the center. His plan is to swoop in and save the day thus becoming a hero in the eyes of the world. Luthor orders Otis to get his sister Mercy and begin causing more discord between aliens and humans by recruiting a radical, but a charming voice of dissent. Otis suggests Ben Lockwood as the figurehead of the movement saying that he fits the bill.

When the Graves and Lockwood released Kryptonite into the air, Kaznian Kara was infected with it while training alerting Lex, who rushed there to help her. Following her recovery, he explains to her that she is from Krypton and that she has extraordinary abilities. Lex tells her that she will eventually face Supergirl, who is the face of America and their evil ways.

Four months ago, Lex takes “Kara” to National City, after she expresses her desire to see America. During their visit, Lex tries to further convince her of the selfish and greedy nature of the country. He takes her to Kara’s apartment to allow her to get a sense of her lifestyle. Alex shows up and “Kara” plays the part saying she came back from vacation to Smallville (as seen in the Elseworlds Crossover) for her journal. It works and Alex leaves. She then dives deeper into Kara’s journal finding that she is a good person and begins to realize that America is not that bad. She reads about Kara and Lena’s friendship and decides to go find the latter. She does and has an awkward meeting with her that is conveniently interrupted by Eve. Once Lena leaves, Eve confronts “Kara” warning her to not fall for this kindness and compassion. Teschmacher then informs Lex that she believes that their “pet” is getting soft. Lex, in order to draw back to him, has the young boy she saved taken. He has Otis make it look as though America had bombed his home and that he didn’t make it. “Kara” discovers this is devastated. However, she quickly realized that this was all due to Lex’s rivalry with Lena. She refuses to be a part of it, but Lex is insistent.

Three months ago, during a routine training exercise, “Kara” fell ill thus threatening to end all of Lex’s work. He meets with Eve and asks about using the harun-el on her. Eve says that it isn’t ready and that Lena will not let her use it. Lex realizes that he will not be able to ask his sister the old fashioned way as she does not trust him. So, as any crazy villain would do, he decides to give himself cancer thus setting into motion the events of last week’s episode.
Before that however, Lex appears to Lena in hologram form to tell her that he is dying and that they should work together on th harun-el cure. Cut to present day, Lex goes to Kasnia and gives “Kara” the cure. She thanks him and then pledges her loyalty to him. She says, “Supergirl acts on her emotions. It’s selfish, ugly. I will not be her. I will be me. I will follow you and destroy her.” A pleased Lex gifts her a new suit and christens her his “Red Daughter.”

The real Kara flies into James’s hospital room to find Alex there. She tells both of them that Lex Luthor is free and that she just fought him. Alex tells her to get J’onn and pursue Luthor while she goes to find Lena. Meanwhile, Red Daughter hovers and watches over the city.
As I said earlier, this is one of my favorite episodes of the entire series! Jon Cryer’s performance as Lex is top notch. I really enjoyed his chemistry with Melissa Benoist, who was incredible in this episode as well. Their mentor-mentee relationship was twisted and captivating. The writers did a fantastic job recontextualizing the series showing that Lex was behind a lot of the key events dating back to before the second season. This essentially makes him the true big bad of not only this season, but in some ways, the entire series which is fantastic!
Next week’s episode looks equally thrilling as Lex’s plan continues to unfold and Red Daughter is unleashed on our heroes!

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Supergirl – S4 Ep15 – Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? Review

Jon Cryer makes his debut as the iconic Lex Luthor! James’ sister Kelly arrives. J’onn makes a life changing decision and james’ fate is revealed!

This episode was a highly anticipated one for me. I was skeptical of Jon Cryer’s casting as Lex Luthor at first. This interesting casting choice made me look forward to this episode more. I must say that Cryer exceeded my expectations in every way. In my opinion, he nailed the ego, the brilliance, and the simply diabolical nature of the iconic superman villain. His chemistry with Katie Mcgrath (Lena Luthor) was fantastic! The two made me believe that they really were estranged siblings.

The episode opens with a flashback to four years ago in metropolis. We see Lena strapped down to a chair. Lex forces her to watch as buildings are being leveled do him unleashing a red sun. He tells her that he is wants to prove to the world that superman can bleed. He says that the Kryptonian is a false god and that the people are misguided in their praise for him. Lena defends superman saying that “at least he’s good man.” Lex snaps back saying: “i was the man of tomorrow! Not him! Not him!” He angrily blows up a helicopter with his smartwatch and then the police arrive. Lex allows himself to be arrested and bids his sister farewell saying he will be back.

In present day, Luthor is brought to his mansion via helicopter on a mercy furlough. Lena is waiting for him there. Lex is dying from cancer as a result of kryptonite poisoning in his attempt to kill superman. Lena asks why he is really here. The older Luthor desires the drug that his sister has been developing believing it to be his ticket to life. He urges her to complete the harunel cure, but she shuts him down. She does not want to risk any lives in testing it.  Lex is disappointed, but understands. Eve interrupts them with news about james.

Meanwhile, james is lying in his office bleeding out. His shooter reaches and activates the Supergirl beacon on James’ watch. Supergirl arrives and gets him to the hospital. Kara, brainy, Nia, Alex and J’onn all wait to hear from the doctors about Olsen’s condition. Using her status as owner of the hospital, Lena storms in demanding answers. The superfriends great her and try to comfort her. In one of the sweeter moments of the episode, brainy reminds her of their conversation about emotions saying “little boxes, comrade.”  Alex tries to convince Lena to complete her cure, but once again Lena is not having it. Alex reminds her that she is brilliant and can pull off the impossible.

With this encouragement, Luthor returns to the mansion with the intention of completing her work. She needs Lex’s help though to separate the healing factor from the superhuman abilities in the harun-el. He begrudgingly agrees as he does not exactly want to help save superman’s best friend. As they work together, their toxic relationship is revealed. Lex belittles her which in turn makes her work that much harder to prove him wrong. He then tries to take credit for all of her success. He does tell her that he’s proud of her though. He praises her creation of kryptonite which even he couldn’t recreate.

Meanwhile, J’onn is convinced that Manchester black is behind the attack on James. He utilizes his psychic link to locate him. Kara accompanies him in order to help hold him back. She lies to Alex saying she is needed at Catco. They both travel to M’rynn’s burial place where the elder martian merged with the earth to save it from the Kryptonian witches in last season’s finale. Manchester is there waiting for them wielding the great staff of H’ronmeer.  Black taunts the martian with his people’s beliefs using the harsher sides of it to goad him into killing.

Back at the hospital, james’ sister Kelly shows up as his next of kin. Kelly and Alex are at odds at first over the decision making in regards to James’ care. It is revealed that his spine is damaged and he has internal bleeding. Kelly opts to send him to another dangerous surgery over Lena’s potential cure which Alex suggests.

Back at the Luthor mansion, Lena and Lex are successful in perfecting the cure. However, it is too late as James was taken to surgery as they completed it. Lex tries to comfort her and tells her a story about his beloved dog Ignatius. He recalls that, when he was seven, his dog got sick and had to be put down. Lena snaps at him for comparing james to a dog, but Lex recovers. He goes on to say that Lillian forced him to go on a business trip with their father in order to prevent him from becoming too sentimental. On the trip, Lionel brought a woman with them. Lex wanted to hate her for stepping in, but eventually came to wish that she was his mother. The day that his dog died, the woman hugged him and sang him a beautiful Irish song. This woman was in fact Lena’s mother. He reassures her that while he came from darkness and poison, she came from pure love.

Elsewhere, Manchester continues to attack J’onn psychically. This time he projects an undead Kara and Alex who berate him for not saving them. They mock him for standing idly by and praying. Kara comes in to the room to find J’onn in great distress. He breaks down in her arms. Kara tells him that she and Alex are stronger because he stands with them even in peace.

*****i must say that David Harewood has once again been incredible this season as J’onn. This scene in particular along with a later one as well were incredibly moving.****

At the hospital, Alex and Kelly begin to bond as they both apologize to each other for their earlier encounter. Kara arrives and joins her friends to wait for news. Alex greets her coldly as she is upset that she went off with J’onn. Kara explains that she didn’t like feeling helpless. Meanwhile, brainy is not handling the situation well at all. He breaks down following a struggle with a vending machine. He has a full on meltdown over his exile from his time, his evil relatives, Supergirl almost dying, and Mon-el’s dismissive treatment of him. He feels like he could have prevented this and blames himself for it. Thus all of his “little boxes” open up. Nia kisses him in order to calm him down. As this happens, the lights flicker and the power goes out.

Manchester is at the dam that powers the city and calls out to J’onn once again. Supergirl & the martian arrive to stop him. A laser vision deflection damages the structure causing Supergirl to repair it. J’onn goes after Manchester, who uses the martian’s dead family against him. He shows him his daughters being attacked by the white martians which enrages J’onn. He then attacks black with the staff and seemingly kills him. He retrieves Brainy’s legion ring and give it to Kara. He tells her that he is lost, but knows one thing: that he no man of peace.  Meanwhile, Lena and eve arrive with the cure and inject it into James. It is successful and James wakes up.

Brainy awkwardly tells Nia that they can’t be together and says that relationship built on the sort of circumstance never last. He walks away, but Nia says to herself: whatever you say.

Back at the Luthor mansion, Lena returns to confront Lex having realized that he was behind the power outage not Manchester. He used the attack on the dam as a distraction to cut the power to get Lena to use the cure. He does not deny it and goes one step further saying he was the one who had james shot. He brushes it off saying that he is dying after all. She defiantly tells him that he will never receive the cure. To her dismay however, Lex stands up and announces that he received in ten minutes ago. In a series of reveals, we discover that the guard, who earlier treated Luthor terribly, was actually a very much alive Otis graves using an image inducer. In what was a major nostalgic moment, came the biggest reveal of the episode. Lex yells: “Miss Tessmacher!!!!” In walks eve in all black brandishing a gun. Lena, in shock, asks how long has she worked for her brother. Eve replies: for ages. She shoots a guard and says that it not personal. Otis knocks Lena out. Lex orders eve to stay behind and take care of Lena. Lex and Otis leave the mansion in grand villain fashion wiping out all of the guards using Luthor’s tech. They take the helicopter and as they take off, Supergirl arrives. Lex is happy to finally meet her.

Honestly, this is without question, one of my favourite episode of this season and maybe even the series as a whole. Jon Cryer’s performance as Lex Luthor was incredible as i stated earlier. I also enjoyed Azie Tesfai as Kelly Olsen. With the recent announcement that she will be a series regular next season, I expect some major things ahead for her character namely a possible relationship with Alex. Also, David Harewood and Jesse Rath give really moving, emotional performances that impressed me greatly.

Next week’s episode looks just as exciting! We get more Lex and finally get more of the Russian Kara.

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Supergirl – S4 Ep14 – Stand and Deliver Review

Lockwood moves to repeal the alien amnesty act. Tensions between him and the elite reach a boiling point at a peaceful march. Team superfriends take a stand and someone’s fate is left uncertain.

This powerful episode opens with the elite out on the town. Manchester is ready to take out Lockwood, who is about to make a speech accepting his new presidential appointment. Menagerie stays behind to feed on a wealthy woman who walked by them. Before she could feast, Supergirl, J’onn, and dreamer arrive. Dreamer uses her astral projection to trick the symbiote and they are able to capture her. Manchester and the hat attack Lockwood’s press conference, but their assassination attempt is thwarted by team Supergirl. The Morae is injured in the process, but the elite escape once again. Lockwood’s aid Quentin (guest star Jonathan Bennett of mean girls fame) thanks Supergirl, but is not thrilled that it was her who saved him.

General Haley urges Lena to test the serum on her soldiers now and asks why she has refused to do so. Lena tells her that it is not yet ready for testing and that she needs more time to perfect it. Haley begrudgingly grants her request.

Haley then meets with Alex to inform her of the president’s latest orders: she is to become Lockwood’s security chief. Lockwood assures her that he comes in peace and that she will be doing the country a great service.

Lockwood later addresses the nation on television again announcing his plan to repeal the alien amnesty act. This angers Kara and J’onn who watch while Nia is dreaming. The latter finds a lead on the elite which comes in the form of one of the Morae’s claws.

Meanwhile, Manchester, the hat, and the Morae arrive at the fortress of solitude to find tech to stop Supergirl so that they can achieve their objective without her interference. Black and the hat disagree on their main objective with black focused on revenge and the hat focused on going back for menagerie. The two seemingly part ways with the hat leaving him and the Morae to fend for themselves as dreamer and J’onn arrive to stop him. Supergirl arrives as well and helps dreamer take down the Morae while J’onn fights Manchester. Their confrontation ends with Manchester entering a room in the walls of the fortress. It turns out that he entered into a room housing a sun eater, which according to Kara is basically a bomb. J’onn says he can no longer sense black as the rage he felt from him is gone.

A peaceful march is organized by someone calling themselves American alien and Haley tasks brainy with finding the person and shutting it down. She fears that it will only escalate the tension between the two groups. Brainy says that he is having trouble accessing the mystery person’s website to get information. He then suggests to let the march happen in peace.

The march begins as Lockwood holds his anti-alien amnesty rally during which he declares that aliens don’t deserve protection. Humans do. It’s us or them. As the march makes its way to the rally, they are heckled by several anti-alien supporters one of them being Lockwood’s aid Quentin, who claims aliens are here to hurt humans. Supergirl confronts him and tells him that many of the people in the march are refugees just like her. He says that she is different because she is a superhero. After this confrontation, she decides to join her friends at the front of the march as Kara Zor-el, citizen of earth, in full Kryptonian robes.

Elsewhere, the hat strolls down a nearby corridor and meets with a very much alive Manchester black who thanks him for setting up that ruse. The two appear to be on the same page.

The rally becomes heated as several anti- alien supporters throw bottles at the aliens. Kara tells the aliens to remain peaceful.

In grand fashion, black, using the stolen tech, projects himself all over the rally inciting more violence.  He urges aliens to stand up against the children of liberty and any human who supports the anti-alien movement and kill them. Alex sends Lockwood off of the stage as chaos erupts. The police and the DEO along with the superfriends attempt to stop the conflict. Brainy confronts the hat and after a brief and impressive one on one fight brainy is able to retrieve his hat while Supergirl comes in with the assist. Meanwhile, Manchester goads J’onn into fighting him only to reveal that he had been beating a children liberty member who was gagged. Black escapes once again while J’onn is left ashamed of his actions. James is there with one of his alien reporters Franklin acting as his photographer and is able to capture several moments of humans saving aliens and vice versa. Quentin, inspired by Supergirl, even saves an alien at one point realizing the error of his ways. These photos are published in the article the next day which leads to the president and Lockwood deciding to hold congressional hearings on the alien rights issue instead of immediately repealing the act. It is a win for team superfriends for now at least.

Elsewhere, J’onn, in his prayer robes, kneels and reaches out to Manchester telepathically. When he can’t focus, he changes to his martian form declaring his intent to hunt him as the manhunter.

Kara and Alex have a nice chat about the events with Kara praising Alex for her dedication to her job in spite of the circumstances. Alex says she was inspired by Supergirl and is beginning to see her as a true hero. Kara says that a lot of good came out of the events. She is hopeful that more will realize that aliens and humans should live in peace together. She says, “every action counts, and every voice matters.”

Last but not least, as he is leaving his office, James is shot by an unknown and unseen attacker. He is left lying on the ground bleeding out.

A truly powerful episode! I commend the writers of this episode for showcasing important, topical issues in a non-preachy or forced way which the show has done in the past, in my opinion. However, this season as a whole has been great as far as that is concerned. I really enjoyed seeing dreamer use her variety of powers and eagerness to do so. In addition, the image of the four main alien characters standing together was truly moving. David Ajala is cementing himself as mvp of the season for me with every appearance. Manchester black is such a fascinating character and Ajala plays him perfectly. Can’t wait to see what’s next for him and his conflict with J’onn. My only issues are with episode are minor ones. On several occasions, Kara is very loose with her identity. She flies in to J’onn’s office in her Kara disguise telling her friends she flew across the world a few times in search of Manchester. All the while menagerie is in the room! Also, while it was a powerful statement, Kara introducing herself to the marchers as Kara Zor-el is sure to make some people think. However, the fact that her disguise is only glasses and diffferent clothes makes these things easy to forgive.

Next week looks epic as well with Lex Luthor’s Arrowverse debut. Jon Cryer’s take on the character is going be exciting to see. If the preview is any indication, he is going to be great!

Stay tuned for more reviews here at Earth 9 and come back next week for another Supergirl review!

Supergirl – S4 Ep13 – What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice and the American Way? Review




This episode was in my opinion one of the strongest as of late. It tackles important issues head on and not in a preachy manner. The central debate of the episode is the classic: vigilante justice versus actual justice.

Supergirl is faced with several challenges in this episode namely the new called The Elite formed by returning foe Manchester Black (recurring guest star David Ajala). After meeting with J’onn in prison, he tries to convince the peaceful Martian to join his cause to no avail then threatens to eliminate him if he interferes. Black uses his defiance as a means to escape with the help of the mysterious being known as The Hat (guest star Louis Ozawa Changchien), armed with a hat the allows him teleport and gives him anything he desires. They both incapacitate J’onn and break out alongside Menagerie (returning guest star Jessica Meraz) and an unnamed Morae creature. Supergirl is alerted to the breakout and arrives to confront them with Black warning her to stay out of his way! He announces his newly formed team as The Elite and that they won’t stop until every racist, fascist, Children of Liberty supporter is put in the ground. Kara stands firm in her belief telling that she will not allow him to kill.

Meanwhile and on a lighter note, before  confronting Black and the Elite for the first time, Kara and Brainy take Nia to the Fortress Of Solitude to begin her official training as a superhero. Brainy and Nia spar and she proves herself to be a decent fighter, but still a bit unsure of herself. Brainy explains that her dream abilities allow her to predict an opponent’s moves and that she must learn to tap into them. He also in typical Brainy fashion say that he also has excellent prediction abilities via a form of advanced calculus. Nia asks Brainy for more information on her descendant and her homeworld, but he refuses due to fear of a paradox occurring. He warns her not to pursue this saying that even the smallest change can cause major damage to the timeline (sounds like someone else we know! haha). She later asks Kal-x the resident Kryptonian android servant (whom Brainy hilarious calls Kleenex when they arrived) for information on her homeworld which the droid allows her to access. She begins to access astral projection and other abilities via meditation when Brainy finds her. He is a bit disappointed to find she went behind his back, but ultimately admires her desire to help.

While The Elite terrorize military bases and Children of Liberty bases across the world which rattles both Kara and J’onn, the newly released Ben Lockwood aka Agent Liberty (Sam Witwer) finds himself in Washington DC to meet with President Baker, who has officially pardoned him. Lockwood asks him if could deputize the members of his movement. President Baker refuses, but tells him that he is a big fan of his show. While at the hotel bar, Lockwood also meets a  burly man named Cooper who informs him that he and several others have carried on the mission while he was locked up. Cooper, however, is not a fan of Lockwood rubbing elbows with the President and believes he no longer taking action like he did in the beginning. Lockwood is taken aback by the claim and quickly leaves the bar.

Meanwhile, after a disconcerting meeting with the both Black and later the President himself, Kara and friends determine that The Elite’s main target is Desert Tower, a military site in Wyoming that houses the controls to a satellite with the ability to strike down any alien vessels that come to Earth. Along with Martian Manhunter, Brainy,Dreamer and Alex (who finally seems to be regaining her trust in the Kryptonian), Supergirl takes on the Elite in an attempt to stop them from using the satellite on the White House. The superfriends put up a valiant fight and are successful but with a great cost with Supergirl ultimately being forced to destroy the satellite. In addition, during the fight, Brainy loses his Legion Ring to the Hat, who gives it to Black, who uses its flight ability in the fight. Supergirl talks to the President once again informing him that the creation of the satellite was immoral. She says that she had to destroy the satellite in order to save him and the residents of the area. Baker is not convinced it was all selfless believing she wanted to do it to stick it to him. He assures her that his only interest is in protecting the American people, but he does not need to listen to her and she need not interfere with government affairs. She leaves with a warning that Manchester Black and the Children Of Liberty will not stop and it will result in war. He assures that he has everything under control.

Following the satellite debacle, Lockwood is invited once again to meet with the President, who surprisingly names him his new Director of Alien Affairs saying that he admires his talent. Later, Lockwood is invited to a meeting with Cooper and several other Children Of Liberty leaders that run chapters in various states in the Southeast of the US. Cooper continues to question Lockwood’s ability to lead the movement, especially in light of his recent appointment, and berates him for not being a man of action. Ben in a fit of rage takes a mask that was modeled after his own and beats Cooper to death. He then turns to the other members and calmly asks:” Anyone one else think you need a new leader?” He then begins to formulate the next part of his overall plan.

This was a fantastic episode overall! I really enjoyed the face off between the Elite and the Superfriends. The Hat is a fantastic addition to the show and his power set was fascinating to see visualized on screen. I also liked the added touch that he utilizes 5th dimensional energy which is similar to Mr. Mxysptlk and Music Meister. Also, for the comic book fans, the title of the episode happens to also be the title of Action Comics #775 in which the Elite made their first appearance back in  March of 2001. I also enjoyed the back and forth between both Manchester and Kara. The competing ideologies made for a compelling story! Also, Alex realizing that something is up with the President was fascinating. Colonel Haley was completely unaware of the satellite project which is obviously a big red flag for her. She now confides in Lena, who has moved her research into the DEO lab, this information and the two come to an agreement to not trust the current administration fully. I also really liked the use of the suit used earlier to protect Kara from Kryptonite in the air. Can’t wait to see what’s next!