Supergirl – S5 Ep14 – The Bodyguard Review

Supergirl becomes Andrea’s bodyguard in this week’s exciting episode!

After a short hiatus, Supergirl is back with yet another highly enjoyable episode! “The Bodyguard,” delivers more character development for Kara, Alex, and Lena. In addition, the hour also drives home an important message: live life in the real world. Focus on the people in your life that make you happy. Do not let yourself become so obsessed with technology/virtual worlds that you forget true reality. Let’s recap!

As Andrea prepares for the launch of Obsidian Platinum, she is nearly killed when the elevator appears to malfunction. Supergirl swoops in and saves her. Thanks to a discovery by Franklin and Dey, they soon realize that this was an assassination attempt. Using the anti-Obsidian manifesto they found, Team Supergirl investigates this new threat. Despite this attack, Andrea refuses to postpone the launch.

Meanwhile, Brainy continues to work under the manipulative Lex. The duo are hard at work on reengineering Toyman’s immortality code in order to use it against Leviathan. Lex reveals that Leviathan comes from a planet near Krypton and thus he now needs a new form of kryptonite to make them vulnerable. Using the attack on Andrea as a way in, Lex offers Gemma (guest star Cara Buono) Supergirl’s services so as to keep Gemma’s people in the shadows. Gemma agrees, but warns him that she does not do second chances if he fails.

Lex orders Supergirl to serve as Andrea’s bodyguard during the launch using his knowledge of her secret as leverage. Before she joins Andrea, she checks in with Alex and J’onn at the Tower. She vents her frustrations to them, but talk turns to investigation as the trio find their first lead. The powers exhibited are similar to that of a Chlorophylian. With this in mind, Alex (who is struggling with life post-DEO) and J’onn team up to find the assailant. Their search begins at the alien bar where they question a man whom Alex previously arrested. He leads them to a possible location near Route 89. Alex calls Brainy and asks for his help in locating the attacker, but Brainy lies and says he could not find anything. Despite this, the duo travels there anyway and discovers a farmhouse complete with evidence of anti-Obsidian and weapons schematics belonging to a chlorophyllian named Todd Sapphire.

Meanwhile, Supergirl is not the only one “shadowing” Andrea. William has been tasked with covering the event for CatCo, which makes things a bit awkward. While watching Andrea be interviewed ahead of the launch, the two bond over their shared views on this new virtual technology. Supergirl admits that the manifesto is right in warning against disconnecting from the real world. He agrees saying that his friend Kara helped him to see that the real world can be a wonderful place. As their conversation ends, Andrea is once again attacked by Sapphire, but Supergirl stops him. Once again, Andrea refuses to push back the launch. She tells Supergirl that she will not back down in fear as this is her family’s work.

Meanwhile, Alex and J’onn are also attacked by Sapphire. J’onn is knocked out during the attack and his powers are absorbed. Alex calls Kara, who rushes to their aid (after transporting Andrea to safety at the DEO). J’onn comes to and the trio discover documents that reveal Todd died one year ago. They quickly realize that the culprit is his widow Amy, who seeks revenge on Obsidian for its involvement in her husband’s death. Todd, an employee at Obsidian, had become addicted to VR and thus neglected his family among other things. Sapphire then attacks CatCo in an attempt to power down the launch. However, there is a failsafe in place that will draw power from the city, which according to Brainy, could cause dangerous explosions.

As Supergirl and Dreamer battle Sapphire, Alex and J’onn help evacuate the building. Brainy also arrives to determine a way to shut the failsafe (unfortunately to no avail). After taking several hits, Supergirl is able to, through compassion, reach the grieving widow and convince her to stop her attack. Meanwhile, in the midst of the chaos, Andrea escapes her safety cell at the DEO and arrives (to assist Brainy) at CatCo using her shadow powers (which she seemingly has now only just discovered).

With the day saved and Obsidian Platinum officially launched, Supergirl asks Andrea to consider slowing the rollout of the lenses. The tech mogul explains that she cannot as he devices are meant to bring healing. This is not unlike another character’s goals (aka Lena).

Speaking of Lena, she has seemingly ignored Kara’s ultimatum from the previous episode. The troubled Luthor continues to move forward with Non Nocere with much encouragement from Lex. He marvels at her success in animal testing and suggests that she move to human trials. He offers her access to the prison they own which houses some willing participants. Once there, Lena meets Steve Lomelli (guest star Willie Garson), the resident prison news writer (whom we met last season). Lena gathers several inmates including the fearful Lomelli and administers Non Nocere. At first, it is seemingly a success with the previously aggressive inmates becoming peaceful. However, things go south when Lomelli is suddenly filled with intense rage. As a result, he suffers a massive seizure. When he recovers, he explains to Lena that his fear was replaced with an uncontrollable desire for revenge.

Back at her lab, Lena questions if she is as delusional as Lex concerning her project. She is still angry that Kara thinks what she is doing is villainous. Lex shows up and assures her that she is doing the right thing. He also warns her to not be so obsessed with Supergirl as he was with Superman (which he claims twisted him). Together, they are able to adjust Non Nocere to not only account for violence, but also the drive against injustice. This appears to work when administered to Lomelli, who returns to normal expressing happiness in his newfound safety.

In the closing moments of the episode, J’onn congratulates Alex on a successful day. He reminds her that she does not need a gun or a team of agents to make her special. He then gifts her a piece of Martian tech that can transform into anything she wants it to be. After and sister to sister chat, Kara (taking her own words of wisdom to heart) admits that she does in fact want to go on a date with William and “live in the real world.” She shows up at CatCo, where Dey is working late as usual and surprises him by asking him out.

Elsewhere, Brainy continues to feel guilty about his partnership with Lex. Earlier in the the episode, he consults with another of the Brainy’s who still maintains that working with Lex is paramount to the survival of the world. Following the battle, Brainy confronts Lex pointing out that he was unable to take the Luthor Power Core offline to stop the launch. Lex brushes it off saying that everything worked out fine.

Lex is of course more concerned with his budding business relationship with Gemma and Leviathan. He meets with Gemma once again and offers to become the global brand ambassador for Obsidian Platinum in exchange for meeting her friends. Gemma agrees, but is no fool.

This was yet another highly enjoyable episode of Supergirl in my opinion. While not my favorite episode of the season, it still succeeded in moving the main plots forward in interesting ways. I particularly enjoyed the character development for Alex, Kara, and Lena in this episode. Chyler Leigh does an incredible job portraying an Alex who is finding her new purpose following her departure from the DEO. One of the strongest parts of the show for me is her bond with J’onn which made this episode special in that way. As for Kara, I always enjoy seeing her save the day not only with powers, but also her humanity. This was yet another perfect example of another of her superpowers: compassion. I am however, not fully sold on her relationship with William. Despite the plotting being a bit wonky, I do like that Kara took her own advice and decided to not avoid her own reality. Now, as for Lena, she, with some nudging from Lex, continues down the dark path despite being a hero at heart. She is such a tragic character. While her intentions are pure, by removing negative emotions, she takes away the complexities of humanity. Speaking of negatives, my only gripe with the episode was the villain of the week. While the powers were interesting, the motivations were typical.

All in all, this was another enjoyable episode that delivered as far as characters and message are concerned.

Really looking forward to next week’s episode which will feature Dreamer!

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Supergirl – S5 Ep13 – It’s A Super Life Review

Kara learns a powerful lesson in this stellar 100th episode of Supergirl!

Supergirl has reached episode one hundred! “It’s A Super Life,” is quite honestly one of my favorite episodes of the series as a whole. Though it moves through multiple tones, it is one hundred percent grounded in character. Kara and Lena’s relationship is the main focus of this milestone episode that uses familiar faces and events to drive home a powerful lesson. Let’s recap!

The episode picks up where the previous one left off with Mr. Mxyzptlk (guest star Thomas Lennon) appearing to the Danvers sisters. The fifth dimensional imp, now in his true form, has been ordered to help those whom he wronged including Kara. He apologizes for his earlier run in with her in which he took on another form and tried to force her to marry him. To make up for his previous wrongdoings, he offers Kara a do-over, which she can use to repair her relationship with Lena Luthor. After talking with Alex (who reminds her that changing time is a major risk) and J’onn, she accepts his offer. Mxy explains that if she likes the outcome of any particular reality he can use his powers to make it real. He also gives her a safeguard in the form of a recording of his name backwards should she want him gone.

The duo then take a crazy trip through Kara’s past in various attempts to fix her friendship with Lena. First, Kara travels back to Season 4 (“Fallout” to be exact). She tells Lena her secret prior to Mercy Graves’ attack on L-Corp. Lena doesn’t handle it well and leaves for Metropolis to visit Sam (guest star Odette Annable). Sam assures her that she is not a villain. However, due to her absence, Kara dies as a result of Agent Liberty and crew’s Kryptonite attack.

Obviously not thrilled with that outcome, Kara then travels back further to the events of Season 3’s “Trinity.” She tells Lena the truth prior to their fight over Kryptonite. Unfortunately for Kara, Lena is furious as she had no one to turn when she found out Sam was Reign. This leads to another negative outcome in that she does not help Team Supergirl take down the Worldkillers. As a result, Reign murders her own mother (guest star Betty Buckley), Lena (who tries to take her down), and Mon-El (guest star Chris Wood) (who gives Kara some advice).

Following this disaster, Kara decides to go all the way back to the beginning of their friendship and tell her then (Season 2). In this timeline, Lena and Kara/Supergirl become partners and fight together for good. This gives Lena the credibility she has long desired and the public’s love despite her last name. However, Ben Lockwood (guest star Sam Witwer) appears and causes trouble. In this timeline, Lockwood, still Agent Liberty, lost his entire family after they jumped off bridge thinking Supergirl would save them. He then, along with Otis Graves (guest star Robert Baker), kidnaps Lena and Supergirl cult leader Thomas Coville (guest star Chad Lowe) and threatens to kill if Supergirl doesn’t reveal her identity.

A conflicted Kara is comforted by Winn (guest star Jeremy Jordan) who tells her that they can take care of themselves thanks in part to her. He encourages her to save Lena. She ultimately decides to reveal her identity to the world and is successful in saving both Lena and Coville. However, Lockwood, despite keeping his word, turns around and kills all of Kara’s closest friends and family including Alex, J’onn, and Cat Grant.

This third tragic scenario leads Kara to believe there is nothing she can do to fix this. Disheartened, she then suggests that maybe never becoming friends with Lena in the first place solves this problem. Unfortunately, this leads to the worst possible outcome in which Lena is a full on villain. Mxy and Kara find themselves stuck in a dystopian situation in which Lena rules over National City with an iron fist with Reign and an evil, emotionless Brainy as her enforcers. Mxy discovers he can’t use his powers here as Lena is using fifth dimensional energy from the Hat’s hat to power her Lexosuit police. The duo are saved from one such suit by Dreamer, who takes them back to the Tower where they are reunited with the rest of Team Supergirl (including Mon-El and Winn, who both never went back to the future). Team Supergirl then set out to stop Lena and her forces and retrieve the hat to grant Mxy his powers back. While Supergirl fights off a Metallo hearted Lena, the others face off against Reign and Brainy. The team is successful in retrieving the hat and thus Kara and Mxy return to the proper timeline.

Back at home, Kara has a breakthrough. She cannot and should not change the past. She realizes that she must own her mistakes, accept the consequences, and move on. She also realizes that she should no longer feel responsible for Lena’s actions post-revelation. After thanking Mxy for helping her, she visits Lena and delivers a powerful message. “From now on, you’re accountable for your own actions. If you decide to forgive me, I will be there for you. But if you continue to work with Lex, if you go through with whatever the two of you are planning, I will do everything in my power to stop you. Just like I would any other villain,” Kara tells her.

Following this powerful encounter, Kara returns home and spends some time with Alex and J’onn reflecting on their adventures together.

As I stated earlier, this is honestly one of the best episodes of the series in my opinion. It features stellar character work by each cast member particularly Melissa Benoist and Katie McGrath. Also, Thomas Lennon as Mxyzptlk was simply magical! Lennon fit the role perfectly in my opinion. This was a fun, yet poignant celebration of the series so far. While this episode did not feature big twists or crazy plot points, it did however, present a decisive moment in the Kara and Lena saga. Kara’s breakthrough was especially powerful. I am excited to see where the story goes from here now that the ball is firmly in Lena’s court so to speak. It was also awesome to see several returning characters including Sam Witwer’s Lockwood, Odette Annable’s Reign, and Chris Wood’s Mon-El.
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Supergirl – S5 Ep12 – Back From The Future Part Two Review

Directed by Alexis Ostrander
Written by Rob Wright & J. Holtham

Deception is everywhere in this exciting episode of Supergirl as the Toyman story comes to a close!

“Who is playing whom?” That is the question the best sums up this latest, well crafted chapter in the story of the Girl of Steel. “Back From The Future Part 2” not only showcases various deceptions, but also gives Winn some much needed closure. Let’s recap!

The episode kicks off with Kara and her friends enjoying karaoke night at the bar. In a simply delightful sequence, Kara and William (who was also invited) perform a duet of Toto’s “Africa,” complete with air guitar and harmonizing! Alex reveals to J’onn that she is spying on Lex, which makes him proud. Meanwhile, however, Lex calls Brainy with orders to fix the Alex problem. Following their performance, William asks Kara out on a date only to get interrupted by Winn, who alerts her to a DEO situation.

The team quickly finds that the DEO’s own drones have attacked the facility courtesy of Toyman. They determine that the villain was able to upload his consciousness into their system with the eventual goal to infiltrate the entire internet and thus live forever. Winn recognizes the code as his father’s last work which makes him uneasy. They are then greeted by Digital Toyman who demands to be allowed free reign or he will turn all of their tech against them. Alex then orders the agents to gather all the tech and remove smart chips or anything the AI can access, while Brainy is successful in isolating Toyman to a single server above the power core.

In a bit of comedic moment, as the team sets out to their tasks, an old fashioned telephone rings. It’s Lex, who reminds Alex that the Kryptonite safeguards will not be shut down. Unfortunately, this makes things difficult for Supergirl. Kara and Winn set out to locate Toyman’s code in the server. Before he joins her, however, he checks in with Brainy and asks him if he has this Lex thing under control. Brainy assures him that he does.

While the others tend to their tasks, Brainy calls Lex, who orders him to make a copy of the Toyman code as it is key in their fight against Leviathan. Brainy complies. Supergirl and Computer Lad (Winn’s Legionnaire Name) scan the servers and are able to locate the code, which Winn reveals to have originally been his creation co-opted by his father. They also have a heart-to-heart about relationships as Kara admits to liking William. She doesn’t want to enter a relationship though as she fears that her being double life makes it impossible to have such relationships. Their conversation is interrupted by the appearance of digital Winslow Sr. (Winn’s father was able to upload 80% of himself before he died) on screen. He urges his son to let him out so that he can help them take down Toyman. Winn refuses as he knows his father’s ways. Kara suggests that it is possible that the original Toyman has changed and offers the example of J’onn and his brother. This does not convince Winn, who is determined to delete both of them.

Meanwhile, Brainy hacks Alex’s tablet and removes her spyware as per Lex’s orders. Unfortunately for him, Alex finds out and confronts him. She accuses him of hiding something, but he deflects saying he removed it for her own safety from Lex.

The Toyman AI is able to access secret Lexosuits and begins attacking the DEO, which prompts “Computer Lad” to use his tech to enter the digital world to enter the kill code from the inside. In the digital world, Winn finds himself in a fight with his evil double and face to face with his father. Toyman Sr. once again offers his help against the evil Winn. He reveals that he has read about his exploits and is proud of the hero he has become. He claims that while he may not have completely changed, Winn is the best of him. Realizing his father is telling the truth, Winn releases him and is able to enter the kill code which causes both Toymen to pixel out of existence.

Meanwhile, Supergirl, Alex, and Brainy fight off the Lexosuits and are successful in stopping them thanks to Brainy’s flashiness and Winn of course.
Following the battle, Alex gathers all of the corrupted tech and delivers it to J’onn, who plans to send it into the sun. Alex also announces her departure from the DEO as she can no longer stand working there with Lex in charge. She then accepts a position at the Tower with J’onn. Alex suggests that Brainy join them, but he logically states that it is best if he remains as their eyes and ears in the DEO. Speaking of Brainy, he is later promoted to Director by Lex following the delivery of the copied Toyman code! Why Brainy? Why?!!!
They superfriends then bid farewell to Winn, who must now return to the future having accomplished his mission. He thanks them for helping him with his mission and to find closure. Since this mission allowed him to make peace with his past, he announces that he will now claim the Toyman name and make it stand for good. Before he leaves, he also encourages Kara to go out with William.

The next day, Kara turns William down after feeling guilty over her earlier lie. Back at her apartment, Kara laments to Alex about her doomed relationships. She wonders what would’ve happened if she had done things differently. They then hear a knock at the door. The unexpected guest is none other than everyone’s favorite fifth dimensional imp Mr. Mxyzpltk (guest star Thomas Lennon)!
Elsewhere in the episode, Andrea struggles with her Obsidian Platinum lenses as the bio-link fails. Lena visits her and offers to help. Andrea refuses fearing their partnership could hurt their newfound friendship. Lex hears that Andrea turned Lena down and goes into action. He, via info from Brainy, tracks down Gemma Cooper aka Leviathan leader Gammemnae (guest star Cara Buono) and offers his assistance with their problem. Accepting his offer to partner up, Gemma visits Andrea and guilts her into working with Lena. Meanwhile, Lena and Lex celebrate their latest deception (as Lena was responsible for the faulty lenses in the first place).Elsewhere, however, “Gemma” and the old lady from Leviathan plan their report to the Anointed One claiming that have the Luthor’s right where they want them!

This was yet another fantastic episode of Supergirl! The action, story, humor, and acting were all top notch! It was a great conclusion to an overall fantastic two-parter. Jeremy Jordan once again was the highlight for me in this episode. I enjoyed that Winn was able to find closure and make peace with his troubled past. In addition, the various deceptions currently being carried out are truly fascinating!

Can’t wait to see where the story goes from here!

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Supergirl – S5 Ep11 – Back From The Future Part One Review

A fan favourite character is back from the future for an exciting hour of Supergirl!

At long last, our beloved Winn Schott has returned albeit for a trilogy of episodes. Nevertheless, it was great seeing Jeremy Jordan, who departed the show following the Season 3, reunited with his former cast members. Not only did Jordan reprise his classic role in this episode, he also portrayed the episode’s villain: Toyman. This evil doppelganger of Schott arrives in National City as a result of Crisis and immediately starts causing problems for our Super Friends. In fact, his actions in the present ruin our Winn’s life in the future which prompts the latter’s return to this time. Let’s recap this crazy episode!

This exciting hour opens with Brainiac-5 capturing Toyman and delivering him to Lex Luthor (guest star Jon Cryer). As evidenced by their conversation, this Winn is perhaps even more twisted than the original Toyman. Luthor, with Brainy’s aid, sees the man’s potential and sends him to cause a ruckus at a Toy Convention by killing his “father’s” rival Chester Dunholtz. Lex and Brainy then meet with Lena as they plot to learn more about Leviathan.

At the ToyCon the following day, Kara and William, there to cover the release of a scarily accurate Lex Luthor action figure (I want one! Come on WB), have a very tense run in with the so called hero. William gets a bit ahead of himself and asks some pointed questions about alleged shady dealings concerning Rogers Materials and the disappearance of Russell Rogers. This causes Lex to threaten Kara saying: if you don’t shut down his expose, his death will be on you. In addition, he also threatens to expose her identity.

Alex and several DEO agents arrive as a threat was called in. Alex and Kara notice several toy monkeys ala the OG Toyman’s common weapons and quickly realize they are bombs. Kara prevents the disaster, while Toyman fires a shot at Dunholtz. Kara is stunned to see “Winn” and doesn’t speed to save the man. Luckily, the embiggening Legion ship arrives and blocks the shot. OG Winn steps out of the ship as the Toyman escapes.

Kara, Alex and Winn briefly catch up as the latter explains his mission. In the future, Winn is now a husband and a father. He is also being framed for murdering Dunholtz and many other crimes perpetrated by this doppelganger. He came back here to this time to stop Toyman from ruining his life in the future. Following a fantastic reunion with J’onn and a Crisis memory dump, the team, from their new base “the Tower” figure out how to capture this rogue Winn.

Meanwhile, Lena visits Andrea in order to get information on Leviathan. However, in this timeline/world, Andrea has yet to be activated by the shadow organization. Lena apologizes to her former friend in hopes that if Andrea ever does, she will give her such info. Following her meeting, she informs Lex of her findings.

At the DEO, Brainy gives Lex the coordinates to the Legion ship in order to retrieve future information on Leviathan despite his misgivings.

Back at the Tower, Kara brings Nia to aid in their search for Toyman as J’onn patrols the city. Nia uses her abilities, but she has a troubling vision of Brainy becoming a white tiger and attacking her. Clearly shaken by her vision and feelings for Brainy, Nia leaves the room. Winn follows her to the balcony where the two share a tender heart-to-heart. Winn tells her about her descendent Nura, who imbued some of her dream energy powers into a ring to give the only human Legionnaire powers of his own. He also gives her some great advice from Nura, “Never let anyone make you question your worth.”

This beautiful moment is followed by another tenderhearted conversation. This time, Kara and Winn talk the joys of parenthood. Kara opens up about her current journalistic struggles. She knows she must expose Lex, but Andrea is forcing her to write an exclusive on Toyman. She is also concerned about putting William in danger. Winn assures her that she will do what is right. She is Supergirl afterall! He tells her that “being in her orbit” is inspiring. This gives them both an idea! The quickly realize that Toyman idolizes his father like people view Supergirl.

This realization leads them to the villain’s “lair” where they find his next target: Andrea! The team quickly jumps into action and saves the tech mogul from several mechanical white tigers at National City University. In the chaos of the battle, Winn tries to reason with Toyman, but is unsuccessful as the latter sets off a bomb. The ensuing blast kills the doppelganger, while everyone is safely evacuated.

Following the battle, Kara meets with WIlliam, who is still set on exposing Lex. She decides to offer to help him, but tells him to be cautious. She also invites him to Game Night!

Meanwhile, Winn checks in on Brainy at the Tower. He invites him the the game night as well, but the Coluan refuses. Winn realizes that Brainy is hiding something and presses him on it. Brainy emotionally breaks down and tells him everything including sending Toyman to ultimately get information from the Legion ship. Winn is angry, but ultimately forgives his friend.

Meanwhile, Lex delivers the Legion Ship’s memory cube, which he bribed Brainy to get, to Lena which grants her the Q-waves she has been searching for in order to continue her project. In addition, Lex gained the knowledge on Leviathan he sought which included the identity of  Gemma aka Gamemnae.

Back at the DEO, a pixelated video of Toyman begins to play on screen among his vaulted evidence.

This was yet another fantastic episode of Supergirl, in my opinion. The action, story, and acting were all top notch. In addition, David Harewood continues to show incredible talent not only as an actor, but as a director as well. He showcased the action well and is truly an actor’s director. As I said above, it was great to see Jeremy Jordan back wit the crew! He has been dearly missed since his departure at the end of Season 3. I found his return to be well crafted and organic. Jordan also impressed me with his portrayal of both a more grown up version of classic Winn and the twisted Toyman, who may or may not be really gone! His scenes with Melissa Benoist, Nicole Maines, and Jesse Rath were particularly moving and well acted. I also enjoyed the Lex and Lena storyline in this episode as well. It was also awesome to see a version of J’onn’s Watch Tower in this episode! I look forward to more team meetings at this new base!

All in all, I cannot wait to see what comes next for our Super Friends!

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Supergirl – S5 Ep10 – The Bottle Episode Review

Brainiac-5 takes center stage in this insane Post-Crisis episode of Supergirl!

Jesse Rath has, in my opinion, been an incredible addition to this cast. He definitely fills the hole left by Jeremy Jordan’s departure. While he usually serves as comic relief/tech support, this episode reminds us once again of the heart and emotional side of the character. Rath truly shines in all aspects of this role. This episode served as a true game changer for the character moving forward. In addition, the aftermath of the Crisis has thrown Supergirl for quite the loop. Let’s break it down!

The hour opens with a commercial for the DEO which features Lena, Lex, and Kara all pledging their resources to helping the world. Their motto: Hope, help, and compassion for all. Kara talks with Alex, whose memories have been restored, about the Lex situation. Alex reveals that memories of the rest of the crew, minus Lena, have also been restored by J’onn. However, J’onn is unable to restore the whole population’s memories as it would lead to minds literally being blown!

Kara is disgusted that everyone, including Andrea and Dey, are on the Lex Luthor train. Speaking of Andrea, she has Kara and Dey scheduled to cover Lex’s acceptance of the Man Of Tomorrow award. In addition, the head of CatCo is also, unbeknownst to her, being manipulated by Leviathan once more. This time, however, it is Gamemnae (Cara Buono) posing as her mentor Gemma. “Gemma” urges her toward creating a virtual that no one will want to leave.

Meanwhile, Lex tries to pull Lena to his side. He reveals that he bartered with the Monitor to save her and her memories in exchange for his help in the Crisis. She is shocked at his return and still harbors resentment toward him. Lena sees through his charade that death has changed him.

Elsewhere, Brainy and Nia enjoy a nice stroll to get smoothies. However, their smoothie date is upended when they discover an even more quirky doppelganger of Brainy. The two arrest each other and go to the DEO. Once there, three other doppelgangers reveal themselves: an eye patch wearing Brainy, a nervous leather jacket sporting Brainy, and a female Brainy (Meaghan Rath, Jesse Rath’s real life sister). In all of the confusion, the eye patch wearing Brainy glitches and collapses dead. His last words are do not open the bottle. The Brainiacs determine their fellow Coluan was killed by the Anti-Life Equation, as biosynthetic virus that is specifically deadly to their kind. The DEO team then investigate which leads them to a wild discovery. Al’s alien bar is now home to multiple doppelgangers from other earths that were destroyed during the Crisis. Among these displaced beings are doppelgangers of the Kryptonian witches who created Reign, who act as psychics. Long story short, Leather Jacket Brainy is revealed to be an evil Brainy, who captured his Earth in a bottle before the anti-matter wave hit. He now seeks an Argonian device to help open the bottle and release his universe. However, such an act will destroy that world as well as Earth-Prime. He reveals that he killed Eye-Patch Brainy to stop him from interfering with his plans. Nia confronts this evil Brainy and almost dies in the process, but Supergirl and Brainy Prime save her.

Throughout the episode, Brainy struggles with accepting his true self. Female Brainy is shocked that our Brainy is not fully connected to the Coluan Big Brain. He explains that he uses inhibitors as he is afraid of his true potential. He does not want to harm the people he loves. Both Female Brainy and later Kara give him some sound advice: Love is not meant to limit you. Brainy shares the backstory of his inhibitors with Kara saying that his father placed them there when he was only eight years old. Brainy and his family visited the snow. His mother capture the whole planet in a bottle for her son. However, his father unbottled it causing Brainy to become incredibly angry. His father placed three inhibitors on him for fear he would be like his mother. Thus, he has never fully calibrated himself to the Coluan network and reached his full potential. Kara promises him that they will be there for him no matter what happens should he take them off.

Following this deeply emotional moment, the team tracks evil Brainy to Al’s bar as he recruits the witches to help him unlock the bottle. They engage in a crazy “bar fight” set to Nsync’s “It’s Gonna Be Me” and successfully thwart the evil Coluan’s plan. One of Brainy Prime’s inhibitors is damaged in the scuffle prompting Nia to encourage him to remove the others. He does and transforms into his true self: green skin, a new suit, and long white/blonde hair. Brainy, with an assist from Supergirl, reach the troubled Brainiac-5 and convince him that they can help him restore his world safely. The Coluan and the witches are then sucke into the bottle with the rest of their world to wait for that day.

Following the battle, the female Brainy and the quirky Brainy give up their physical forms and join the Coluan hive mind and are now represented as light discs on his uniform. Before joining the Big Brain, the female Brainy warns him about fighting Lex. She reveals that her world was a lot similar to his and that it fell apart when they fought against Luthor. She explains that he must work with Lex in secret and temporarily give up those he loves. Brainy then goes to Nia’s apartment and in a sad turn of events, breaks up with her.

Meanwhile, throughout the episode, Lena struggles to choose a partner for her second attempt at her Non Nocere project. She visits her mother, who also has knowledge of the Crisis, for guidance. The Luthor matriarch tells her that she should work with Lex as he is the devil she knows. Ultimately, she takes her mother’s advice, also a little truth from Lex helps as well. She reveals her intentions at the award ceremony. Kara meets up with Dey, who reveals his suspicions of the Luthors. He says he joined CatCo to investigate them as he has reason to believe they are behind his friend Russell Rogers’ death (This sounds familiar!). Kara urges him not to include Lena in his sights as she is good.

Following the award ceremony, Brainy meets with Lex in secret. He pledges his loyalty to him and promises to help him eliminate Leviathan. Lex is pleased, but also requires knowledge from the future about this threat. First, however, Lex reveals that a doppelganger of Winn Schott has arrived and must be stopped!!!

This was an incredible and insane episode!! I thoroughly enjoyed the many versions of Brainiac-5 especially our new,evolved,, comic accurate, Brainy. As I said earlier, Jesse Rath’s portrayal of this character is simply brilliant. It is also great to have Jon Cryer’s Lex Luthor back in the fold. He brings such an interesting dynamic to the show. I also found the subtle and not so subtle changes as a result of Crisis to be fascinating. Overall, this was a fun episode that looks to be setting up a very promising second half of the season!
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